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Abby Winters

In the play “Company,” a woman declares that baked-goods figurehead Sara Lee is “the most phenomenal woman since Mary Baker Eddy.” As the play was written and produced several decades before the website launched in the year 2000, the playwright is excused from not mentioning Abby Winters instead.

The website is a celebration of women, casually photographed in their own homes, shucking their clothes and sharing their private moments with the camera and the viewer. “Natural” is the key word here, with makeup at a minimum and body mods limited to an occasional tattoo or piercing and the now-fashionable styling of pubic hair. The site started in Australia and spent almost a decade discovering (and uncovering) talent Down Under before police hassles led to the company relocating to Amsterdam in 2010, where it now taps into the equally broad European population for its models. This reporter has been a fan of the site for years, covering it for AVN and XFANZ. 

Here is a small sample of the extensive collection of photos from the site.

From the 'Athletic Girls' set

The site has four kinds of material: solo girl, girl-girl, “Intimate Moments” (masturbation, either alone or with a friend), and a relatively recent addition, boy-girl – scenes and still sets featuring the model with her significant other, not a day player who was booked for the shoot. There are also occasional stunt shoots like a 16-girl yoga class, a 19-girl step aerobics class, a nude track meet in sync with the 2012 Summer Games and multi-girl forays to private pools and secluded beaches. Each photo set is available as a downloadable .zip file, and more recent shoots include the choice of extra-large images and videos as well. 

Of particular note are the “Backstage” collections of outtakes, where the casualness factor is multiplied several times over. 

The typical model is a natural girl-next-door, not a dead-eyed gym-toned glamourpuss with a two-hour makeup job. She takes care of herself but she is not a professional model: posing for abbywinters is a fun thing, not a lifelong commitment. This same attitude – find the girl-next-door and show her beauty – built the Playboy brand back in the ‘50s, and the formula is still very effective. Some of the models become familiar with repeated appearances, like the buxom redhead Chloe B, a popular model who joined the staff in Australia and made the trek to Amsterdam, and others come in for a quick cup of coffee and disappear, never to be seen again, leaving just a collection of pictures to remember her by.

Importantly, the models are having fun, and this comes across to the viewer. There are hearty smiles and laughter, and the casualness is obvious even in the shortest photo set. The girl-girl shoots are also fun for the viewer as well as the models: the camera reveals the models reveling in their youth and beauty and giving each other pleasure. And in the case of the pool parties and the group shoots, just enjoying the company of other beautiful women. 

For subscribers, the site is meticulously organized and easily searchable: typing in a model’s name will instantly bring up all her shoots, including the ones where she is part of a crowd or one of several featured on a Backstage collection. Each shoot page has a link to all the participants’ pages, so if a particular model strikes your fancy her entire portfolio is one click away. An extensive browsing page allows the subscriber to search by date, locale, and a number of different tags that have been added by the viewing population, and an active forum allows fans and models to talk with each other about topics of interest from on and off the site. This reviewer has had particular success with a forum thread titled “Who’s that girl?” where I have posted pictures of models and asked for them to be identified. In most cases, when the girl was an model, she was identified within a few hours by members scattered around the world. 

The administration is attentive to subscriber requests: The recent addition of boy-girl material led to the addition of a “No Penis” setting for subscribers who wanted to maintain their experience as girls only. 

With more than half a million images of 1,500-plus models and more than 1,200 hours of video footage, the site is a treasure trove of material with something to interest every viewer. Check the tour at and see for yourself. 

Tell ‘em Tod sent you. 

FTC disclaimer: The abbywinters website has given me complimentary access to the website for many years.