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In 2023 there have been fewer events than previous years but the adult industry started with the 2023 XBIZ Awards. Here is Lisa Campbell's coverage of the red carpet from the awards show:

Soon after that, the 2023 AVN Expo and awards show happened in Las Vegas.

Here is Lisa Campbell's coverage of the AVN Expo:

Even though Covid hasn't fully abated, more adult entertainment happened including:

The 2023 XBIZ Awards nominations party that happened in November of 2022.

The XRCO Awards 2022:

The TEA (Transgender Erotica Awards) 2022 pre- party:

The 2022 XBIZ Awards red carpet:
The first X3 Expo in Los Angeles:

After the 2020 AVN Expo the world shut down (including porn events) because of Covid. 


Some adult entertainment events occured including:

Here is Lisa's coverage of the 2021 XRCO Awards. Here is part 2:

Here is Lisa's coverage of the 2021 XRCO Awards. Here is part 1:

Here is Lisa Campbell's coverage of the 2020 AVN Expo. Which was amazing timing because soon after the world shut down because of the Covid virus.

She talked to porn star Alura 'TNT' Jenson about a new product she endorsed:

She also talked to porn star Fiji Falzz, and Fiji models for the camera:

Here is the best of the show during the day:

In the evening she also shot footage of the White Party "white carpet" and some of the party action inside:

AVN Pre-Nominations Party

Here is Lisa M. Campbell's coverage of the AVN pre-nominations party for the AVN awards in 2018.

Another satisfied client
December 11, 2015
A year and a day

It was just a year ago that Jonathan Morgan and Andre Madness set up shop as Nexxxt Level Talent Agency. They asked me to look back with them on that first year, and the story is here

Take a look. I think it's pretty cool. 

March 9, 2015
Flux Capacitor engaged

Today we're going to engage in a little time travel as we head back to the XBIZ lingerie party as recorded by my colleague Lisa-Michelle Campbell. Next stop the XBIZ awards and then Adult Expo. We'll be moving our clocks forward to Daylight Savings Time in no time at this rate...

Kinky Gaga at Adultcon
Kinky Gaga
February 28, 2013
Adultcon is back!
Spent a pleasant afternoon at Adultcon yesterday. The Little Adult Show That Could keeps on keepin' on, opening the doors and letting in the fans and thrillseekers who either couldn't make it to Adult Expo, or did and need another fix. Had a great chat with the legendary Herschel Savage and caught up with Eric John. Kinky Gaga (pictured right, and I wish the hell I had some backlight to show off that outSTANDing Mohawk), Karen Summer (who was always in motion, shaking hands, posing for pictures, meeting new people, reveling in her return), Alex Chance, Jack Cannon, Amirah Adara, Rebecca Love, Joclyn Stone, Jake Jacobs, Stoney Curtis and Laela Price. The fan lines never abated for Sunny Lane and newly-blonde Gianna Michaels but we'll catch up at XRCO.

Adultcon gives performers the chance to interact with fans, and fans the chance to meet and get pictures and autographs with some of their favorite stars, and meet some new ones. There are also a number of other booths offering products and services of interest to the Adultcon demographic, cleverly scattered so that farther down each aisle there's something interesting.  

The show continues through today, Sunday, and I strongly recommend taking public transportation. I went from my place in Burbank to a block away from the Convention Center on one fare in less than an hour (one bus to Hollywood & Vine, Red Line to 7th Street, Blue Line to Pico. Free transfers). 

As they have for years, the Adultcon people let me in gratis, in honor of the fact that I have been covering the event since its inception. Just thought I'd mention it. Hi to everybody at the FTC. 

Kate England
January 30, 2015
Decompressing from Adult Expo

Well, that was fun. Spent a week in Vegas at Silver Sevens, living on Deuces Wild breakfasts and half-pound hamburgers (make sure they toast the bottom bun or it disintegrates under the meat juices), made contacts, met a lot of new people (The Joint is like a shopping center for new talent: Presented for your approval, Kate England) and managed to avoid The Industry Cold if not The Industry Fatigue. The social ramble ain't restful. 

I was assigned a couple of things to write by AVN and I think the one about the Red Carpet turned out rather well. Click through and have a look

Oscar Statuette ©A.M.P.A.S.®. I'm not taking any chances.
January 19, 2015

Damn it.

My own personal bete noir has turned up again in a press release I got this morning.

Thousands of industry insiders and fans converge on Vegas each year for the AEE and AVN Awards, often called “the Oscars of Porn.” The 32nd annual ceremony is on Sat evening and leading up to award night there are many parties, seminars, x-burlesque shows and many fan events to enjoy. 

Stop it. Just stop. If you expect to get respect, you have to give respect, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has helpfully offered rules to use their trademarked names without getting sued.  

  1. News and editorial uses of Academy symbols and marks in stories and articles appearing in newspapers, periodicals, digital publications, web sites and on television or in motion pictures, are subject to the following conditions:

    1. all published representations of the Award of Merit statuette, including photographs, drawings and other likenesses, must include the legend “©A.M.P.A.S.®” to provide notice of copyright, trademark and service mark registration, and
    2. neither the marks “Academy Award®” nor “Oscar®” may be used to describe awards given by organizations other than the Academy. (An award may be described as “the Uruguayan equivalent of the Oscar Award,” but not as “the Uruguayan Oscar.”)
Note how they are perfectly okay with people not using the registered-trademark R-in-a-circle when they say "Oscar" but they have a specific recommendation on how to compare your award to an Oscar. 

Need I point out that the Academy operates out of an eight-story headquarters on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills and has a library on La Cienega near the Flynt Building and a film archive and theater on Vine Street in Hollywood? These are people you do not want to mess with. 

"Porn equivalent of the Oscars," please. The lawsuit you save may be your own.

January 16, 2015

THAT'S more like it

If you haven't been in a cave the last week or so, you've probably heard of "Veronica Vain," who has entered Twitter with a vengeance, saying she is leaving her Wall Street internship to become a porn star. I guess she decided to choose how she was going to get fucked. [rimshot] 

The guys at Popporn -- who know a good promotion opportunity when they see it -- have made a cash-on-the-table offer of $10,000 for her to perform for them. None of this content-trade we'll-split-the-profits crap, cash on the table. 

Let's see how it turns out.

POPPORN Productions Makes Public Offer of $10,000 to Veronica Vain for a Starring Role

PHILADELPHIA, January 16, 2015 — Popporn Productions has made a public offer to Veronica Vain, who made headlines as a former Wall Street intern who has decided to take her talents to the adult industry. The offer, below, is the first public offer with an actual amount of $10,000 for a starring role in one of the company’s upcoming productions.

Dear Ms. Vain,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this. We're aware that our good friends at Brazzers have also made you an offer, and we've got to assume that, public or no, other offers have been put in front of you left and right. We understand that, of all of your valuable assets, your time is among the most precious, and we're not going to waste another moment of it without getting down to specifics.

Ms. Vane, we are prepared to pay you $10,000 to star in a spotlight film for our studio, POPPORN Productions. We're ready to shoot, and we're ready to pay. We're confident that any content you'd create with us us would bring us a tremendous return on our investment and we could not live with ourselves if we hadn't done everything in our power to bring your energy, charisma and sexuality into our films.

Please take a moment to consider our offer, and if you find it wanting, please discuss it with us. If nothing else, please accept this offer as a token of good faith. Use it as leverage to use while negotiating other offers. $10,000 is what we're able to offer today. We're putting a dollar amount on the table, and we'd certainly ask that you don't even consider taking less from anyone else.

We hope that you'll take us up on our offer, as it could be a very lucrative arrangement for everyone involved.

We can also think of other, perhaps even more enjoyable benefits that could arise out of this arrangement as well.


POPPORN Productions

Keisha Grey
January 9, 2015

NOW I get it

I have been impressed for a while with Keisha Grey. Yeah, I know, what's not to like. But there was something about her that caught my attention that I didn't identify until last night. I was looking through the Red Disc for Kevin Moore's "Sex Kittens" DVD from Evil Angel (available at fine brick-and-mortar and online retailers worldwide) and I saw the picture on the right and it suddenly struck me.  

Keisha Grey bears a remarkable resemblance to my favorite Playmate of all time, Donna Michelle, Miss December 1963 and Playmate of the Year for 1964. Same voluptuous figure. Same detatched, sophisticated, confident look. 

When she posed for her Playmate pictures, Donna Michelle was 18 and 19. When the picture on the right was taken, Keisha Grey was 20.

Everything old is new again.

January 7, 2014

Pictures or it didn't happen

My colleague Lisa-Michelle Campbell sent over a folio of pictures she took at XRCO last go-round and asked me to post the ones with the watermarks. Okay. Look for more of her work at tod-hunter.net because she's better at this than I am. Dammit. 

Not the new one

That didn't take long

Parodymeister Will Ryder is jumping to the front of the pack again with a take on the latest mess involving Bill Cosby, getting Thomas Ward to pull the sweaters out of mothballs and putting together a parody take on it. Can't wait to se where he goes with this one. 

'Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong': New Bill Cosby XXX Movie on the Way

(Hollywood, CA) "Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" is the new title of the upcoming Bill Cosby XXX parody movie from X-Play and director Will Ryder. With all the trouble that superstar Bill Cosby has been facing lately it was only a matter of time before a third volume of the Huxtable family porn series was released. "Not the Cosbys XXX: Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will be available online and on DVD via Pulse Distribution on January 21st.

The lovable television comic who starred in "The Cosby Show" from 1984 until 1992 has been in the news with a never-ending series of scandals dating back to the 1980s in which he allegedly abused his Hollywood star power to take sexual advantage of young impressionable women. Nobody knows for sure if these accusations are fact or fiction but it does highlight a serious fall from grace for a guy that was once known as "America's favorite dad." He earned that title playing Cliff Huxtable in the popular NBC Television series "The Cosby Show." 

Porn parody is nothing new for "The Cosby Show" as two of the biggest-selling adult movies in porn history are "Not the Cosbys XXX" and "Not the Cosbys XXX #2," both written and directed by Will Ryder. The movies were universally praised for their attention to artistic detail, spot-on humor and the picture perfect impersonation of Bill Cosby. 

"We had a lot of fun making the first two Huxtable porn movies so it's shocking when somebody as beloved as Bill Cosby is in the bulls-eye of such horrific accusations but we felt a need  to bring some levity to this situation because that's what we do," Ryder said from his office in Hollywood. "Fans of Cliff Huxtable and Bill Cosby will love our new movie."

"Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will feature the return of Detroit comic Thomas Ward who is spell-blindingly great as Cliff Huxtable. It was Ward who helped cement his fame as the top Cosby impersonator in America when he donned his vintage 1980s sweaters for the first "Cosbys XXX" movie which swept the adult movie awards for best comedy parody and earned him an acting trophy. A look at his greatness and the movie's spot-on look can be seen in the SFW YouTube trailer for "Not the Cosbys XXX #2" at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMuszHWVhII   

"I would like to thank Mr. Cosby for giving us a reason to create this new movie and I would like to think Mr. Cosby is innocent of all the allegations but when there is this much smoke there might be a little fire somewhere."

"Not the Cosbys XXX: Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will also feature superstar Misty Stone along with most of the original cast members and include a discount coupon for Jell-O Pudding with every DVD purchase.

Will Ryder has a knack for tackling famous entertainment icons in his porn parodies including his recent nod to Frankie Valli in Not Jersey Boys XXX A Porn Musical which is the second most award-nominated movie of the year.  Check out the YouTube trailer at http://youtu.be/KRVVowMFsVs

"Not Jersey Boys XXX A Porn Musical" in stores now on DVD from X-Play and Pulse Distribution. Ask for it by name.

"Not the Cosbys XXX: Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" will be available January 21st and is a parody not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Bill Cosby, NBC Television, Carsey-Werner Productions, Viacom Enterprises, Paramount Television, or any distributors, actors, producers, writers or their assignees.

"Jersey Boys XXX A Porn Musical" is a parody not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, Bob Gaudio, Tommy Devito, Nick Massi, Bob Crewe, Marshall Brickman, Rick Elice, Clint Eastwood, Warner Brothers Pictures, GK Films, Malpaso Productions, Rhino Records, Vee-Jay, Phillips, MCA Curb Records, Warner Brothers Records or any distributors, actors, producers, writers or their assignees.

For wholesale DVD orders of "Not the Cosbys XXX; Puddin' My Dick Where it Don't Belong" and "Not Jersey Boys XXX A Porn Musical" contact Robert Plarski, Executive VP of Sales at Pulse Distribution at robert@pulsedistribution.com

Gee, I wonder where they got the name...
Location, location, location
If the industry is moving to Vegas they're going to have to shoot somewhere. There's a company chasing down locations for you in the City of the Id as we speak. They have a rather clever name that will curtail expansion into other venues but what the hell, one city ay a time. 

Check it out. 

702 Locations Wants You to Film While You’re in Vegas

(Las Vegas, NV)  Much of the adult industry will be descending upon Las Vegas for multiple trade and award shows. With a huge pool of talent and directors in town, it’s the perfect time to get some filming done. And to film, you need locations—702 Locations has you covered with high-end houses and exotic dwellings to rent on a daily or weekly basis.

“Since we started 702 Locations, we’ve worked with all the major studios and directors that film out of Vegas,” says owner John “JC” Baumgartner. “If you’re coming to Vegas for the shows, you should definitely film here to get some new interiors and exteriors for your content.”

Need further incentive to film during the month of January? 702 Locations will be offering special rates January 15 through 31. Let 702 Locations help you find the perfect spot. Go to http://702locations.com/ to view properties available.


January 3, 2015
Happy New Year

The advent of 2015 means that I've been doing this site for 11 years now, and also brings back the bittersweet memory of the untimely, premature death of my friend the writer who was my bridge between porn and mainstream, the only friend I was still in contact with from my mainstream days, who died of cancer a few days before I headed across the desert to Adult Expo to start the site. I holed up in a cheapo EconoLodge north of the Stratosphere with a rented computer and dial-up AOL access and hookers strolling the street looking for work who thought I was engaging them when all I really wanted was to get to my room and write up my posts. I found out about my friend from an email that looked for all the world like an offer to buy cheap bootleg Viagra and to this day I don't know why I clicked on it.  

What a long, strange trip it's been. I'm freelancing now, for AVN and other publications, hanging out at PSK and keeping my ear to the ground for the next big thing. And starting up the blog again. Thanks for taking the ride with me. 

See you in Vegas. 

Olive Dell pool, with feet
After the cold, the warmth
Cold start to the new year

I don't know how you spent New Year's Day, but for the second year I went to Olive Dell in Colton and participated in the Polar Bare Swim, a bracing plunge into a 44° pool and breathless swim across followed by a recuperative dunk in a hot tub. Naked. 

(On the news that evening I saw a bunch of hardy souls doing something similar at Santa Monica beach. Run into the ocean, swim out to the lifeguard boat, swim back. Wearing swimsuits. With no hot tub anywhere around. That is insane. Jump into freezing cold water and then come out into freezing cold air? Wearing a wet, drippy swimsuit? And then shiver your way back to your car? Goaheadon, I'm not stopping you. I like my way better. See schematic below.)

After getting my body temperature back up to the regulation 98.6° I took advantage of the relatively-warm weather and laid out in the sun for an hour or two, starting up an organic tan for 2015. Struck up a conversation with a couple who had driven up from Orange County and are involved with a naturist group down there.

How was your new year's?

Olive Dell pool, with feet
Polar Bare Swim 2015 at Olive Dell. No ocean, no swimsuit, hot tub. Image from Google Maps.
December 29, 2014

It's been a while but I thought I'd check in. I'm still around, doing freelance writing and Twitter posts, but I have this forum and I think I'll start using it again. Let's see how long that lasts.

Blast from the past

Photographer Lisa-Michelle Campbell took these pictures for the site at XRCO last spring. Take a look. I think they came out well. You'll note Sophie Dee in the purple dress. I know Lisa and I both did. 

Yours truly with abbywinters model Chloe B
Dear Abby

abbywinters.com has been a bright, shining light in the Internet wilderness for quite a while, and I have been a fan for something like 10 years. If you are not familiar with the abbywinters site, click here for my review.