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People will accept your ideas much more readily if you tell them
Benjamin Franklin said it first.

David H. Comins

Dianne Chandler, Miss September 1966. Image copyright © 1966 Playboy.
December 31, 2006

Happy Birthday

My friend Dianne Chandler is celebrating her birthday today. I first fell in love with her 40 years ago when she folded out of the September 1966 Playboy. We met in 1999 and I got her to write reviews of Playboy videos for That Magazine. I accompanied her to the Playmate of the Year luncheon in 2004 and I'm happy to say that even after the nastiness over there, which led to both of us being dismissed, she is still a friend.

Happy birthday, toots. When the fireworks go off tonight, they're for you.

Digital Playground got themselves something Lacie
Digital Playground decides they've gotta have Heart

The Digital Playground contract performer stable adds another stall for performer Lacie Heart, who has worked with Digital Playground before. I guess she made an impresion. She'll be signing at Adult Expo at the Digital Playground booth. Here's the detail:


Digital Playground is pleased to announce the official signing of Lacie Heart to exclusive contract. Company founder, Joone is thrilled, "Lacie is young, sassy and beautiful. She has that special spark that I look for and she's a perfect match for DP." Company President, Samantha Lewis agrees, "Lacie is incredibly sexy. She has great energy and I couldn't be more pleased." Lacie is bubbling with excitement as she sits down for her first PR meeting. "I always wanted to be with Digital Playground, I felt that they could portray me in the classiest way with my own identity. I know that I am a Digital Playground girl but they way they market, I will also be Lacie Heart. Being a huge star is a lifelong dream and it seems like I have been waiting for this forever. I got to work with Jesse last month and it was great. I love the Digital girls and I can't wait to work with all of them. I love Robby, Joone, everyone. This is where I belong."

Innocently beautiful, young and completely natural, Lacie Heart is charming, understated and today's quintessential 'girl next door.' She loves to read, draw and ride horses. With dual residences in California and Arizona, Lacie is all American. She prefers country to rap and hates shopping. Her eyes glance across the world with pure excitement and she dreams of a ranch and home-cooked meals. Combine these traits with a sweet, sexy funny girl and a superstar is born. In one short year, Lacie has already graced a multitude of box covers as well as the covers of Hustler, Club International, Club Confidential and Swank magazines.

Enjoy Lacie in ALL of her Digital Playground productions, Jack's Big Ass Show, Porcelain and Jack's Teen America 17. You can also visit her online at www.DigitalPlayground.com

In January and February of 2007, Lacie will star in two new productions, Deeper and Lacie Heart: Sexual Freak.

Lacie will make her debut appearance for Digital Playground at Adult Expo, at booth # 7012

Jenna, Jenna, camera light. Photo by yours truly.
Jenna waxwork among AVN top 25 stories

The year-end wrapup at avn.com has the Jenna waxwork story at number 22 of 25 major stories here and you can read their story, carefully crafted from the press release issued from Madame Tussauds, here. Don't roll over the video with your mouse or it'll make noise.

If, on the other hand, you want a real eyewitness account, click here and do a search on the word waxed, which will bring you to my story, which was written from actually being there rather than getting a press release and rewriting it.

I'm kinda proud that I beat the big guys on that one. Jenna herself was surprised that I was the only member of the adult press there. And I was surprised too.

Joanna Angel gets busy behind and in front of the camera

Porny Monster is the latest offering from the busy New Yorker, a parody of the indie film Party Monster – without Macaulay Culkin. Angel wrote, directed and stars in it. Have a look:

VCA’s Contract Star, Joanna Angel, Releases Porny Monster

(New York, NY) The Punk Rock Princess of Porn is back. Joanna Angel, one of the New York Post’s sexiest New Yorkers, is taking the party world by storm with her latest film, Porny Monster. “This is a parody of my favorite movie, Party Monster," says Joanna. “I have been dying to make the porn version of this, and I think we created something really cool!”

In stores January 16, Porny Monster introduces you to the hardcore party girls that inhabit New York City nightlife. The film follows Joanna and her protégé, Chapel Waste, as the two carouse the city looking for hot bodies to mount. The film takes an unexpected turn when Chapel, who at first seemed like an innocent poseur, develops a severe addiction to dick and morphs into a full-fledged Porny Monster!

Joanna spent months in preproduction in order to ensure that every scene look as authentic and dynamic as the original film. “We included a scene on a rooftop,” she says. “It was shot at night with a view of the city behind me while I had incredible anal sex.” Like all Joanna Angel projects, the film is playful and the sex intense, but Porny Monster stands out for its originality and production quality. “We took three months on editing and a month alone for me to just write the script,” says Joanna. “I think I exerted every ounce of creativity I had into this movie. I feel like this is the first real feature I’ve made.

The film features eight hardcore scenes that include girl-on-girl action, three-ways, tons of anal, DPs, a glory hole and one intense four-on-one fuckfest! And the cast is made up of BurningAngel.com hotties, such as Pixie Pearl and Jade Jolie.

Joanna will be at the Adult Entertainment Expo (January 10-13) in Las Vegas, where she will be signing autographs for all her fans at the HUSTLER/VCA booth. She is also nominated for over 15 awards this year.

If you’re in town for the Expo, don’t miss the January 12 Porny Monster release party, where Joanna, the Porny Monster Go-Go Dancers and NYC DJ Ness will be live on stage!

For more details about the film and the party, go to myspace.com/pornymonster.

For everything VCA and HUSTLER, visit www.HustlerWorld.com.


December 29, 2006

New Kat at Digital Playground

Just in time for Adult Expo, Digital Playground has signed a new contract performer, Katsumi, who has been in several Digital Playground productions already and will be featured in two more scheduled for the first part of 2007. Here's the detail.


Digital Playground is pleased to announce the official signing of Katsumi to exclusive contract.  Joone raves about the decision, "Katsumi is beautiful and driven. She gives 100% of herself to everything she does and we love her sexy performances." Company President, Samantha Lewis smiles, "Katsumi is gorgeous, grounded and strong. With Asian-fused lineage, she is a perfect compliment to Jesse, Teagan, Jana, Sophia and Shay. I am excited to introduce her to our customers at January's show, she is sophisticated, bright and lovely." Katsumi is excited to join forces with Digital Playground. She says, "This contract with DP is really the best thing that has happened to me. I had the opportunity to work with all the companies I wanted. After having done all kinds of movies, I'm much more interested in taking care of my name and my reputation. DP is the best company for features and marketing. Each of their contract stars is rare, absolutely beautiful and to be a Digital Playground girl means a lot to me. I have refused other exclusive contract offers as I always enjoyed being free and independent but I acknowledge, signing with DP is really the best way to progress further. I am excited to work on movies like Pirates, bringing my experience, my passion and energy to make beautiful productions. I have already had the opportunity to work with Robby D and we have a great connection too. It seems that 2007 is going to be a great year for me!!"

Katsumi has taken the world by storm with her gorgeous face, kick-ass body and amazing drive. In 2 short years, this French-Asian fused babe has transformed from go-go dancer, to exotic entertainer to Penthouse cover girl and now to Digital Playground contract star. She is featured on two separate French television channels and Genesis magazine named her one of the 10 most popular porn stars in America. Katsumi has graced numerous magazine covers and she has received over 20 international awards for her on-camera performances. Joining forces with Digital Playground will increase her visibility and star power overnight. Enjoy Katsumi online at www.club-katsumi.com  or in any of her Digital Playground releases, Jack's Playground 9 and 28, Deeper 2, Jack's Teen America 4 and Cockasian. In January and February of 2007, Katsumi will star in two new productions, Katsumi: Sexual Freak and Deeper.

Katsumi will make her debut appearance for Digital Playground at Adult Expo, at booth # 7012.

And if you want to check out that Website – brush up on your French, you'll need it.

Old Grand Canyon fine. How you?

The National Park Service now has an official "no comment" on how old the Grand Canyon is, and a gift shop is selling a book claiming that the canyon was carved by the flood that got a lot of play in Genesis. In the Old Testament. You know, Noah? I am not making this up.

Taboo 6 release delay almost over

The restoration of Taboo 6 took longer than expected, causing a delay in the release until next Tuesday. But if you can pull yourself out of your New Year's hangover on Tuesday morning, there'll be a new Taboo to celebrate with.

Bringing a Better Taboo 6 Means a Delay for Standard Digital's Release Date

TARZANA, Calif. — With a library including some of adult's most popular features -- including Taboo Vols. 1 to 6, Daisy Chain and Animal in Me, all directed by X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Famer Kirdy Stevens -- Standard Digital's reputation for restoring X-rated titles to their former glory is as prominent as its Golden Age classics.

Standard Digital's latest release -- the Kirdy Stevens Signature Series edition of Taboo 6 -- hit unforeseen setbacks, however, and forced the company to push back the title's release date to Jan. 2, 2007.

"Bringing an older movie up the audio and visual standards of the other Taboos is an exacting and detailed process," Steve Stevens, president of Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens' son, said. "Taboo 6 is a title that's never been offered on DVD by anyone and we wanted nothing less than what we offered with the previous volumes of the series. I'm sure our customers will understand, as the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series of Taboo are premium titles."
Jon Islas, general manager of Standard Digital's exclusive distributor Addictive Entertainment, said the delay of the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 6 is unfortunate yet necessary to maintain the overall quality of the series.

"Taboo's one of the most identifiable franchises in adult," Islas added. "To give it anything less than the best when it comes to bringing it to DVD would be a crime and I wouldn't be interested in offering it to my customers, especially because of the rave reviews and feedback we've gotten for the last five volumes of Taboo."

For more information about the award-winning Taboo series from Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens, contact Jon at jon (at) addictednow.com.
Ride, baby.
Celebrate 2007 with new Miami Maidens

The latest installment of the series gets a year-end release, and Skye Blue reveals plans for the first part of next year. Take a look:

'Miami Maidens' 10 Sets Sail for Platinum Blue.

Chatsworth, CA –Platinum Blue Productions is rounding off the award-nominated and highly praised 'Miami Maidens' series with a perfect 10. Available in stores this week, 'Miami Maidens' 10 features Devon Michaels with Dale DaBone, Diamond, Megan, Iris, and Hailey.

'Miami Maidens' 10 hoists anchor and goes out to sea with two stormy scenes shot off the coast. Devon Michaels and Dale Dabone perform off the coast of Miami with a great view of the beach. Iris performs a great scene on deck of a colorful speedboat with cruise ships and resorts in the background.

The series has gained much praise this year. 'Miami Maidens' has been nominated for "Best Pro-Am Series," and calls the series "As accomplished, if not more so, than any professional wall to wall release." One fan called the series "A must have...the best male and female talent around." Hotmovies.com customer reviews say the series has "Electrified the screen." Roger T. Pipe praises, "If you like fresh new girls then this is a line that you will want to pick up," and Foundry Music approves, saying, ”All the performances are top notch."

What's next for Platinum Blue Productions? "We'll have plenty to keep fans very happy in 2007," says Platinum Blue President and CEO Skye Blue. "We have our first ethnic gonzo title, 'Black In Business' coming up from newly formed Phantom Films in January, followed by 'Perfectly Cruel' from Aradia’s hardcore - girl/girl company Reversed Flesh. There is much in store for the ocular delight of our horny, dedicated fans."

For domestic DVD sales of 'Miami Maidens 10', contact Keith Gordon at keith (at) sunsetdvd.com.

For cable, VOD, foreign and all other sales, contact Skye Blue at skye (at) platinumblueproductions.com.

To see more of what Platinum Blue Productions has to offer, check out www.PlatinumBlueProductions.com. Fans can add Platinum Blue to their friends lists at www.myspace.com/platinumblueproductions and www.xpeeps.com/platinumblue. Platinum Blue Productions t-shirts are available at www.cafepress.com/platinumblue.

December 28, 2006

New Euro news source on-line

European Adult News is now available online, a handsome 140-page PDF that has an interview with Joanna Angel and a profile of '70s Golden Age performer Annette Haven. Definitely worth downloading and reading.

EAN Edition January 2007 now online!

European Adult News, the new B2B magazine for the adult industry can now be read and downloaded online. www.eanonline.com/dealers is the place where the entire industry can pick up the latest news, gather information, advertise a product or service and communicate with the EAN editorial office at a mere click.

Our industry is dynamic and EAN reflects this driving force in its objective and independent editorial coverage and our website keeps you informed at a state-of-the-art level on a regular monthly basis. You will receive our online mailing with the latest news, dates of events and internet sales charts on 1st of every month. All those who like to be a step ahead can read EAN in English or German before it goes to press.

EAN online mailing currently reaches 20,000 global contacts. Should you have news that you would like to break to 20,000 B2B contacts across the world then send it to us. Likewise if you want your advertisement to be seen worldwide, then www.eanonline.com is your market place. Our industry is characterized by ambition and its adeptness for embracing changes, so go with the flow and join us. After all, wouldn't you rather see your advertisement, and read your press releases besides those of your co-advertisers!

Studio City soirée to usher in 2007 with Julia Ann

A New Year's/video release party at industry hangout Aura plans to have a full contingent of performers. Have a look:

JULIA ANN Goes HARDCORE with a New Year's Eve Party in Studio City!

(Hollywood, CA) Icon. Superstar. Legend. One of the few that can legitimately lay claim to those titles in Adult Entertainment is, Julia Ann! This December 31st,  join Julia in Studio City as she kickstarts the New Year in Style with a Party celebrating the Release of her new DVD, Julia Ann: Hardcore!

Countdown the final moments of the year and usher in the '007 at popular hotspot, Aura! The Star Factory joins with Elite Entertainment and World Wide Promotions for a final blowout XXX bash! Invited guest for the Star Studded party include Celebrity Adult Entertainment Stars, Stormy Daniels, Courtney Cummz, Trina Michaels and more, including Julia Ann: Hardcore stars.

Having consistently rocked the world of Porn with an amazing career, Julia Ann turns up the heat in her latest movie going further than she ever has before, unleashing her darkest pornographic side. Julia Ann: Hardcore is the aptly named DVD and is one of the reasons to party.

The other reason, is the beginning of an exciting new year! 2007 will start off with one hell of a bang for those that show up to Aura for this special event.

"We want to pack the house with most beautiful girls in Adult Entertainment, and response from the Industry is amazing. All the Super Hot Sexy Porn Stars that The Star Factory works with are invited, "I know Porn parties, and this one is going to Rawk!" Noted Star Factory's Monstar. "That, and I won't have to sit in traffic for an hour to get to the gig."

Start your New Year at Aura in Sin-Sational Style and count down the final seconds of 2006 with a porn Superstar! Julia Ann: Hardcore.

New Years Eve at Aura
Hosted by Julia Ann
12215 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
21 + Over, (18 & over Females)

Tickets for this event will be available at the door.

Lowlights in right-wing punditry

To be fair, so far as I know George Will still opposes the designated-hitter rule, so he is not a complete loon.


The whole shootin' match in four sentences and two pictures.

Jada Fire, before she stood up
The real Jada Fire stands up

There are several Jada Fire MySpace pages, and now there is one actually set up by Jada Fire her own self. Read along to find out where to click:

Jada Fire joins the MySpace world!

As of last night (wed dec 27 '06) there were about 10 fake Jada Fire myspace pages and counting. Well all of that will come to an end as THE REAL JADA FIRE as joined myspace. After shooting 2 very hot scenes yesterday for her web site www.clubjadafire.com (to be launched soon by Assassin Pictures) Jada jumped on the computer with raVen, director from Dane Productions and 818sluts.com  who shot the 2 hot scenes and signed up for a myspace account. Jada wants  to stop all the fakes and would also like  to meet all of her fans and keep them updated on what's going on in her life especially since the January awards are right around the corner and she is up for female performer of the year! So log onto myspace and make sure you add Jada ASAP!

check Jada  out at www.myspace.com/clubjadafire

Eastern enticements

Entice.tv adds adult anime to its downloadable VOD library, so if big-eyed big-boobed cartoon girls gone wild is your cup of tea, here's a chance to get a bunch of it with none of the possible embarrassment of explaining what it is to a video store clerk who is enjoying watching you squirm while you describe "tentacle penetration."

Entice.TV Brings JapanAnime's Brand of Hentai Kink to its Lineup

LAS VEGAS — With a selection of some of the finest live action XXX titles available via Internet protocol TV, Entice.TV adds the kinky, animated debauchery of adults-only cartoons from JapanAnime.

Quickly catapulting from niche market to mainstream entertainment, Japanese animation, or anime, is a fixture not only in the pop culture of Asia but the United States as well. Though most are acquainted with the genre through action-oriented cartoons, just as popular -- among adults -- are the titles JapanAnime imports, drawn and marketed to appeal to a more mature and fetish-oriented audience.

Titles offered from JapanAnime via Entice.TV's service, viewable on PCs and TVs are:

* After Class Lesson Vols. 1 to 3: Directed by Masato Kitagawa, the After Class Lessons series chronicles the lusty and perverse schoolgirl conquests of Ryuji.

* Desperate Carnal Housewives Vols. 1 and 2: Mothers of incorrigible students are given a special class in extreme discipline.

* Mistreated Bride Vols. 1 and 2: A favor to Mitsuko's in-laws begins the path to her debauchery at the hands of her stepfather and stepbrother in this Tsuzuru Miyabi-directed series.

* Slutty Princess Diaries Vols. 1 to 3: Distol makes a deal with evil to conquer a kingdom and its princess.

* Taboo Charming Mother Vols. 1 to 5: A housewife falls for her stepson's mindgames, leading her down the spiral of depravity in these five volumes directed by Kan Fukimoto.

JapanAnime's titles are available now through Entice.TV's downloadable IPTV service as a subscription video on demand channel or through the JapanAnime video store channel for individual titles, using the Imediasee IPTV technology platform provided by Broadline Media Corporation.

"We're pleased to be able to offer some of the best XXX animated titles available from JapanAnime," Entice.TV President Susan Keil said. "These titles will round out the impressive selection of high definition and standard definition titles we offer to the consumers and give them more adult entertainment options than cable or satellite."

For more information producers may contact info (at) entice.tv.

Three new series releases from Pink Visual

The latest of three series make their debuts from Pink Visual, so if you want to add to your collection, or your stock, here's the info:

Van Nuys, CA - Pink Visual has released the next installments of their wildly popular Bubble Butts Galore, Gang Bang Squad and First Time Swallows!

Someone once said "Big booty's make the world go round." Pink Visual agrees, and this is their ode to the oval orifice. In Bubble Butts Galore Volume Three, Pink Visual traveled the country on a mission to find the biggest, roundest and tightest poopers around. They found these babes with titanic tushies, and took them for a test drive. Join them as they ride the butt mobile until the wheels fall off!

Bubble Butts Galore Volume Three
stars Kayla, Azalea, Jadelyn and Misty.

In First Time Swallows Volume Six, Pink Visual feed their girls the highest quality meat sticks and never let them leave without a huge protein shake. Then they fucked the living shit out of them! Six hardcore sessions with girls that have never swallowed. Bottoms up!!!

First Time Swallows Volume Six stars Hillary, Shasta, Dylan and Cassidy.

The Gang Bang Squad is at it again and this time they're on the prowl for even hotter chicks to stick their poles into. In Gang Bang Squad Volume Nine the girl next door isn't so innocent anymore after these guys get done with her. These sex hungry sluts suck down big black cock and take it in every hole and provide you hours of hardcore entertainment!

Gang Bang Squad Volume Nine
stars Lexi, Angel, Marybeth, Rickie and Tiffany.

Look for these HOT new titles at your local store or www.pinkvisual.com

Stores and distributors looking to carry Pink Visual's titles should email sales (at) pinkvisual.com

Follow the links below to watch the trailers on-line:

Bubble Butts Galore Volume Three:
First Time Swallows Volume Six:
Gang Bang Squad Volume Nine:

Richard Nixon put John Lennon on the enemies list. Gerald Ford met George Harrison and Billy Preston at the White House.
December 27, 2006

Gerald Ford dies

I had a very specific interest in Gerald Ford, because his unusual accession to the Presidency meant that trivia questions about him had to be carefully written. We once had to re-write a question about Presidents who had been "defeated for re-election" and had to change it to Presidents who had been defeated "trying to retain the office."

Ford also was one element of one of my favorite trivia stories, when a colleague – another porn writer – asked me "Are you good at trivia?"

I knew that approach. It meant he had a killer question. "I'm okay," I said.

"Want to try a tough one?" he asked.


"Can you name five Presidents who changed their names?"

I took a deep breath and started thinking about every President I could. The answers came tumbling out: "Leslie Lynch King became Gerald Rudolph Ford. William Jefferson Blythe became William Jefferson Clinton. Ulysses S. Grant's given name was Hiram. Thomas Woodrow Wilson dropped the 'Thomas'...." I could only think of one more, but I thought it was weak. "Do you count David Dwight Eisenhower switching his first names?"

He looked crestfallen. "Yes."

So Ford saved my rep on that question.

Gerald Ford was in the right place in the right time, a Mr. Clean when Nixon's first choice for the Vice-Presidency, John Connally, was embroiled in scandal right after Spiro Agnew had resigned in disgrace and had tto be replaced. Ford was easily confirmed by the Senate, and was Vice President when the tapes came out that doomed Nixon. Not bad for a guy who was never elected to anything bigger than his Congressional district in Michigan.

He was 93.

Going to the Black Widow shooting house? Don't count on it

A massive server crash has wiped out the messages requesting access to the house and admission to the party, so just to be on the safe side better e-mail Ric again. Here's the detail:

Server Crash Prompts Black Widow Talent to Ask Producers, Industry to Resend Email for Vegas Location and Party

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Due to a server crash, Black Widow Models asks all producers and members of the adult industry who have not received a response for its location in Las Vegas or its first trade-only party to email the agency again.

Black Widow Talent will make a four bedroom house available for producers to shoot scenes and content in for free, if they use Black Widow's roster of adult talent from Jan. 10 to 13. The house will host Black Widow Talent's First Annual Private Party -- doors opening at 11 p.m. Jan. 12 and the party beginning at 12:01 a.m., Jan. 13.

Producers interested in shooting at the location and members of the industry planning on attending the party who have not received a reply from Black Widow Talent should email its president, Ric Williams, at Ric (at) blackwidowmodels.com.

Coming soon to the AVN L.A. show
The sincerest form of flattery

The geniuses at That Magazine are trumpeting an ''... innovative new program designed to increase cash sales on the show floor" for their L.A. show in June, which they are describing as "an annual, three-day sexuality and lifestyle exposition" as if they don't own it.

Take a look at this: “Erotica Bucks is designed to encourage attendees to purchase more products and services,” Bonnie Shapiro, Erotica LA account executive, told AVN.com. “Attendees are given a chip when they purchase admission tickets. The chip is then redeemable towards a five dollar purchase at any exhibitor booth.”

Exhibitors are then able to redeem the Erotica Bucks for full value."

Great idea. No, really. Adultcon has been doing it for a couple of years now, and it's been very successful for them. Nice to know that this is being stolen adopted by The Eton Avenue Brain Trust for their L.A. show.


The next Adultcon will be March 23-25 at the L.A. Convention Center.

Gwen Diamond, new Rockman contract girl
Rockman signs new contract performers just in time for Adult Expo

Brett Rockman sends out the siren call of the non-exclusive contract, that porn-specific win-win deal where the company gets the prestige of contract performers and the performers get the chance to keep working at other companies. Here's the detail, including where to meet the performers at Adult Expo:

Vanessa Lynn, Gwen Diamond Named New Rockman Girls

VAN NUYS, Calif. – Rockman Entertainment, all-sex producer of award-nominated big boob title Buried in Tits, adds the talents of on-the-rise adult performers Vanessa Lynn and Gwen Diamond to its promotional schedule and upcoming titles.

Like Hailey Young, the first Rockman Girl signed in September 2006, Lynn and Diamond will exclusively attend promotional activities, including the upcoming 2007 Adult Expo in Las Vegas, on behalf of Rockman Entertainment and will also appear non-exclusively in the company's titles.

Brett Rockman, president of Rockman Entertainment, said he looks forward to bringing Lynn and Diamond on tour with himself and Young on The Rock Tour, the company's upcoming nationwide X-rated extravaganza, and introducing them to their fans at the upcoming AEE in the Sands Convention Center at booth 4101 from Jan. 10 to 13.

"Gwen and Vanessa are amazing performers, and they're in good company with Hailey," Rockman said. "I'm proud to have them on board with Rockman Entertainment and while they're with us, they'll only be seen promoting our company especially when they're on the road with us on The Rock Tour. Gwen and Vanessa are also starring in some of our upcoming 2007 titles – Double Indulgence 3 and Teen Cum Targets 2, respectively."

Diamond and Lynn were impressed by Rockman Entertainment's commitment to raising their profile.

"Rockman Entertainment's a company that's gaining a reputation for producing all-sex titles that are gaining more all-sex fans every month," Diamond said. "I jumped at the chance of becoming part of Brett's team."

"It's great to be part of a company that's just as interested in building my name as I am," Lynn added. "Rockman Entertainment is interested making stars of the girls it features in its titles."

For more information, visit rockmanentertainment.com.

How's that again?

As you probably know, Der Governator broke his leg while on a skiing vacation this last weekend. Click on this story and see if you notice the same thing that I did:

And now the question: Don't we have any skiing resorts in Kallyfonya that he could have gone to? He isn't the governor of Idaho, after all.

Planning ahead

Storerotica gets ready for a summer 2007 show for adult retail venues. Take a look:

ED, ASB and TEEZE Magazines Team Up To Present The 2007 STOREROTICA Convention and Tradeshow

The Industry’s First-Ever National Show for Every Adult Retail Venue in a City

STOREROTICA — the industry’s first-ever national convention and tradeshow for every type of adult retail venue that can be found in cities from coast to coast, from adult video stores to intimate apparel stores to gentlemen’s clubs — will hold its first show at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas this coming August 27-30, 2007.  STOREROTICA will be held in conjunction with the 15th Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo also at Mandalay Bay over those dates.

“There are other specialized adult conventions being held, but this is the first time that the owners and operators of every type of adult or ‘erotic’  retail outlet in a city will be under one roof,” say STOREROTICA show producers Don Waitt and John Cornetta, who publish three national business-to-business trade magazines for each of the three industries that the show targets. 

Those publications include EXOTIC DANCER Magazine, which has published guides and club bulletins for the adult nightclub and exotic dancing industry for more than 17 years; TEEZE Magazine, which is entering its fourth year as the trade journal for lingerie and intimate apparel stores; and ADULT STORE BUYER (ASB) Magazine which is marking year three as the trade magazine geared specifically to the adult store operators themselves.  The three publications have a combined circulation of more than 25,000, giving the publishing triumvirate the largest adult business circulation in the country.

“At first glance, adult videostores, lingerie stores and adult nightclubs may seem to be different businesses, but in publishing three trade magazines for these groups we have found an incredible amount of shared interests,” say Waitt and Cornetta.

“For example, one of our best columnists, Rick Segel, writes for all three publications and his tips on how operators can hire and motivate the best staff, and how they can find new customers while keeping existing clients on board are topics of interest to all three groups.  Legal columns from such noted contributors as First Amendment attorney Alan Begner appear in all three magazines.  And even our advertising vendors, like Elegant Moments, Dreamgirl International, Eldorado and Hot Movies.com, sell their product to all three groups.  It just makes sense to do one huge convention for retail store owners in these three groups so that they don’t have to leave their businesses numerous times during the year to attend more narrowly focused shows that don’t meet all of their needs.”

Adds Waitt, “We are not hesitant to use the words ‘adult retail’ in the pages of TEEZE Magazine.  Here’s why: Show us a lingerie store owner who only sells lingerie or an adult store owner who only sells adult DVDs ... and we’ll show you a store owner who is trying to make a profit with one hand tied behind his or her back.  It’s time to diversify.  It’s time for store owners to fulfill all of their customers’ needs for both adult products and intimate apparel.  Once lingerie store owners realize that there is a profit to be made by augmenting their apparel offerings with adult products, then an industry convention and tradeshow like STOREROTICA makes sense.  At that point a lingerie store owner shares more in common with the retail adult store down the block than with the retail pizza parlor on that same block.”

Waitt has been producing the Annual Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo, the second largest and second longest-running adult business convention and tradeshow in the country, since 1993. 

“We are very excited that not only will we be celebrating the Expo’s 15-Year Anniversary next year, but we will be more than doubling the size of the show by teaming up with the STOREROTICA Show,” says Waitt.  “The Expo is known for offering attendees a packed agenda of interesting and informative panel sessions, a rocking tradeshow, truly awesome nighttime parties and an awards show.  You can expect the same at STOREROTICA.  We have some surprises and special twists that attendees will find at STOREROTICA that they aren’t getting at other industry shows they currently attend.”

The tagline for STOREROTICA is “Three Tradeshows — One Badge — No Fans,” say Waitt and Cornetta, explaining that all the attendees will be able to attend the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo Tradeshow, and the Adult Products Tradeshow and the Intimate Apparel Tradeshow in the STOREROTICA pavilion. 

“We will have some panel sessions that are very industry-specific for each of the three groups, and also some panels that are more general and will be open to all the attendees,” says Cornetta. “The same goes for the night-time events; some will be industry specific and some will be for all the attendees.  But, there will be no fans.  This is a business-to-business convention.  We don’t want to dilute it by letting the fans in.”

As if two industry conventions held side by side for the readers of three related industry publications was not enough, store owners who attend STOREROTICA will have an added bonus that week.  Also being held in Las Vegas that week are two other industry conventions that retail store owners can attend for free.  Lingerie Americas will be holding its first-ever Las Vegas convention at the Venetian Hotel Resort August 27-29, and the huge apparel show called MAGIC Marketplace will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Convention Center that last week of August.  Retail store owners can register for free badges to both shows at www.lingerie-americas.com and http://show.magiconline.com

But, say Waitt and Cornetta, make STOREROTICA your priority that week, and take a walk through the other two shows when you have some extra time.

Because of all these shows, Vegas hotel rooms will sell out quickly for that week.  The special convention room rates at Mandalay Bay are $167 per night, or $208 for a suite in Mandalay Bay’s luxurious THEhotel; call (877) 632-7000 and say you are attending STOREROTICA.  For more information about attending STOREROTICA as an attendee or exhibitor, log on to www.STOREROTICA.com or any of the three publication websites: www.ASBmagazine.com, www.TEEZEmagazine.com and www.ExoticDancer.com.

A man of vision.
December 26, 2006

Dr. Frank Stanton, 1908-2006

Stanton was a pioneer in television, dragging CBS into the TV business when the boss, William Paley, thought that the new medium might be bad for radio. Paley may have been the man in charge, but Stanton was the brain. Stanton was the one who cut short a discussion of a new CBS logo by pointing out the current one, a stylized eye surrounded by clouds, and said that that would be their logo forever. Stanton supervised CBS Labs, which developed a superior color-TV system which didn't get FCC approval because it wasn't compatible with the current black-and-white TV system. CBS Labs also developed the Lp record, changing recorded music from loose-leaf albums of 10-inch 78s to 12-inch single discs. He also stood up to Congress in the '70s when they demanded unused footage from the controversial CBS News investigative report The Selling of the Pentagon.

Stanton frequently butted heads with Paley, standing firm on the design on the new CBS building designed by Eero Saarinen when Paley's wife thought that it would be nice to use pink granite on the outside of the building instead of the Saarinen-mandated black. (Paley gave in to Stanton, but decorated his own office in antiques and sailing memorabilia, unlike the modern décor of the rest of the building.) Stanton also changed the face of television forever when he bought the show I Love Lucy, a filmed show considered at the time to be a radical departure for television, which was always live. Paley was set to retire in 1966 and hand the reins of CBS over to Stanton, and Stanton turned down an offer from President Johnson to head HEW and another offer to lead the University of California. But Paley changed the CBS rules for himself and stayed on as CBS chairman after he turned 65 – and then enforced the retire-at-65 rule on Stanton, who left quietly on his last day, refusing a party offered by Paley.

After his forced retirement, Stanton served on boards of charitable institutions.

His wife died in 1992, and there are no survivors. There are no plans for a memorial service and no requests for memorial donations, per Dr. Stanton's wishes. He was 98.


Party under the stars in Hollywood
What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Jeff Mullen, Scott David and Brad Thomas would like to invite you to an all-night blowout at the Paramount Pictures backlot, so if you can't make it to the real Times Square this one is closer and the weather is gonna be better too. Have a look:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) If you’re looking for something amazing to do this December 31st to ring in the new year, look no further than Paramount Pictures Studios as Gridlock New Year’s Eve will be hosted by superstar Carmen Electra with a major headlining musical performance by The Killers all taking place on the sprawling Streets of New York on the famed Paramount Pictures Studio movie back lot.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to party in New York’s Times Square during one of those wild New Year’s Eve celebrations seen on TV, now is your chance to be a part of the action as the entire street scene will be transplanted to the spacious and historic Paramount Pictures lot where porn stars will mix with Hollywood superstars creating Times Square West.

The party will kick off at 9PM and rage until 5AM attracting thousands of revelers and those with VIP tickets at $250 will be treated to open alcohol bars all night long serving cocktails and complimentary food catered by Trifecta Restaurant and Lounge in a huge enclosed soundstage that spills out onto the famed streets.

“I have to tell you, this is going to be a bash for the ages and anybody that doesn’t have firm plans yet should think about coming to this spectacular event. You don’t want to miss this” stated Brad Thomas of Intoxicate U who along with All Media Play and a number of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters including Danny B will promote the night.

Those attending will be free to roam the famed Streets of New York and be in for a wild display of sites and sounds all taking place on the historic studio lot as dozens of bands, nationally famous DJs and visual dance and stunt performers take part in one of the greatest New Year’s Eve spectacles ever which will truly transform Hollywood into New York City.

The mega event on 5 acres will not end until 5AM offering a great way to cap off the year and ring in a brilliant 2007. Be a part of the greatest New Year’s Eve event that California has ever seen. Hollywood becomes New York Times Square West and you can live the action with your friends. Don’t miss Carmen Electra, The Killers and hundreds of performers in what will be an historic event on the Paramount Pictures Studio Lot.

Ticket prices range from $125 for general admission with special VIP tickets available for $250 which include food and cocktails all night long and VIP entry into the party soundstage. Partiers may click this special link http://www.wantickets.com/?req=event&e_id=21865 to reserve their tickets or email Brad Thomas directly at brad (at) intoxicateu.com for the greatest New Year’s Eve celebration ever!

“The VIP tickets are worth every penny because you get to drink and eat for one damn good price at a big event that will make Hollywood history. Plus how cool is it to walk around the movie studio streets on New Year’s Eve?” stated Scott David of All Media Play. Act now as tickets are going fast.

Clive McLean helps a player with her lines
clivemclean.com goes on line

The work of Hustler stills photographer/video director Clive McLean goes on-line with streaming videos and literally thousands of photos. Here's the detail.


The McLean legacy lives on in their official web site boasting "Barely Legal" archives and more.

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- Successor to the late, great CLIVE McLEAN's director's chair, ERICA McLEAN, is now also continuing her husband's legacy online with CliveMcLean.com, a site that spans CLIVE and ERICA's careers with Hustler including an archive of their highly successful video series, "Barely Legal."

With over 4,000 hardcore photos from popular McLEAN magazine layouts for Hustler, Barely Legal, Chic, Rage and more already online, there's more content than you can shake your sticks at featuring famed porn performers in the early stages of their careers. And with more to come! CliveMcLean.com's photo galleries are updated twice a month with over 200 images, plus all new exclusive content from all of ERICA's latest "Barely Legal" shoots.

The site's video section is already extensive featuring over 25 streaming videos from CLIVE McLEAN's popular series "Barely Legal" and "Hot Showers." Additional features include a model directory, behind the scenes section and ERICA's personal stories of what really went on behind the scenes of the shoots!

"I'm quite proud of the site and anxious to watch it grow," says ERICA McLEAN. "It's something fans of CLIVE and the 'Barely Legal' line have been requesting for a long time. It's a great way for me to keep in touch with them and offer a complete library of McLean content, past and present!"

Adam & Eve hits the Detroit area

The retail giant gets a little bigger with a new retail store in a Detroit suburb. Look carefully at the address and try not to snicker. If Detroit is too far to go, remember that adameve.com is just one click away.


ADAM & EVE, America’s reigning adult mail order and internet catalog company, is pleased to announce the “grand opening” of its latest retail store franchise in Southgate, Michigan.

This 4,000 square foot adult boutique, in a suburb of Detroit, marks the first ADAM & EVE store in Michigan.

Called simply ADAM & EVE, this exclusive women and couples friendly store, located at 12525 Dix-Toledo Road, features a variety of moderately priced lingerie, club and party wear, accessories, novelties, games, DVDs and videos aimed toward women and couples.

Store owner Mike Konja has followed the winning tradition of ADAM & EVE’s other stores in North Carolina, Florida and Massachusetts. “I’m excited to be a part of the ADAM & EVE family,” he says. “I’ve owned and operated a number of video stores (Video Exclusives) in the past… and the ADAM & EVE name really brings a whole new level of acceptance to the business.”

“ADAM & EVE is a clean, well-lit, women and couples-friendly establishment. With an emphasis on a positive shopping experience, and an incredible selection of lingerie, ADAM & EVE offers both the guarantees and customer service that the ADAM & EVE company has built its reputation upon,” Konja continues.

This new ADAM & EVE store will be open 7 days a week until 9 p.m. Upcoming plans include a variety of in-store promotions, celebrity signings and fashion shows.

Homeless no more
December 22, 2006

What it's all about

When I went to PSK on Tuesday, I had two small Mickey Mouse plush dolls to put in the Toys For Tots barrel, which wasn't there because Toys For Tots never returned Seymour's call. My sons are teenagers, a bit past the Mickey Mouse plush doll stage, so yesterday morning I took the dolls to a local funeral parlor to drop them off in their Toys For Tots bin.

I walked in to the deserted funeral parlor – and if you think one of those places is creepy when you're at a funeral, it's off the creepy scale when there is nobody there at all – and found the Toys For Tots bin. It was empty. I had an uncomfortable feeling that it had already been collected, and I took the Mickey Mouse dolls and split. A quick call to Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots HQ in Pasadena ("May I help you, sir or ma'am?") confirmed that Toys For Tots had finished collecting toys this year.

I remembered the Burbank Temporary Aid Center and drove over there. Keep it local, you know. I walked in, and was warmly welcomed by the lady behind the counter. For all she knew, I needed food for my kids. I handed her the bag, saying that Toys For Tots had finished collecting for the year, and I still had these two Mickey Mouse dolls and could she find a couple of kids to give them to?

She turned to the woman directly to my right, who had two kids with her. She asked the kids "Would you like a Mickey Mouse doll?" and they both eagerly said "Yes!" So the lady reached into the bag and handed them the two Mickey Mouse dolls.

They grabbed the dolls and hugged them tight, and the mother gave them the classic "What do you say?" and they dutifully said "Thank you" and I really would have rather been the hell out of there rather than The Guy In The Red Jacket Who Gave Me And My Sister The Mickey Mouse Dolls but I smiled and told them "You're welcome. Merry Christmas." And then I got the hell out of there.

And it felt good.

Sometimes we forget that the simplest things – a child's smile, the feeling of satisfaction you can get from investing a few bucks in toys to give to make somebody else's Christmas brighter – can give you the most pleasure.

I hope you can make somebody's Christmas a good one, too.

Million-dollar baby
Adam & Eve says thanks a million

One-week website sales edge into seven-figure territory this month. That's a lot of lube. (There's a joke to be made here about "White Christmas.") But don't worry, they still have more stuff.



Hillsborough, NC — Adameve.com, the premiere website for America’s number one source for all things erotic, Adam & Eve, is pleased to announce the completion of the best performing week ever (over $1 million in sales) in the website’s history.

“The week of December 11th has set a new sales record for adameve.com,” said Jennifer Alberry, Marketing Manager for adameve.com. “Although this is traditionally the busiest time of year for us, we have set a new level in sales this year… and we are excited to set the bar even higher!”

So far, the best sales day in the website’s history is Sunday, December 17, with 2988 orders and over $184,000 in sales.

Top selling items include vibrators, DVDs and adult games. “It tends to run the gamut this time of year,” says Alberry. “Along with Valentine’s Day and that time in August or September when school starts back, Christmas is the perfect time for couples to explore their romantic sides.”

For more information on Adam & Eve, visit the website at www.adameve.com.


I wonder what the DMV was thinking when they approved this license plate...

Julia Ann
Julia Ann revved up and ready

Veteran performer Julia Ann jumps into the next couple of months with an active slate of personal appearances, new video releases, and new video productions, starting with a feature gig at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino that started last night and continues tonight and Saturday. Read it and take notes, there will be a quiz later:

WICKED Adult Entertainment Legend JULIA ANN Announces Ambitious Series Of Media Appearances

"JULIA ANN: HARDCORE" Superstar Is Set To Grace Mainstream Radio, Web, And Club Outlets In December And January

DATELINE December 20, 2006 | Daniel Metcalf Public Relations, Boston MA

LOS ANGELES, CA / LAS VEGAS, NV / SAN JOSE, CA -- With the career-reinventing Julia Ann: Hardcore hitting store shelves nationwide, award winning adult film legend Julia Ann is announcing an ambitious slate of media and personal appearances designed to promote both herself and the controversial new movie that director Jonathan Morgan calls "the nastiest movie she's ever done, and the nastiest movie I've ever done."

Thursday, December 21st will see Julia Ann entertaining her fans once again as she kicks off three nights of feature dancing at the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, California (15004 Oxnard Street, Van Nuys, CA 91411). She'll be rocking centerstage at the dates and times below:

Thursday: 10 pm, & 12 am
Friday: 12:45 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm, & 1 am
Saturday: 11 pm & 1 am

The beginning of January will see the mainstream exposure resume with a detailed behind-the-scenes story about the making of Julia Ann: Hardcore, featuring commentary by Julia Ann, Jonathan Morgan, and co-star Randy Spears, appearing on the Southern California arts and cultural website Beverly Hills Outlook. From there the glamorous star will be off for Las Vegas, Nevada and the annual 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo, where she'll join the rest of the Wicked family for four days of high-profile promotional exposure at the company's new booth from January 10th-13th. The show will take place at the Sands Expo Center, 201 East Sands Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Upon her return to Los Angeles, the tireless adult entertainment legend will be jetting promptly up to San Jose, California Friday, January 19th, for a special night of VIP excitement at the sprawling, 22,000 square foot megaclub Studio 8, located at 8 S. 1st Street downtown. Northern California's newest and finest nightspot, Studio 8 will provide the backdrop for the "Julia Ann: Hardcore Release Celebration" from the trendsetting creators of Pearl, Orange County's premier nightclub destination.

This swank evening of ultra lounge revelry will feature free, limited quantities of the new DVD, courtesy of Wicked Pictures, and Julia Ann is certain to bring a slice of Hollywood-style red carpet charisma to the Bay Area.

The Julia Ann: Hardcore revelry will be spread across multiple VIP areas on the main floor and mezzanine levels, where bottle service from impossibly attractive servers will be augmented by world-class DJs spinning house, hip-hop and the latest dance tracks. To make the fantasy complete, the "Julia Ann: Hardcore Release Celebration" will offer up some extracurricular San Jose eye candy in the form of go go dancers working the swanky crowds.

Taking her legacy to the next level, Julia Ann continues to participate in exciting new projects, giving career-best performances in such eagerly anticipated 2007 projects as Touched, directed by and starring Wicked contract actor/director Randy Spears, Around The World In Seven Days, directed by Wicked's contract videographer/director François Clousot, and Rapture In Blue, from acclaimed Wicked director David Stanley.

A woman who's as intelligent and articulate as she is beautiful, Julia Ann brings grace, style, and no small amount of wit to every interview and personal appearance she makes, so expect the weeks ahead to be full of surprises, as this charismatic performer is a woman of many ideas.

Get ready to spend some quality time with one of the few true legends of the adult film industry still actively creating and starring in new projects today.

Get ready for Julia Ann.

For more information, please visit www.wickedpictures.com and www.juliaann.com.

Global Orgasm for Peace not just for fun

The organizers believe that events of global interest focus energy, citing the death of Princess Diana as an example. They may have something there: Elton John's Princess Diana tribute single became the biggest selling single in history in one weekend, besting the previous record-holder, Bing Crosby's White Christmas, which had held that position for almost 50 years. Take a look at this: http://www.alternet.org/sex/45805/

Shhhh. Roxy DeVille illustrates the concept of "The Quiet."
All is calm

Skye Blue takes us back to the silent screen, kind of, with her new release The Quiet. Here's the detail:

Skye Blue Seduces Christmas Audiences with 'The Quiet.'

Chatsworth, CA -- Skye Blue brings a new meaning to the song "Silent Night" with her sexy thriller 'The Quiet'. Platinum Blue Productions new feature hits the shelves this week, just in time for Christmas.

Written by Aradia and directed by Skye Blue, 'The Quiet' stars bad boy Tommy Gunn as a dark photographer obsessed with silent models. He insists on shooting his talent gagged with silk scarves and other objects of pleasure in his secluded studio.

'The Quiet' also features performer Summer Cummings, in a scene with Moni Michaels. Cummings is renowned for her past work in front of the camera with director Skye Blue. "I've really been looking forward to this," said Blue. "Summer and I have always worked really well together, on and off camera and stage.  To direct her for Platinum Blue Productions was a lot of fun."

Jenna Presley was fired up for her threesome with Kelly Wells and Jenner. "I like rough, dirty, hard pounding, kinky, fucking slutty sex and this movie gave me a lot of it." The cast also includes Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, and Kaiya Lynn in a steamy anal scene with Cheyne Collins.

Behind the scenes extras include Blue's adventures wrangling talent, interviews with Summer Cummings and the cast, and Tommy Gunn's secret of success with women. Other special features include pop shot recaps, trailers, and galleries.

This marks the 25th movie Skye Blue has shot for Platinum Blue Productions. This year alone, her company has scored six January awards nominations, including "Best Director-Video", "Best Videography", and "Best Vignette Release". Skye Blue has two additional nominations for her work with Gothic. Zach Addams calls Blue's work "Porn that pushes the edges while staying hot and sensual." Mistress Liss of DVDTalk.com says Skye's direction is "Right on the mark."

For domestic DVD sales of 'The Quiet', contact Keith Gordon at keith (at) sunsetdvd.com.

For cable, VOD, foreign and all other sales, contact Skye Blue at skye (at) platinumblueproductions.com.

To see more of what Platinum Blue Productions has to offer, check out www.PlatinumBlueProductions.com. Fans can add Platinum Blue to their friends lists at www.myspace.com/platinumblueproductions and www.xpeeps.com/platinumblue.

Any relation to a similarly-named Website oughta boost sales a little...
Shy Love's new VCA vid cast by fan votes

Performer/director Shy Love's new five-scene vid features performers selected by online voting, adding a whole new angle to the line "stuffing the ballot box." Girl/girl and DP are on the menu in this new VCA release. Have a look:

The Fans Have Spoken

(Beverly Hills, CA) MYXXXPORNSPACE.COM, created by performer/director Shy Love, is a VCA release with a special twist. In stores today, this five-scene sex-fantasy features a cast of hotties all chosen by online fans. Finally, porn with purpose. Through the online site of the same name, fans exercised their right to vote and picked these winning starlets to perform in the film: Nikki Benz, Alektra Blue, Hillary Scott, Lyla Lei, Tory Lane and Shy Love.

Directed by Love, MYXXXPORNSPACE.COM is all about horny chicks who yearn to take their online relationships in a more physical direction. All of the scenes deliver non-stop action from some of the dirtiest girls in the business, including a DP with Hillary Scott and hardcore anal action between Lyla Lei and Jack Lawrence. Love also made sure to include a sizzlin’ girl-on-girl scene between Alektra Blue and Nikki Benz. The two sexy stars have amazing chemistry, and their intense toy-play will have everyone running out to their local HUSTLER Hollywood store for supplies.

MYXXXPORNSPACE.COM is a filthy little fuckfest that is sure to be a fan favorite. Would you expect anything less from Shy Love? In stores now!

For everything VCA and HUSTLER visit www.HustlerWorld.com.

For VCA sales inquiries, contact David Diamond at ddiamond (at) lfp.com

That's Kayla Quinn under the Doris Day bob
December 20, 2006

Lynn LeMay birthday at PSK

You can always tell when it's a cold night at Sardo's. People don't smoke as much. Two people are shivering and puffing as I walk up to the door and take refuge inside... Stephanie Swift is in the center booth, with Briana Love and make-up artist Ellie... Lynn LeMay is on the platform, smiling. "What are you, 25?" I ask her.

"I'm celebrating 38. I don't remember that year too well."

"A do-over?"

Big grin. "Yep."

I commandeer the J-shaped booth, and the waitress immediately walks up, takes my order, and points at the "RESERVED FOR PSK CLUB" sign and asks if I'm "in the industry." Yes. Three years into the game, I realize something: The line of demarcation that keeps the civilians in the bar is regulated.

Don Hollywood is on the platform, we exchange salutes.... The J-shaped booth has a round table in it (!)... A guy is 21 tonight, celebrating with the porn people... Kevin Blatt... Genial host Seymour works the crowd, giving a head massage to Konnie from DVSX... Lynn stands up, holding a lighter and swaying during a soulful moment in a song... Bud Lee joins Lynn on the platform... Mark Davis walks in, chats with Stephanie Swift... Tony Batman. He is everywhere nowadays... Somebody croons "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. Jeez that is a creepy song... Kristen and Konnie duet on a country ballad where two women know they're both being romanced by the same guy. In that level-headed way of country music, the refrain line is "Does he love you like he's been lovin' me?" and their voices blend like something out of the Grand Ole Opry... Newly-21 performer Kat in a sparkly tube top chats with Mark Davis... Cleopatra of the Nile strolls in, haven't seen her since Glamourcon. She walks up to Jack Lawrence on the platform, and when he hugs her, she wraps her legs around his waist. When she gets down, she sits on his lap... Purple Rain leads to a sing-along and Konnie waves her cell phone in the air at the fade-out... The androgynous guy is here... Seymour walks up, we chat for a few moments off-the-record. The Toys For Tots people never called him back, so there is no Toys For Tots bin this year.

A guy walks in, looks like Art Metrano. He probably isn't... That reminds me, I haven't been to the Magic Castle in a while... A young woman walks up to the mic wearing a T-shirt that says "HBO/Cannon Video" on the back, leading to a flood of memories. Golan and Globus. The failed attempt to take over M-G-M. Some of the worst movies ever made, although some – like Lifeforce – had their pleasures. I wonder where they are now.... Powder from KSEX walks through, gladhanding. I offer him a seat, he accepts – as soon as he finishes working the room. Shannon Kelly joins us... A busty blonde walks in in a pink net top with a white undershirt... A guy has drifted in to the J-shaped booth. He says he met me at the XFanz party. Okay... Powder has been working a lot lately, another tech at KSEX has been sick. "I wouldn't be here now, but Lorrainiac can tech her own show." He grouses with somebody in Stephanie's booth about the slowdown in production. "Nobody's working," he says.

"Try writing about it," I tell him. We all laugh at that.

Photographer Gordon walks up, shakes hands, says "Hello. My name is Tod." "Hi, I'm Gordon," I respond. "Everybody thinks I'm Dan Miller," he laughs. The busty blonde walks up, says hi. It's Kayla Quinn. Stephanie Swift sings Freedom '90 by George Michael... James Bartholet... Konnie sings a song called Maneater, but not the one by Hall and Oates. I don't know this one... Lynn gets a birthday cake, and everybody sings as she blows out the candles. The singing is a cacophony of different keys and tempos. But it doesn't matter.... Tee Reel... Jack Lawrence takes the mic, sings I Will Survive. He is courting the gay fan base, all right... The guy in the booth and I start talking about concerts we've been to. He says he saw Procol Harum when Robin Trower was still in the band... I tell him I saw The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1965... A raucous Sweet Caroline... I walk Kayla out to her car as somebody starts in on Feeling Good. Anthony Newley. Time to leave...

PSK takes place every Tuesday at Sardo's Bar in Burbank.

Extracurricular viewing

KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin oopsied is-you-is-or-is-you-ain't-fired Miss USA Tara Conner as "Tera Patrick" on the KTLA Morning Show today. Somebody is watching something besides his Oscar®-consideration screeners....

Step One: Get the biggest star in porn and build a company around her

ClubJenna honcho Jay Grdina has been tapped as a keynote speaker at the February XBiz Conference, set for February at the Hollywood Roosevelt, which is shaping up into the don't-miss event of the adult industry. Here's the latest info from XBiz Central:

ClubJenna’s Jay Grdina Tapped as Keynote Speaker for XBIZ Conference

LOS ANGELES – On the heels of a busy year for the company he founded with Jenna Jameson, ClubJenna President Jay Grdina will deliver a keynote speech at the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, held in Hollywood, Calif., Feb 7-8.

A veteran of the adult industry and the guiding force behind Jameson’s career as one of the most successful actresses in adult entertainment, Grdina will deliver his keynote on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 4 p.m. in the seminar room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

The topic of Grdina’s keynote will focus on production responsibility and trends, successor technologies and delivery systems, and how to successfully market a brand, a star and a styled line.

“I am really excited to be a keynote speaker this year with XBIZ,” Grdina said. “This could mean trouble, since I get to ramble on about anything with a no holds barred approach.”

Grdina, who uses the stage name Justin Sterling, founded ClubJenna with Jameson in 2000. He has produced, directed and written numerous award-winning ClubJenna films, including “Brianna Loves Jenna,” and “The Masseuse.”

Grdina and Jameson sold ClubJenna to Playboy in June for an estimated $17 million. The deal reportedly included websites, DVDs titles, film production assets and retail distribution.

“It’s a terrific honor to have Jay keynote for us this year,” XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes said. “Jay’s success with ClubJenna speaks volumes for his business acumen and his proven skill at developing, marketing and driving a successful brand to the outer limits of success. There is no doubt he will have a great deal of interesting information to share with all of us at February’s upcoming XBIZ event.”

For information on registration, rooms or the seminar schedule, visit the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference website. Or for information on the 5th Annual XBIZ Awards, held in conjunction with the event, visit the awards site here.

Premium sponsorship packages are available. Direct all inquiries to Kristen Kaye at Kristen (at) xbiz.com.

Harrah's to accept private buyout

Harrah's, which went on a buying spree the last few years, most notably buying Caesars – which gave them pretty much a mile of Las Vegas Strip from Paris to the Flamingo – has agreed to a buyout by a private investment firm. Not sure what this means besides that if you want to invest in a gambling company and get a piece of that revenue the biggest casino company in the world is no longer an option.


The next best thing to being there

Lethal Hardcore gives you something to fill your stocking with a new POV blowjob video. Have a look:

Lethal Hardcore Slakes the Holiday Thirst of Its Female Cast in Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Featuring more than just the usual suspects of man-juice imbibing babes, Lethal Hardcore's latest title on store shelves now, Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2, gives X-rated newcomers a frothy and tasty white Christmas found only in porn valley.

Starring Natasha Nice, Christina Aguchi, Presley Maddox, Alexis Silver and Skylar Banx, Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2 clocks in six scenes at over three hours of beautiful babes concluding their acts of lust with lips planted firmly on the man-spigot, all shot from the point of view of Lethal Hardcore's lucky male stiffs.

"There's no better present in the holiday season than a pair of natural DDs oiled up and ready for fun," Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2 director Chucky Sleaze said. "Don't believe me? Take a look at cover girl Natasha Nice's rack and tell me you wouldn't want that under your tree. Your wife or your girlfriend might give you crappy presents, but these girls know that swallowing is the gift a guy can't put a price on -- even if we can put a price on the DVD."

Lethal Hardcore's next release -- Scandalous Sluts 2 -- will hit stores on Jan. 2 and feature Maya Hills, Tyra Moore, Kaycee Dean, Candy Jones and J.J. Cruz.

"The girls in Scandalous Sluts 2 are the bad girls you've come to expect from Lethal Hardcore," Stoney Curtis, owner of Lethal Hardcore, said. "Maya Hills is an insatiable animal and Kaycee Dean turns in an amazing anal scene. It's great X-rated entertainment to kick off the New Year with."

For more information visit stoneycurtisxxx.com. Distributors may email Mike Ott at celestialproductions (at) socal.rr.com.

Getcha red hots right heah...
Come and get new Vivid/Doc Johnson vibes. Or vice versa.

The good doctor unveils new red vibes with the faces of Vivid contract performers, including the recently-returned-to-action Sunrise Adams, available at better sex-hardware stores everywhere. Have a look:

Doc Johnson’s New Vivid Red Hots™ Features Breakthrough Material TPR

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Adult novelty powerhouse Doc Johnson uses its industry-leading materials expertise for the launch of its Vivid Red Hots™ line, a brand new collection of Vivid-branded flexible vibes made with a nontoxic and odorless material.

Vivid Red Hots™ are multi-speed, waterproof, vibrators made with TPR, a recently-developed, soft plastic material that Doc Johnson introduced into their product line earlier this year. TPR offers extraordinary flexibility and softness without the use of phthalates, a commonly used plastic softener that some people are sensitive to.  TPR is also odorless, an additional attraction for hypo-allergic users.

“Our newest Vivid line is destined for greatness,” says Chad Braverman, Doc Johnson’s director of product development and licensing. “These extremely flexible new vibes, made with the safest material available on the market, ensure that women can easily find and concentrate on the position that works best for them.”

The Vivid Red Hots™ line consists of five different designs, each named after a Vivid Girl whose picture is included on the packaging of the Red Hot that bears her name. An image of the legendary Janine Lindemulder adorns the packaging of the ribbed rocket-shaped vibe dubbed the Vivid Red Hots Janine™, and Tawny Roberts appears on the packaging of the G-spot curved vibe named the Vivid Red Hots Tawny™.  The new line also includes vibes named after Sunrise Adams, Savanna Samson, and Briana Banks, whose respective designs are ridged, twisted and segmented.

The Vivid Toys™ collection is the result of a partnership between Doc Johnson and Vivid Entertainment, the leading producer of adult film

Changes afoot on Eton Avenue.
December 19, 2006, 11:00 am

Ramone out at AVN?

An article posted on avn.com about an hour ago sure makes it look that way. The story is headlined Dan Miller Named Editor-in-Chief of AVN Magazine and it only refers to Ramone once as "our previous Editor-in-Chief, Mike Ramone." Doesn't say jack about Ramone's plans for the future, moving on to bigger and better things, or anything that might have caused him to suddenly stop working there.

But it looks like he got the ol' heave-ho.

Lynn LeMay with protégée Kaci Star at the Fooling Around release party
December 19, 2006

PSK! Lynn LeMay!

Veteran performer Lynn LeMay will be celebrating her birthday at Porn Star Karaoke tonight at Sardo's, at 259 N. Pass Avenue in Burbank. Stop at Toys R Us on the way and pick up a toy for the Toys For Tots bin. I've gone on about Toys For Tots before, and it's still my favorite charity, because you never have to worry about where the money goes because there is no money. And also remember that there is usually more demand for toysthan there are toys contributed, which means that some kids get nothing for Christmas, which is heartbreaking.

So grab a doll or a toy for a needy child
I always prefer dolls or plush toys that a kid can hug – on your way over.

Black Widow performer Kiara Marie
Black Widow offers free shoot location during Adult Expo

Of course there's a catch – you have to use (and pay) Black Widow talent. But if Kiara Marie is gonna be there, it'll be worth it. You can also get your partying in first thing Saturday morning, before the long haul to Mandalay Bay on Saturday night.

Producers Welcome to Shoot Black Widow Talent's Vegas Location During AEE, Industry Invited to Agency's First Party in City of Sin

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Black Widow Talent invites adult producers planning on shooting during the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo to its private location, and the industry to its trade-only party.

Offering a location with no fees, Black Widow Talent will make a private, four bedroom house available for producers to shoot scenes and content in, if they use Black Widow's roster of adult talent from Jan. 10 to 13. The house will have lighting and a digital video camera available, and will host Black Widow Talent's First Annual Private Party -- doors opening at 11 p.m. Jan. 12 and the party beginning at 12:01 a.m., Jan. 13.

"We realize that there's a lot of shooting that goes on during AEE by the directors out there and this is a chance for them to get out of their hotel rooms," Ric Williams, president of Black Widow Talent, said. "We're also ending our stay in this location with our talent agency's first ever party in Vegas on the 13th, and we'll be showing off the new additions to our company. This is an industry-only party, and we're restricting its attendance, so interested performers, producers and members of production crews should RSVP with us."

Williams added that he expects a flood of shooters looking for the oasis of a Vegas location off the beaten strip, and the party's guest list to fill up fast.

"The industry's January turnout in Vegas has always been about meeting old friends and making new ones," Williams said. "We're looking forward to both at our location and party."

Producers interested in shooting at Black Widow Talent's location and members of the industry planning on attending the private party should contact ric (at) blackwidowmodels.com.

December 18, 2006

Another heavy hitter added to XBiz February Conference

The XBiz Hollywood Conference is turning into the place to be this coming February, with another successful entrepreneur added to the keynote schedule. Have a look, and remember registration fees go up on January 7.

Video Secrets' Greg Clayman to Deliver Keynote at XBIZ Hollywood Conference

LOS ANGELES – VS Media President Greg Clayman will be featured as a keynote speaker for the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, slated for Feb. 7-8 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.

Clayman founded VS Media, the parent company of Video Secrets, 10 years ago with partner Chuck Tsiamis. He best known for the company’s flagship program Flirt4Free, a premier interactive webcam site that has featured some of the most well known performers in adult entertainment.

Clayman’s keynote is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 4 p.m. in the main seminar room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. His keynote will focus on solutions to issues facing adult video companies and Internet membership sites that feel they are losing momentum as time moves along.

“On behalf of VS, I am honored to be a keynote speaker at this year’s XBIZ conference,” Clayman said. “I look forward to sharing some of our knowledge of how to stay ahead in today's complex Internet world.”

Tom Hymes, XBIZ Publisher, applauded Clayman’s participation in this year’s XBIZ conference.

“I’ve known Greg since 1999, when I got into this business," Hymes said. "He is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful and innovative businessmen in the industry. Video Secrets has not only always been a very relevant company, but it is also uniquely positioned for unprecedented growth. As one of the founders of Video Secrets, Greg’s opinions are thus of inherent value to all of us.”

The XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, a one-of-a-kind exclusive industry event, will bring together the online and offline sides of the industry for two days of networking, parties and educational seminars and workshops.

Other highlights of the two-day event include a final keynote by Larry Flynt, the celebrated founder of Hustler Magazine and LFP Inc. On Feb. 8, Flynt will participate in an in-depth interview that will begin at 4 p.m. The Q&A format will allow for a more unrestrictive discussion of topics, including audience participation.

For information on registration, rooms or the seminar schedule, visit the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference website. Or for information on the 5th Annual XBIZ Awards, held in conjunction with the event, visit the award’s site here.

Premium sponsorship packages are available. Direct all inquiries to Kristen Kaye at Kristen (at) xbiz.com.

I'll post his press release, but who would you rather look at? Picture courtesy lannybarby.com.
Rule #1 of headlines: Avoid ambiguity

When I saw the headline on this press release I thought Dave Pounder had taken the backdoor to the Frank Towers career route. Then I read it, and I realized that he had done a standard anal scene with Lanny Barby. And y'know, if I had fucked Lanny Barby in the ass, I probably would be putting out press releases too. Press releases hell, I'd be stopping strangers on the street and telling them. Attaboy Dave!

Dave Pounder Shoots First Anal Scene

IRVINE, CA – Dave Pounder, who has performed in hundreds of scenes during his few years in the business, shot his first anal scene on Thursday for the Vivid Video feature Heaven with contract performer Lanny Barby.

"It wasn't supposed to be an anal scene at first, but Lanny asked me if we could start off with anal," said Pounder. "When I told her I didn't do anal scenes and never had anal sex before, she started asking me all these questions about what I had against anal sex, so I told her I'd think about it during the scene," continued Pounder. "Lanny is so hot and a total sweetheart, how could I not entertain the idea of having my first anal experience with her?"

Apparently it didn't take Pounder much thinking before Lanny was reaching for the lube.

"She was lying in spoon position ready for anal, so I kinda agreed in the moment and just laid there beside her. She grabbed my dick and I told her to put it in because I sure as hell wasn't going to," explained Pounder. "She told me to fuck her slowly at first, and as I was doing it I asked her if it was in her ass, to which she replied 'No' with a guilty grin." "It was definitely an interesting experience."

So did Pounder enjoy his first anal experience?

"I don't shoot up my dick like most guys in this business, so I'm surprised I maintained an erection knowing that it was about to go in her ass. I couldn't even watch the penetration," explained Pounder. "I don't get what all the hype is over this anal thing. It feels a little different, almost like a vagina with a different kind of contraction, but with all the lube, precision of entering, etc., I just don't see why people bother doing it at all." "To me when a girl says to fuck her it the ass, it translates the same as fucking her in the ear, nose, or any other opening that wasn't designed for a penis."

Paul Thomas is the first director to have shot Pounder in an anal scene.

"When I was doing her in the ass I glanced at the camera and noticed the angle could easily capture both the penetration and my facial expression. It will be interesting for me to watch the final product and see how I was reacting," said Pounder. "After the scene I told PT [Paul Thomas] he should put 'Dave Pounder's first anal scene' on the box, and he just started laughing. He is a great director and a pleasure to work with. I've always had a lot of respect for the people at Vivid."

Pounder has had a few near-anal encounters in the past.

"My ex-girlfriend and I almost tried it [anal] once about 7 years ago, but we both chickened out at the last minute right before I was about to put it in [her ass]," said Pounder. "Then there was a scene with Poppy Morgan about 2 years ago where a similar thing almost went down. She was telling me how much she liked anal sex, so I told her I may just do my first anal scene with her right then and there, but when she mentioned that she needed to do an enema first since the anal wasn't planned, I instantly decided anal was not for me, at least not then."

Don't count Pounder in for anal scenes just yet.

"I'm not going to start booking anal scenes anytime soon. I get enough work without having to do anal, plus I spend a significant amount of time working on my own productions which are all non-anal. It was just more of an in the moment thing; definitely an isolated incident."

But don't completely rule out Pounder's future anal plans either.

When asked if he would do another anal scene with Lanny Barby, Pounder smiled and replied "I'll do anything that girl asks me to."

More information about Pounder can be found at his website, davepounder.com.

He is available for non-anal bookings through Exotic Star Models.

Former NewsCorp employee Judith Regan. AP photo.
L.A. Times: 'Offensive' phone call, not OJ project, doomed Judith Regan

The L.A. Times is reporting that an "offensive" phone call from Judith Regan to a HarperCollins attorney is what got her ousted from her job. Hmmm. It's okay to plan a book and interview with a man widely believed to be a murderer, it's okay to foist off non-books by celebrity blowhards like Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh, it's okay to outrage the religious right by putting out a book by Jenna Jameson, but don't piss off the corporate lawyers or you are O-U-T.

A lesson for all of us.


Judith Regan's attorney declares 'war' on Rupert Murdoch

Looks like she is expecting a big payout so she'll never have to work again. Corporate America will countenance any degree of mendacity, dishonesty, bad taste or downright evil, but the one thing they never, ever accept or forgive is disloyalty. Which is exactly what she is doing now.

Meet the new bosses, Derek Dozer and Julian.
Re-branding, just in time for Adult Expo

Twisted Pink re-names itself Sudden Impact, takes on new management including veteran performer Julian. Here's the release:

Sudden Impact Breaks Out With New Management, Name; Announces AEE Signing Schedule

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- Sudden Impact's name is new, but its library of customer-pleasing gonzo titles will be familiar to those who remember it under the company's former moniker, Twisted Pink.

Derek Dozer, co-owner of Sudden Impact, said a recent change of management prompted the name change of the company. But other than Dozer's new position, as well as that of noted 10-year veteran performer and Sudden Impact co-owner Julian and the new company name, it's business as usual for Sudden Impact.

"The management reshuffle and the name change hasn't affected our production schedule," Dozer said. "We're still shooting the freshest and prettiest girls in the business for our lines, including Giant Black Meat White Treat, Big Cock Teen Addiction, Mr. Big Dick's Hot Chicks, Barefoot Maniacs and Big Tit Patrol."

Julian emphasized that Sudden Impact's highest priority is the uninterrupted continuity of its operations, and distributors and fans shouldn't see any changes in its distribution channels, the content of its titles or selection.

"Our exclusive distributor has been and continues to be Addictive Entertainment and they've always done an outstanding job in representing our interests to the buyers," Julian added. "We also plan on continuing all of the lines we've been producing in the past."

Sudden Impact's first two releases are Big Tit Patrol 5, starring busty award nominated superstar Gianna and Big Cock Teen Addiction with Misty Stone and award-nominated sensation Hillary Scott. Both titles are scheduled to ship in January.

The company also invites its fans and customers to meet Lindsay Meadows, featured in See Her Squirt 2, and Riley Evans, star of Sudden Impact's upcoming Big Tit Patrol 6, to booth number 6095 at the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas on Jan. 10 to Jan. 13, 2007.

"Lindsay and Riley are great girls and we're lucky to have them representing Sudden Impact," Julian said.

For more information, distributors may contact Jon at jon@addictednow.com.

Costa Rica-based AVN awards sponsor offers wagering on AVN awards

You can't make this stuff up. You can actually deposit money with an offshore wagering operation and bet on the outcome of the AVN awards.

Just for the record, Nevada gaming laws prohibit gambling on events where anybody knows the outcome. Like the Oscars®, the results of which – although they are tabulated by an outside accounting firm and have a perfect no-leak record – are known by two select representatives of the accounting firm before they are announced.

Good thing that AVN found an Internet gambling website based in Costa Rica, far from those pesky bureaucratic quibbles.

Who's that knockin' at my back door?
New Alex Sanders title streets tomorrow

The subtitle made me chuckle: Sphincter Lickin' Good. Here's the detail:


CHATSWORTH, CA – What’s that sick sound you hear? Why, it’s the incorrigible Alex Sanders tappin’ the tight tushes of another handful of horny hotties.

XCartel is proud to announce the release of Blacksheep Entertainment’s Tappin’ That Ass 3: Sphincter Lickin’ Good, the latest entry from director-star Sanders. The gonzo title features fearless anal performances from Nadi Phuket, Ricki White, Sheila, Tory Lane and box cover girl Trinity Post.

“I love the box cover,” says an enthused Sanders. “Trinity’s ass is right in our faces with those cute little polka-dot panties peeking out. If that doesn’t turn you on, it’s possible you don’t have a pulse.”

Each girl takes Sanders’ cock in her ass -- and also massive toys. And of course there’s also Sanders’ signature tease, coating each slut with honey, which oozes all over her and fills each crack and crevice.

“Alex is endlessly creative and clearly loves his job,” says XCartel production head Adam Jay. “We’re thrilled to be able to release his award-caliber movies.”

Tappin’ That Ass was recently nominated for a 2006 award for “Best Anal Themed Series." Sanders is also responsible for XCartel’s popular Fuck My Skull series, which features ten extreme blow job scenes.

“It’s a real testament to Alex that he garnered a nomination for us in only our first year of existence,” says XCartel president Roy Karch (not to be confused with the director of the same name). “And I can’t think of a series that is more deserving of the honor. He really puts everything he’s got into these movies and gets incredible brave, sexy and funny performances out of his girls.”

Tappin’ That Ass 3: Sphincter Lickin’ Good, which streets on December 19th, is presented in stereo and features XCartel Xtras such as Behind The Scenes, Solos, Hot Shots, Web Access and a pretty girl Photo Gallery. And as with all XCartel titles, it comes packaged in a bright, high gloss o-card.

For ordering information contact Ed Kail at ed (at) xcartel.com

December 15, 2006

Ahmet Ertegun, 1923-2006

If the name doesn't sound familiar, maybe his record label – Atlantic Records – does. Ertegun was the founder of one of the most dynamic record labels in the history of recorded music. He loved blues and he loved jazz, and he helped the fledgling rock & roll get on its feet. He also had a sense of style: When musicians' representative David Geffen mentioned at a party that he was thinking of starting a record label, Ertegun reached into his pocket, wrote Geffen a personal check for $50,000, and said "I'd like to distribute it." Geffen's label became Asylum, and you know how that turned out. Ertegun sustained a brain injury in a fall at a Rolling Stones concert in Manhattan in October, and had been in a coma ever since.

He was 83.


Tyler Faith at new downtown Rouge this weekend

First Lady of KSEX Tyler Faith will be struttin' her stuff at the downtown branch of Rouge this weekend. I saw Tyler in Van Nuys a couple of weeks ago, and she puts on a good show. Check it out.

She's Downtown, Tyler Faith's In Town
Elite XXX Star brings award winning feature dance show to Rouge

(DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES) -- Fresh off a successful weekend in Connecticut at the One Year Anniversary of the popular gentlemen's club, Rockstar, XXX superstar Tyler Faith brings her national award winning feature dance act home to Los Angeles for three nights at Rouge Downtown.

Fans of the well known adult film star and radio host will be treated to three high energy, fan interactive shows a night followed by meet and greets, Polaroids, Faith's latest DVDs, posters and private dances.

Fan Favorite at the recent KSEX Listeners' Choice Awards for her amazing "oral skills" on camera and with just one week before her return to Boston for an appearance at her home club, Alex's, Faith said, "I really want to see a lot of fans this weekend at the Downtown Rouge. L.A. is my home now but Boston may try to steal me back next week. C'mon So-Cal fans...come show me why I love calling the West Coast my home now!"

Rouge is located at 1616 E. 15th Street, Downtown LA (Exit the 10 Fwy on Alameda). Faith's first show tonight is set for 9:00pm.

INFO: www.TylerFaith.com

See all this and more at Spearmint Rhino in Rialto
Stormy Daniels heats up Inland Empire

The writer/performer/director heads back to her roots, featuring at the Rialto Spearmint Rhino through Saturday night. Drop in and tell her Tod said hi.

Global Media Princess STORMY DANIELS Brings It All Home For Some Revelry In Rialto!

Multiple Awards Nominee Spreads Some California Love!

Los Angeles, CA / Rialto, CA -- Fresh from her headlining appearance at Helsinki, Finland's sEXHIBITION 2006, Multiple 2007 award nominee and Wicked Pictures crossover celebrity Stormy Daniels will be bringing it all back home for three days of high profile feature dance appearances at the Rialto, California Spearmint Rhino gentlemen's club, through Saturday evening, December 16th.

Of course, virtually everything Stormy does these days is a multi-media event, and this weekend's dance engagement is no exception. She'll be kicking off the excitement Friday morning, December 15th with a guest appearance on K-Cal 96.7 FM's The Morning Stiffy Show to promote her Rialto engagement.

The K-Cal crew is likely to find Stormy in a particularly celebratory mood, thanks to a fistful of recently announced 2007 nominations that speak to the richness and diversity of her talent, including Best Director - Video (for Gossip), Crossover Star Of The Year, Contract Star Of The Year, Best Actress - Video (for Taken), and Best Screenplay - Video (for 3 Wishes). Fans that want to do more than merely listen to their favorite superstar are strongly urged to head for the Rialto Spearmint Rhino (312 South Riverside Avenue, Rialto, California 92376) and catch the globetrotting crossover celebrity in person at the dates and times below.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to enjoy some California love with Stormy. She can't wait to see you in Rialto!

Stormy Daniels • December 14th - December 16th, 2006
Rialto Spearmint Rhino
Thursday: 10 pm, & 12 am
Friday: 12:45 pm, 9 pm, 11 pm, & 1 am
Saturday: 11 pm & 1 am

Jesse Jane, all suited up for Island Fever 4
Jesse Jane rocks Gotham tonight and tomorrow

Digital Playground contract performer Jesse Jane features Friday and Saturday at Scandals in Long Island City. If you've never seen Jesse Jane perform on stage... neither have I. Get back to me and let me know how she is.


Digital Playground is pleased to present Jesse Jane® live on stage at Scandals in New York. She's performing two magnificent shows nightly at 11 PM and 1 AM. Victor Gallarza, General Manager of Scandals remarks on Thursday night's appearance, "Jesse was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. She has a LOT of fans; it was a packed house." With extravagant costumes and years of professional dance experience, Jesse is the most demanded feature dancer on the circuit. Tony Lee, owner of Lee Network, the most established exotic dancer agency in the world comments, "Jesse Jane connects with her fans like no other adult performer, which accounts for the over capacity crowds she has been attracting coast to coast."

Check out the lovely Jesse Jane, fully nude, tonight and tomorrow night at Scandals, 24-03 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, NY.

About Jesse Jane: A superstar in her own right, Jesse Jane is an all-American, blonde, green eyed, sultry girl originally from Fort Worth, Texas. In three short years, she ascended from Hooters manager to Hawaiian Tropics model to international fame with a Digital Playground contract. A leader in marketing, branding and promotion, Digital Playground launched Jesse Jane into superstardom with global exposure on magazine covers, music videos, radio and television. By 2003, the awards and recognition were pouring in and by 2005 Jesse landed her own show on Playboy TV, Naughty Amateur Home Videos. Her role on Naughty Amateur Home Videos caught the attention of other Playboy producers and before long she was named host of a second show, Night Calls. Jesse Jane is the first girl EVER to host both of Playboy TV's top rated shows at the same time. Jesse's insatiable ability to perform and entertain earned her the most prestigious honor in the adult business, host of the January 2006 award show.  But, it was the leading role in the Digital Playground's benchmark film, Pirates, that made Jesse Jane a household name.

Look for Jesse Jane online at http://www.JesseJane.com, and in Digital Playground's Beat the Devil, Three Timing, Loaded, Jesse Jane: Erotique, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Contract Star, Island Fever 3, Jesse Jane: All American Girl, Story of J, Posh Kitten, Marvelous, Jesse Jane: Sexual Freak, Hot Rod for Sinners, Pirates, Hush and lsland Fever 4.

Hillary Scott as Britney Rears
Hillary Scott re-ups for Britney 4

Hard on the heels of Corruption, Scott signs on for a new tour as faux teen idol Britney Rears. This is a classic press release: Plugs the new video, plugs Corruption which is currently under consideration for the January awards, and gives a little push to other Hillary Scott vids as well, including a new Vivid vid and a sequel for Corruption. Bam-bam-bam-bam. Nicely done.


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Superstar Hillary Scott has agreed to star in the fourth installment of the popular Britney Rears series which begins initial shooting next week. The blond sex kitten appeared as Britney in Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted
and producers were so happy with her performance that they moved quickly to sign her up for another round.

“I really love doing the whole Britney Rears thing, so when they asked me to do it again I said yes in about two seconds. This is a really fun series,” Scott stated.

Coming off one of the best years imaginable for a porn star, Scott has impressed both fans and critics alike on her way to 10 award nominations including Female Performer of the Year. Winning the award would be a powerful exclamation point to a year which saw the former gonzo princess morph into a true adult superstar.

Not only did Scott wow critics in Britney Rears 3, she thoroughly impressed them in the much discussed Corruption from Sex Z Pictures by playing an emotionally and physically tormented lead character that earned her a nomination for Best Actress.

“Corruption was the role of a lifetime for me,” Scott remarked. “The entire movie was unlike anything I had ever done and I continue to read an awful lot about the movie on the internet.”

Scott is referring to an incredible amount of wide ranging controversy surrounding the project which is a major contender for Best Video Feature this year including 17 total nominations.

“She’s incredibly popular with fans of gonzo and now with fans of feature type performances because she has bridged a very difficult gap that separates great sex performers from becoming really big time stars. Hillary is the total package,” stated Britney 3 director Will Rider.

With Hillary on board for the upcoming Britney Rears 4, fans can look forward to another crazy adventure soon from X-Play/LFP.

Hillary Scott has also signed on to star in a major Vivid movie being shot in December and also a number of Sex Z Pictures projects including the rumored sequel to Corruption.

Check out Hillary Scott everywhere fine and filthy videos are found.

To check out Corruption visit www.corruptionmovie.com.

Check out www.britneyrears.com and www.myspace.com/britneyrearsxxx for more information.

I like big culos and I cannot lie

Mercenary Pictures puts out a butt-centric title from Latino director/performer Marco Banderas inclusing butt goddess Katja Kassin, so the guy certainly knows his backsides. Here's the detail, hot off the Mercenary Pictures presses:

Mercenary Releases Marco Banderas' Next Big Title, Culos Gigantes
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — With asses as big as they are beautiful, Mercenary Pictures backs up and delivers the first volume in an all-new series directed by Marco Banderas and his second contribution to the company's line-up, Culos Gigantes.
Starring big-butt all-stars including Cherokee, Ariel Alexus, Luscious Lopez, Olivia O'Lovely, Sydnee Kapri and Katja Kassin, Culos Gigantes --Spanish for Gigantic Asses -- also features first class male talent such as Banderas, Male Performer of the Year nominee, and Lexington Steele, three-time Male Performer of the Year and Mercenary Pictures owner.

"The asses on these women truly live up to the title," Banderas said. "More importantly, they don't just shake their butts and look pretty. These are performers who are some of the best in the world and who rightly deserve that honor."

Steele said Culos Gigantes, in stores now, is a showcase for the directorial skills of the Spanish performer.
"Marco, who also directed The Darkside of Marco Banderas which was released a few weeks ago, is as gifted a director as he is a performer," Steele said. "I've cast him in many of Mercenary's titles since he started working in the US. His consistent, no-holes-barred approach to performing makes him one of the best male performers working today, and he richly deserves to be among the nominees of the Male Performer of the Year award, which I am also in the running for. I fully expect Marco to be recognized for his direction in the near future as much as he is for his on-screen performances in the present."

For more information, visit LEXINGTONSTEELE.COM. Distributors may contact Hank at mercenarypictures (at) msn.com. For foreign sales, contact Dani at dani (at) calvista.com.

Courtney Cummz to Ohio today
December 14, 2006

Angelina, Cummz ready to put the "F" in "Buckeye" today

The performers hit Ohio for a couple of personal appearances in adult stores today. Have a look and if they're in your locality you better get moving, it's gonna start in a couple of hours.


Canoga Park, California – In an apparent effort to accumulate more air miles than Chuck Yeager, Zero Tolerance Entertainment and Third Degree Films are pleased to announce that contract star, Courtney Cummz and starlet Eva Angelina will be appearing on behalf of the companies at two locations of the Ohio-based adult retailer – Adult Mart. Both signings are scheduled for Thursday, December 14th.

“We are pleased to send the girls and help Adult Mart with their in-store marketing efforts,” said Greg Alves, Zero Tolerance President. “They’ve been very supportive of Zero Tolerance and Third Degree and this is just our way of saying, ‘Thanks.’”

The itinerary calls for Courtney and Eva to sign at the Adult Mart West (16700 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland) from 12PM-2PM and at the new Adult Mart Superstore, Adult Mart East (34480 Lakeland Blvd. in Eastlake) from 6PM-9PM. The new Adult Mart East location is over 7,000 square feet and boasts an inventory of over10,000 DVDs.

In conjunction with the in-store appearances, both girls will be interviewed on local radio station WMMS during the 3-4PM hour.

“I’m really looking forward to this trip because the people in Ohio are great,” said Cummz. “They’re just great, normal people – who happen to love sex.”

“Courtney and I are definitely in the holiday spirit,” added Angelina. “We’re ready to spread a little joy!”

Zero Tolerance’s Cummz recently directed an All-Girl project, Pussycats (Releasing on 2/13/07) and wrapped on a Hand-job movie, Whack Jobs (Release Date TBA). She can also be seen in the hugely popular Girlvana 2, as well as the Interactive release Interactive Sex with Courtney Cummz.

Eva Angelina can currently be seen in the Courtney Cummz directed Face Invaders (Zero Tolerance), as well as, Third Degree’s SPUNK’D #4, Beefeaters, Camel Hoe's 4, Chicks & Salsa 2, Hand to Mouth # 2  and Swallow the Leader 3.

For interview requests or additional information on Zero Tolerance Entertainment or Third Degree Films, please contact Scott Stein at scott (at) ztemail.com. For Zero Tolerance sales inquiries, please contact sales (at) ztemail.com. For Third Degree sales inquiries, please contact Joey Wilson via email at joey (at) thirddegreefilms.com.

Kirsten Price

Taking off: Kirsten Price in Detroit

Wicked Pictures contract performer Kirsten Price makes her feature dancing debut in the Detroit area starting tonight. Have a look:


Wicked's Fox Reality Star Makes Her Dancing Debut This Weekend!

LOS ANGELES CA / DETROIT MI / INKSTER MI – Wicked Pictures contract star and Best New Starlet nominee Kirsten Price is taking a break from heating up television screens nationwide on the Fox Reality series My Bare Lady to make her feature dancing debut tonight through Saturday, December 16th at Detroit, Michigan's celebrated Flight Club.

The current Best Actress and Best New Starlet Nominee couldn't have picked a finer venue for her stage debut, as the Flight Club is a posh, upscale gentlemen's club that boasts over 10,000 square feet of high-voltage dance floor excitement. The many accruements include a Five Star Kitchen, Champagne Rooms, Valet Parking, a VIP area and much, much more. The Flight Club is centrally located in the Metro Detroit area at 29709 Michigan Avenue, Inkster, Michigan 48141. Limousine service to and from the club is available upon request. For more information, please contact the venue directly at (734) 641-4400.

The media buzz surrounding My Bare Lady has seen Kirsten and her cast mates punctuating their appearances on the show with syndicated radio interviews and multiple profiles on Entertainment Tonight, which makes this weekend a rare treat for fans to catch this shooting star in person.

If you're outside of the Metro Detroit area, you can still get your Kirsten fix every Thursday by catching Fox Reality's My Bare Lady at 8:00 pm Eastern & 9:00 pm Pacific. (Check your local listings to confirm time and station.)

For more information, please visit: www.wickedpictures.com, www.kirstenpricexxx.com, and www.foxreality.com

First, they came for the EPA libraries...

The right-wing war on science continues with new restrictions on research at the U.S. Geological Survey. According to this article,
"This is not about stifling or suppressing our science, or politicizing our science in any way," Barbara Wainman, the agency's director of communications, said Wednesday.

Around here we call that confirmation-by-denial.


Bad news for the uncut

A new survey from the National Institutes of Health indicates that circumcision reduces a man's risk of contracting HIV by half. Sorry about that, fellas.



XBiz Awards announces nominees

The Awards ceremony will top off the two-day Hollywood Conference at the Hollywood Roosevelt this coming February. Here are the nominees for consideration.

XBIZ Announces Finalists for the 2007 XBIZ Awards

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — After receiving tens of thousands of nomination submissions, leading adult B2B media company XBIZ has released the official list of award finalists for the 5th Annual XBIZ Awards, scheduled for Feb. 8 at the Highlands in Hollywood, Calif.

This year’s award show will take place in conjunction with the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif., a next-gen industry conference featuring two days of networking, workshops, seminars and events.

Now that all the finalists have been selected, a panel of judges will carefully vote for which companies will take home the coveted crystal XBIZ award. The award honors companies and products that have demonstrated innovation and excellence within the industry over the past year.

“XBIZ would like to congratulate the official finalists for the 2007 XBIZ Awards,” XBIZ President Alec Helmy said. “On the evening of Feb. 8, attendees of XBIZ Hollywood ‘07 Conference will experience the most sensational XBIZ Award ceremony to date. This will be a night to remember.”

The judging process officially begins Dec. 18.

The finalists for the 2007 XBIZ Awards are:

Web Retailer of the Year

69AdultToys, AdamEve.com, AdultDVDEmpire, AdultDVDMarketplace.com, FiveStarDVD, Gamelink, JTsStockroom, MALLcom, SexToy.com, WantedList.

Web Host of the Year

AdultEUHost, Exmasters, ISPrime, JupiterHosting, NakedHosting, National Net, OC3 Networks, PhatServers, MojoHost, Webair.

VOD Company of the Year

AEBN, HotMovies, AdultDVDEmpire, AdultRental, AllAdultChannel, NakedSword, PrivateSpeed, Vixeo, XonDemand.

GLBT Company of the Year

AlleyBucks, CyberSocket, GayWideWebmasters, Hyde Park Productions, IntenseCash, JustUsBoys, NakedSword, Pistol Media, PrideBucks, Rentboy.

Mobile Company of the Year

Adult Mobile Solutions, CCMediaLive, FunBox, Mobile Bridges, mProvider, PinkSim, Pocket Network, Rimeri, Totalmass, WAAT.

Online Community of the Year

AdultInsider, AdultWhosWho, GoFuckYourself, Just Blow Me, Medium Pimpin, SoloGirlBoard, SponsorChat.com, WebOverdrive, WhyFuckYourself.com.

Billing (IPSP) of the Year

365Billing, CCBill, Commercegate, DHDMedia, Epoch, Standard Pay.

Billing (Merch Service) of the Year

DHDMedia, Durango, Merchant Solutions, NetBilling, Solepay, Standard Pay.

Billing (Alternative)

2000Charge, ChargeMeLater, ElectraCash, GXBill, MobillCash.com, NetBilling, NoCreditCard.com, PasswordByPhone, PureVanilla, WTS.

Design Company of the Year

AAA Adult Design, Blue Design Studios, BlueFlyAdult.com, Dickmans Designs, Insane Adult Creations, Mansion Productions, NastyGraphix, Webinc, Wolume Designs, WyldeSites.

Novelty Company of the Year

California Exotic Novelties, Doc Johnson, Mr. S. Leather, Sports Sheets, Stockroom.com, Topco Sales.

Studio of the Year

Adam & Eve Pictures, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, Metro, New Sensations, Sex Z Pictures, Shane’s World, Swank Digital, Wicked Pictures, Zero Tolerance.

Up & Coming Studio

Buck Angel Entertainment, Hell House Media, Hush Hush Entertainment, Jules Jordan Video, Naughty America, Pink Visual, Platinum Blue Productions, Platinum Media, Starlight Pictures, Third World Media.

Live Video Chat of the Year

6Chats, Cams.com, CamZ.com, ImLive, Interclimax, LiveCamNetwork, LiveJasmin, PrivateFeeds.com, VideoSecrets, WebcamCash.

Content Provider of the Year

AdultEuroContent, AlmightyContent, Amazing Content, Dean Capture, GreatSexContent.dk, PicsMasters, SexEntertain, TheContentStore, WebmasterCentral, WorldWideContent.

Innovative Product of the Year

AdultWhosWho, AutoBloggerPro, CARMA (TooMuchMedia), Chameleon Submitter, DreamSubmitter, Fleshlight, Protect-X, Unified Stats, VIST (Mansion Productions), Zipped Sites.

Crossover Move of the Year

Arrow Productions (Deep Throat), Digital Playground, Mary Carey, Savanna Samson, SugarDVD, Wicked Pictures.

Adult Site of the Year

FreeOnes.com, FTVGirls.com, Hegre-Art.com, MattsModels, PornInspector.com, RabbitsReviews, SuzeVideo.com, TheBestPorn, Twistys.com, WantBoobs.com.

Up & Coming Web Company

Booble.com, Burning Angel, CapitalBucks, CherryPimps, HushMoney (HoDough.com), Kink.com, NichePay, RevenueCash, SexBankRoll, TrafficGiggolos.

Dating Program of the Year

AdultDateLink, AdultFriendFinder, Dating Gold, Eroticy, iFriends, IWantU, LoveDollars, SexSearch, SexyAds, WildMatch.

Affiliate Program of the Year

DieselAction, EuroRevenue, FetishHits, HustlerCash, Karups XXX Rewards, LightSpeedCash, Mayor's Money, Naughty America, NeoSexCash, OCCash, PerfectGonzo, QuickBuck, Real-Bucks.com, SlickCash, Smashbucks.

Affiliate Network of the Year

BrainCash, CECash, Gammae, Pimproll, PlatinumBucks, PussyCash, SilverCash, TopBucks, TrafficCashGold, WEGCash.

XBIZ Awards exclusive VIP tables available now, direct all inquiries to Kristen Kaye at Kristen (at) xbiz.com.

For more information about XBIZ Hollywood Conference ’07, please visit the conference website.

Roy Karch, Sex Z spoof net crossroads with 'Graigslist'

A new vid from Sex Z takes a satiric look at the net meetingplace with veteran helmer Roy Karch, who has been writing and directing porn parodies for decades. Here's the release:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Inspired by the cultish craze of the popular internet destination Craigslist, Sex Z Pictures has created an adventurous spoof titled Graigslist that turns the internet into a DVD hit.

Directed by veteran Roy Karch, the movie is a parody of what thousands of internet surfers find daily on the heavily trafficked website that offers all kinds of interesting items including potential sexual encounters by the hundreds.

“You can find a car, a bowling ball or somebody to have sex with for the night so this seemed like a really fun movie to make,” stated Bo Kenney president of Sex Z Pictures.

“I love parodies and in an effort to keep constantly current, I did my research and came up with a hot sexy way to present Graigslist based on the very popular website of a similar name,” Karch said.

Sex Z Pictures hired Karch to shoot the spoof because the native New Yorker has helmed numerous successful porn parodies over the years including Sex Z Pictures’ America’s Next Top Porn Model starring Tyra Banxxx and the popular Desperate Housewives series. In fact, Karch’s long history of porn parodies goes all the way back to the 1970s making him the perfect director for Sex Z Pictures’ latest spoof.

“In Craigslist, with a click of a mouse you can find yourself talking to a girl who loves anal sex, or 3 girls for that matter. It’s an amazing resource to find any depraved sexual tryst that you desire. It’s really wild and everything in the movie is taken straight from reality,” claimed Karch.

Starring volcanic starlets Naomi, Jaimie Elle, Mia Smiles, Satine Phoenix, Katy Plays, Cassidy Blue and the Russian porn princess Irena Sky getting banged, Graigslist offers dirty hardcore sex including 3-ways, anals, DPs and enough boy on girl action to satisfy the pervert in everyone.

is available in stores now from Sex Z Pictures.

Box in a box
Have a porn star in your pocket

Doc Johnson has released two new stroke sleeves molded from Vivid contract performers Sunny Leone and Lacie Heart. So if you want to replicate the feel of particular famous labia wrapped around your dick, you are in luck, buddy. Grab one of these and a bottle of lube and you're good to go. Or come. Have a look:

Doc Johnson and Vivid Launch Sunny Leone and Lacie Heart Pocket Pals™

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Raven-haired temptress Sunny Leone and blonde beauty Lacie Heart are the two latest Vivid Girls to model for adult novelty powerhouse Doc Johnson’s Pocket Pals™, the popular line of anatomically exact masturbatory sleeves based on bodies of the most popular women in adult entertainment.

“Vivid Girls are world renowned superstars in adult film, each with their own loyal fan base,” notes Chad Braverman, Director of Licensing and Product Development for Doc Johnson. “As Pocket Pals are molded to capture the unique anatomy of each girl, the sleeves allow fans to get up close and personal with their favorite stars.”

Sunny’s UR3® Pocket Pal™ and Lacie’s UR3® Pocket Pal™ are made from Doc Johnson’s patented UR3® (Ultra Realistic 3.0) material, scientifically formulated to provide a startlingly realistic texture that responds like genuine human flesh.

Featuring a ribbed inner core that provides an especially tight grip, the durable sleeves are compatible with both water and silicone-based lubricants and can be safely used multiple times with proper care.

Leone, who was Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, singed an exclusive performance contract with Vivid in 2005 and has since starred in Vivid Entertainment productions such as Virtual Vivid Girl and Sunny. Although born in Canada, Leone’s parents are from India, a heritage that is accredited with the Vivid star’s exotic appeal.

Heart, a 20-year-old California native, became a Vivid Girl earlier this year after garnering national exposure as a finalist in Jenna Jameson’s porn talent show. Her career as a Vivid Girl is off to a great start with scorching performances in this year’s Roughed Up and Lacie’s Life.

The signature Pocket Pals are part of the best selling Vivid Toys line of novelties, the result of a partnership between Doc Johnson and Vivid Entertainment, the most popular brand in adult entertainment.

Peter Boyle, 1935-2006
December 13, 2006


Actor Peter Boyle has died. I first got to know Peter Boyle's work in a 1970 film titled Joe where he played a good-hearted but bigoted roughneck factory worker who is blowing off steam in a bar – "I'd like to kill one a them fuckin' hippies" – when he meets a businessman named Bill, who mutters "I just did." Everybody laughs at the joke, unaware that Bill wasn't joking, he did just kill a hippie, the drug-dealer boyfriend of his daughter. Joe and Bill become friends and team up to find the daughter, who has run away.

Boyle made an impression in the film, and parlayed it into a long career in which he played to his intimidating frame and manner, most recently a 10-year run as the father in Everybody Loves Raymond. During his interesting life, he was a friend of John Lennon (who was Best Man at his wedding) and before he turned to acting, he spent time as a monk in the Christian Brothers order. Boyle remained active after Everybody Loves Raymond ended; you can fork out $10 and see him on screen today in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause if you'd like.

He was 71.

Oh – kay

A reporter for NBC's Today show shows that she may be less familiar with "annals" than another similar word:

But this reporter for Fox "News" managed to blow the term "top cop." Twice.

Here we go a-ten
Video Secrets celebrates 10th lap at Hef's place

Jenna Jameson is expected at the Saturday soirée, and the invitation-only get-together at the Holmby Hills manse of Mr. Playboy His Own Self promises a bevy of fine females as well as the many other intersting sights of The Mansion. (Suggestion: If your travels bring you to the spider monkey cage, keep your distance. Word has it that if you stick your finger in the cage, they will bite it, and if you get too close to the cage, they will pee on you. It's tough to present that oh-so-cool façade when you're reeking of monkey piss.)

Video Secrets 10th Anniversary Party at the Playboy Mansion Announced

CALABASAS, CA ­ – Video Secrets' much anticipated 10th anniversary party will take place at the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills on December 16th, the live video chat pioneer announced today.

The invitation-only event will be an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Guests can expect lively entertainment, an open bar, and plenty of scrumptious delicacies.

Topless DJ Tuesdae and surprises throughout the evening promise to keep the joint jumping deep into the night.

There’s never a shortage of eye candy at any Playboy mansion event, and Video Secrets’ soirée will be no exception. Some of adult’s hottest starlets are on the menu, including Playboy Playmates, Club Jenna girls, Vivid Girls, L.A. Direct models, Flirt of the Month winners, industry celebrities and many more.

Santa will be making a visit to hand out sexy toys to naughty and nice alike. Jenna Jameson will also be on hand to host a special toast honoring the entire Video Secrets team.

And if that isn’t enough, gift bags filled with seductive surprises will be given to every guest.

As Video Secrets president Gregory Clayman explains, the party is as much about toasting longtime partners and colleagues, as it is about celebrating 10 years in the biz.

“It’s hard to explain in a sentence or two how great this feels,” Video Secrets president Gregory Clayman said. “We’ve got a lot of people to thank for our success, and that’s what we’ll be doing at the mansion. Really, that’s what it’s all about-showing everyone who has helped us reach this milestone how much we appreciate them.”

For additional information about Video Secrets 10th Anniversary celebration at the Playboy Mansion, Email party (at) videosecrets.com.

Why is this man smiling? Read the red text.
That settles it. We missed a hell of a party in Texas.

Dave Cummings, who should need no introduction this late in the game, tells of his adventures in the Lone Star State, which added quite a few stars recently. Take it away Dave:

BY: Dave Cummings—Porn Star/Producer/Director

Three fabulous days of sex, appearances, Expos, a pajama party, etc, including a LOT of ground breaking happened this month in Houston. Fortunately for my penis (did ya notice that I was somewhat cultured in not saying “cock”?!!), I was one of the folks invited to the events organized by “Adult Quest” magazine, featuring sponsorship by Wicked Pictures and Jessica Drake, and attendance by a bevy of Show Girl Feature Dancers, Porn Stars, and VIPs.

Let me mention as many of the showgirls, porn stars, and special attendees that my old-fart memory can recall: Wicked Contract girls jessica drake and Carmen Hart, feature entertainment Legend Jade Simone St Clair, Angelica West, Stephanie Swift, Brianna Love, Tyla Wynn, Lisa Sparxxx, Vivian West, Victoria Valentino, Hottie Hollie, Summer Haze, Heather Pink, Daisy Duxxx, Daphne Rosen, Paradise Lei, Dennis Hof and Liv Wylder of the world famous BunnyRanch, Ron Jeremy, Sean Michaels, Brandon Iron, and of course Adult Quest’s President John Gray and its Editor Steve Seidman who made it all happen.

Yup, ground breaking happened in Texas. Just like the people of Houston seem to strongly hold their gentlemen’s clubs near and dear to their hearts in spite of religious radical bellyaching in some parts of Texas, many of the citizens of Houston also strongly supported this fine event. Somewhat surprisingly, no demonstrators even showed up to vomit their hypocrisy at the www.lonestarpornutopia.com events of last week. It made me wonder a bit if perhaps Texans are tired of the baloney and unrealistic and intrusive governmental pandering against privacy and personal freedoms, and the adverse impacts upon citizen sexual freedoms by governments violating the line between church and state! I was proud of all the fans who came out to see and interact with us, and I applaud their willingness to reject the hypocrites of the radical right. Every adult club we toured was pack full, the male/female/couples attendees were fantastic, and I felt like I was among the REAL people of Texan. In my opinion, the politicians need to start noticing the REAL people of America and start supporting and truly representing them, instead pandering to the religious radicals who contribute hypocritical campaign monies and votes to them. Bottom line, Houston had a groundbreaking event, and the Constitution is alive and well.

Yes, the many and varied events were attended by a lot of single females and couples, not just men. Everyone was smiling, everyone was enjoying reality, and everyone was breaking new ground against religious and/or government oppression of sexual freedom between and among consenting adults.

I noted that swingers were in abundance throughout all the events. I personally enjoyed husbands bringing their wives over to be photographed with me, including the sex play that some of the wives initiated. I had a lot of erections all weekend, some for cameras. At times, even some of the lovely females in our group walked up to me and grabbed my erect penis, and one the wives at one stop even gave me head in full view of lots of onlookers. I was in sexual Heaven. I even arranged for her to bestow her oral skills on another guy in our group. Come to think of it, at another of the weekend’s events, a different wife went down on me and she later brought an additional younger couple to my hotel room for some hardcore sex orgying. I went through a lot of condoms. One funny story – without violating their privacy by naming names of the starlets – at one point while driving back to the hotel, our limo became alive with sex happenings; one porn starlet insisted that a certain porn legend put his penis in her butt and pounded away while she fingered her vagina and played with my penis. (Not my "dick," after all we’re classy folks and don’t always use naughty words!) She was almost at the point of climaxing when the limo pulled into our hotel lobby, whereupon she literally begged the driver to go around the block a few more times so she could cum. Indeed, she howled in delight as she climaxed. Her earlier frantic begging for the limo to go around the bloc was hilarious! Lots of other happening abounded, but it’s probably best for me to not venture into revealing particulars about all that sexual excitement; but, a lot of people had a lot of fun this past weekend. ‘Nuff said!

The weekend raised considerable donations for the fight against breast cancer, and Adult Quest generously matched a large part of the charitable giving. As a retired military guy, I saw a Marine in the audience of one club and sought him out to thank him for serving; he had just returned from Iraq, and was grateful to the club for tearing up his food and drink tab. On another occasion, John Gray saw another military returnee from the war zone purchasing a ticket for the next day’s Pajama Party, whereupon Mr. Gray gave him a free ticket and arranged for him to have a free hotel room and room service for the PJ party. I’m proud of our military folks, and I very much appreciated the way our entourage went out of their way to greet and thank them. I was one of those returning Vietnam veterans who was astonished by the way some soldiers, including some who suffered wounds, were mistreated when they got back to America from serving combat tours in Vietnam.

We’re about to start a new year. Let’s hope we get our troops out of harm’s way soon; and, let’s hope that politicians at all levels of government start providing constituents with more objective representation, not more subjective political baloney!

Drive safely and defensively, drink responsibly, enjoy the wonder of sex!

Dave Cummings

Good job, Mr. President

No, really, I mean it. Read this and you'll understand:

Some like 'em tight

Lethal Hardcore focuses on the well-dressed snatch in their latest edition of the Cream On My Camel Toe line, directed by Lethal house director Chucky Sleaze and including a turn by hottie Alexis Silver, whose pear-shaped British tones do as much for me as the rest of her assets. Have a look:

Lethal Hardcore Celebrates Tight Undies and The Ladies That Wear Them In Cream On My Camel Toe 3

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The lovelies in Lethal Hardcore's latest don't just tease, but please in the all-sex producer's latest title dedicated to too-tight panties, Cream On My Camel Toe 3.

Clocking in at over three hours and featuring six scenes, Cream On My Camel Toe 3, in stores now, features Samantha Sinn, Savannah Stern, Ashley Lace, Jessica Jules and Danae, all under the direction of Lethal Hardcore director Chucky Sleaze.

"One of the things we love at Lethal Hardcore is a nice, puffy poon in a pair of panties riding up the crack," Sleaze said. "But the girls we cast in Cream On My Camel Toe 3 deliver great scenes as well -- there's also some great anal action with our cover girl, Samantha Sinn, and another with Danae. It's something no fan of all-sex gonzo action will want to miss."

Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2, Lethal Hardcore's next title and scheduled for release in a week, stars Natasha Nice, Christina Aguchi, Presley Maddox, Alexis Silver and Skylar Banx.

"In a very special Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2, we're featuring cover girl Natasha Nice oiling up her boobs and giving the lucky prick we use for our POV shoots a tittyfuck with her all-natural funbags, while both of them learn the true meaning of Christmas," Lethal Hardcore owner Stoney Curtis said, "or maybe not. Check out Swallow My Sperm P.O.V. 2 and find out."

For more information visit stoneycurtisxxx.com. Distributors may e-mail Mike Ott at celestialproductions (at) socal.rr.com.  

This book cover seems oddly prophertic, now
December 12, 2006

Playboy inks Naked Happy Girls lenser for reality skein

Photographer Andrew Einhorn's specialized look at the women of New York has led to a reality-TV series at Playboy TV. As a longtime fan of Einhorn's work, I'm happy to hear this. Einhorn's work is a throwback to the girl-next-door type of models that put Playboy on the map when it got started (One of the best-known early Playmates was the office manager at Playboy, and a local photographer in Glendale, California, was famous for recruiting Playmates when he took pictures at weddings and when he took their high school graduation pictures.) Einhorn's photos capture that carefree young-pretty-casually-nude attitude of those '60s Playboy layouts. Here's the release:

Playboy TV Presents A Unique Look Into the Career of an Erotic Art Photographer and the Real-Life Women Who Pose for Him

Series Premiere January 13

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 11, 2006 -- Naked. Happy. Girls. What more do you need to know? On January 13 (9 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. PT), Playboy TV will premiere “Naked Happy Girls,” a 13-episode half-hour documentary series that follows erotic photojournalist Andrew Einhorn as he traverses New York City, meeting real-life women and convincing them to pose nude for him. Based on the popular hardcover coffee table book, “Naked Happy Girls," the Playboy TV series offers viewers an authentic, un-glamorized, un-idealized look into the life of a working artist as he navigates the art world with its galleries and commercial demands while maintaining his creative output and managing his personal life. Interviews with his models reveal their varied reasons for agreeing to pose nude.

“Andrew has the kind of job most men would die for, except it’s really not all babes all the time. Just 9-5,” stated Mark F. Mauceri, Playboy TV’s Vice President, Worldwide Programming. “In between, the reality of struggling in New York City, a demanding publisher, a judgmental mother, and girlfriends who can’t get comfortable with his line of work turn an otherwise perfect life upside down.”

Andrew Einhorn has developed a unique photographic style that is undeniably erotic and unabashedly fun. “I’m lucky that I can make women laugh,” says Einhorn, “Laughter is happy and happy is sexy and sexy is nice. I like sexy pictures. I like happy sexy pictures. Most people do.” Working with women he meets on the street, his “Naked Happy Girls” series is natural, playful and cheerful - capturing his subjects’ inner beauty as much as their outer beauty. From Lower East Side Goth Girls to NYU Film Students to Upper East Side Debutantes, these are real women, with all their self-perceived “imperfections” celebrated. Employing his charm and sense of humor, Einhorn puts his models at ease, coaxing them to open up for the camera lens.

Adultcon "absolutely guarantees" exhibitor satisfaction

A new policy for new exhibitors at Adultcon offers a free return trip if they don't feel they did well. Here's the detail, and contact information if you want to follow up:

Adultcon Introduces New “Satisfaction Absolutely Guaranteed” Policy

Since 2001, Adultcon has been the adult convention that business exhibit at to sell and brand to over 15,000 consumers. Adultcon became a favorite among both the fans and Exhibitors by being the only convention to introduce the innovative idea of giving $5 casino chips to fans to spend in the show. Adultcon is once again on the cutting edge of marketing.

Adultcon is now proud to be the first convention ever, to offer Exhibitors a “Satisfaction Absolutely Guaranteed” Policy. Adultcon calls it their SAG policy. This is how it works: If a first-time Exhibitor does not believe they did well at Adultcon, they must return to the very next Adultcon and select any booth. The amount they paid for their previous Adultcon booth will be applied, in full, to that booth, that simple. This, from a company spokesman, “We are proud of the traffic and quality consumers we provide to our exhibitors. Offering this guarantee was a logical step in reinforcing our belief in the strength of what our convention offers.”

Adultcon will be held the L.A. Convention Center on Friday, March 23rd 4pm-10pm,

Saturday, March 24th 1pm-10pm & Sunday, March 25th 1pm-6pm, 2007.

Exhibitor booths start at $900 for the 3-day show.

Adultcon is proud to have Xbiz as the official media sponsor.

Show details www.Adultcon.com

Contact is at info (at) Adultcon.com

Adultcon is produced by Live Entertainment.

The Adultcon brand is a lifestyle providing live adult events.

Houston: We seem to have missed a hell of a party

Steve Seidman checks in with a look at the Lone Star Porn Weekend, which looks like it was a lot of fun. Have a look:

Houston, We Didn't Have A Problem But One Hell Of A Good time!

December 3rd, marked the end of the jessica drake and Wicked Pictures Lone Star Porn Weekend. "Nobody knew what to expect John and I were nervous and neither of us slept that well the days before," explained Steve Seidman, editor of Adult Quest Magazine, Houston's Leading Adult Entertainment Guide. "The first call I got on Wednesday was a plane was canceled, you can imagine the rest of the day, and as always Ron Jeremy upheld his tradition of missing his flight"

The first day of the Expo started off slow and then the TV and radio stations who ignored all our press releases sent to them invaded the hotel. Interviews with the stars and what we were attempting to do was their main concern. All press, including the article in the Houston Chronicle, was positive and the Adult Industry shined as mainstream media only could put a positive light upon the event.

Friday the Expo floor was jammed as all vendors and stars were selling their products and delighted with the turnout." Looking back We now wish we had held the Expo on Saturday also as we had a tremendous amount of phone calls regarding if the Expo was still going on Friday night and Saturday morning" commented John Gray Adult Quest President." We know what to change up for next year. Borrowing a phrase from General Macarthur, Yes, we will return," added Gray.

Saturday Night the Pajama Party was a rousing success with over 600 in attendance and having plenty of fun. One of the more important parts of the event was the raising of money for breast cancer research, Adult Quest Magazine and the Lone Star Pornutopia weekend will be happily donating over $1,500.00 for the fight against breast cancer.

Adult Quest and Risqué Business would like to thank all the stars who attended the event. With a special thanks going to jessica drake and Carmen Hart, Wicked Pictures, Craig and Summer Haze for the boob job giveaway, and to Jade Simone St. Clair for her professionalism throughout the weekend. A special thanks to all the people who exhibited for this first year event. "We learned a lot from this and next year we will be back, bigger and better with more emphasis on the Expo part of the show." You'll be able to see some of the action in the January Issue of Adult Quest by going to www.adultquesttv.com.


Celebrate Corruption on January 13
Sex Z sets post-awards soirée at Venetian

Jeff Mullen, the Perle Mesta of the adult industry, has set a post-awards party "until sunrise" at the Venetian. This adds another trip between the Venetian and Mandalay Bay on a Saturday night – if you choose to go to the awards. Personally, I think I'll go to the expo on Saturday, split at about 4:00, go to my hotel room, watch TV for a while, shower, get dressed, have a nice dinner followed by a drink at the Oculus Bar as the tribe re-gathers and then a quick trip upstairs to the Sex Z party, where the celebration will be intense.

Net advantages: no aggravating travel through Las Vegas traffic, a good meal, and I won't have to listen to The Garage Band From Hell.

Here's the press release about the party:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Sex Z Pictures will host an exclusive Corruption-Las Vegas VIP party following the awards ceremony on Saturday, January 13th. The private industry only party will be held in a lavish Presidential Suite at the Venetian Hotel with complimentary cocktails and is expected to last until sunrise.

Sex Z Pictures has been pulling out all of the stops in support of their wonderfully controversial movie Corruption which has been the center of much discussion and critical acclaim since its release and this Vegas bash will be the exclamation point on a campaign that has enjoyed a great deal of excitement.

“We have never had a movie like Corruption before which has created such strong opinion from those who have seen it and also from those have haven’t watched it yet so we wanted to have a great party in a wonderful spot for our industry friends to come and hang where they don’t have to wait in long lines to get in,” stated Bo Kenney owner of Sex Z Pictures.

“The VIP admission will come in the form of a specially designed Sex Z Pictures’ Corruption casino chip which will be exclusively offered during the AEE show to talent, buyers and other industry friends,” stated Scott David of All Media Play which is producing the event.

Corruption was the subject of a massive party this fall in Hollywood that was enjoyed by hundreds of guests including the movie’s stars Hillary Scott, Kylie Ireland, Alana Evans and director Eli Cross but the Corruption-Las Vegas party will have a much more ‘private’ appeal making acts of moral corruption a real possibility in the mansion-like suite.

“We were a bit leery of the big guest lists and long party lines at many of the parties during AEE so we decided to have a special night in a very private but grand setting right inside the Venetian where people can come after they return from the awards. Hopefully Corruption will win some big awards and Hillary Scott will too which would make this party the place to be,” said Jeff Mullen of All Media Play.

Sex Z Pictures is no stranger to hosting some of the greatest adult industry bashes ever to take place and the Corruption-Las Vegas VIP party has all of the makings of a truly wild night that will put an emphatic exclamation point on a movie that has created more internet discussion and topical controversy than any other adult movie in recent memory.

Corruption is up for 17 awards including Best Video Feature and is coming to Vegas.

Visit www.corruptionmovie.com

Check out www.sexzvod.com and www.myspace.com/sexzpictures for more information
For sales information on Sex Z Pictures contact: Steve Miller, Sex Z Pictures, steve (at) sexz.net, or Bradley, Sex Z Pictures, bradley (at) sexz.net

Tina Tyler
Whack job

Performer-turned-director Tina Tyler follows her muse and releases her second men-masturbating-for-their-ladies vid, Handyman 2, today. The first one managed to get an nomination at the January show for Best Solo Release, there among the female-masturbation vids. Good for her. Unlike the gay-themed solo-male vids, the guy here is performing for his off-camera girlfriend (portrayed by Tina Tyler, behind the camera) so the audience is straight women, and Tina told me that they love it. Here's the release:

Black Viking's Handyman 2, Directed by Tina Tyler, Storms Store Shelves

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Mercenary director Tina Tyler delivers something for the ladies with the latest volume of her all-male solo series produced by Mercenary Pictures subsidiary Black Viking Pictures, Handyman 2.

Starring Johnny Castle, Maui Kane, Herschel Savage, Mikey Butders, Marcos Leon, Jack Lawrence, Cheyne Collins, Scott Styles, Marcus London and Tony DeSergio, Handyman 2 -- on store shelves now -- offers unique, solo male scenes shot by Tyler.

"Handyman is my love letter to straight women who don't want to see any pesky vaginas in their way," Tyler said. "It's taken off, and the first volume's been nominated for an AVN Award. I'm happy for the recognition the title's received and I look forward to continuing the series further."

Lexington Steele, owner of Black Viking and Mercenary, as well as three-time Male Performer of the Year, lauded Tyler's originality and vision for brining a distinctive title like Handyman to the marketplace.

"Tina's an invaluable director who helms Mercenary's SuperWhores, Black Moon Risin', Fresh Out the Box and IronHead," he said. "But she also directs some of Black Viking's most original offerings, including Blow Hardz and, of course, Handyman. The fact that Handyman's first volume is nominated for AVN's Best Solo Release -- a straight AVN Award -- demonstrates just how plugged in Tina is to what the consumers are looking for and that there are still original titles to be produced in adult.

For more information, visit LEXINGTONSTEELE.COM. Distributors may contact Hank at mercenarypictures (at) msn.com. For foreign sales, contact Dani at dani (at) calvista.com.

A man who needs no introduction
December 11, 2006

Another heavy hitter set for XBiz Hollywood Conference in February

Adult Industry Legend Larry Flynt has been set to give the February 8 keynote at the XBiz Adult Industry Conference in February. Instead of giving a speech, Flynt will participate in a Q-and-A interview. Here's the latest information on what is shaping up to be a not-to-be-missed adult industry convocation.

Larry Flynt to Deliver Final Keynote at XBIZ Hollywood

LOS ANGELES – XBIZ is pleased to announce that Larry Flynt, the celebrated founder of Hustler Magazine and LFP Inc., will be its final keynote speaker for the upcoming XBIZ Hollywood Conference ’07, taking place Feb. 7-8, at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Instead of providing a typical keynote address during the Feb. 8 keynote time slot, Flynt will participate in an in-depth interview that will begin at 4:00 p.m. The Q&A format will allow for a more unrestrictive discussion of topics, including audience participation.

In addition to his position as perhaps the most iconic figure in the adult entertainment industry, Flynt is a well-known political and social thinker who regularly weighs in on national issues having to do with free speech, individual rights and civil liberties. A passionate and articulate cultural and political libertarian, Flynt has also penned several books, most recently “Sex, Lies & Politics: The Naked Truth,” which Publisher’s Weekly called a “…provocative polemic against conservatism in general and the Bush administration in particular…”

“We have industry veterans and then we have industry legends," XBIZ president Alec Helmy said. “Larry is one of the legends. His achievements, contributions and business acumen span multiple decades, and that level of success is one in a million. This will certainly be one of the great highlights of the XBIZ Hollywood '07 Conference.”

XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes agreed. “Mr. Flynt has an invaluable perspective regarding the industry’s role as both a billion-dollar business and a controversial participant in the culture wars. Anyone who has seen him interviewed knows that his opinions remain extraordinarily shrewd and unpredictable. At this precise point in time, when the adult entertainment industry faces many challenges and opportunities, there is no better person to address the industry about where it is headed than Larry Flynt.”

For more information about XBIZ Hollywood Conference ’07, please visit the conference website.

Good thing Little Boots speaks Spanish

Looks like party-hardy First Daughter Jenna has hooked up with some Argentine stud, according to gossip blogger Wonkette. Have a look:

Verifiable elections? No can do.

A new report submitted to the Election Assistance Commission rejected the idea that only verifiable voting mechanisms should be used in elections. To change things would "overwhelm" state election boards. Uh, isn't that their job? To deliver valid election results?


A law signed by Little Boots in October authorizes the President to declare martial law pretty much when he damn well feels like it, so if that 30-percent approval rating drops to something really bad, watch out.

Platinum Blue branches out

Skye Blue's company sets up two new production companies, an ethnic specialty company called Phantom Films, and a "taste-of-kink" company called Reversed Flesh. Here's the initial announcement:

Platinum Blue Launches Phantom Films, Reversed Flesh.

Chatsworth, CA –Platinum Blue Productions has created two new production companies to expand their offerings to porn fans. In January they will debut Phantom Films, a new ethnic company, and Reversed Flesh, a new production company delivering hardcore and girl/girl titles with a taste of kink.

Phantom Films first release is 'Black In Business', coming out January 17. Directed by Kangpin, 'Black In Business' features Vida Valentine, Lena Washington, Alayah Sashu, Diamond, and Hypnotic, engaging in vaginal and anal cream pies. Kangpin was very excited about the launch. "I know Skye Blue and her companies Platinum Blue and Phantom Films are a class act. If you look at her product line, her commitment to quality is very clear. I am flattered to have the opportunity to direct this product line for her. It will do as well as her other high quality product lines."

Reversed Flesh will debut 'Perfectly Cruel' on January 24. Written and directed by Mistress Aradia, 'Perfectly Cruel' is a high water mark in Aradia's transition from latex fetish diva to director. 'Perfectly Cruel' stars Mistress Aradia with Dana De Armond and includes the hard edge that made Aradia stand out in Platinum Blue's 'Shock Pussy' and 'Airgazmic'. "Through Reversed Flesh Productions I am able to bring my expression of creativity to life," said Aradia. "I am really excited about expanding my relationship with Platinum Blue Productions to include my line, as well as the current opportunities within the company as the designer of graphic media as the post production supervisor. I have a lot of plans for the company and look forward to sharing my bizarre, kinky mind with the viewer."

Platinum Blue president and CEO Skye Blue is extremely proud to add these lines to Platinum Blue's selection of hardcore DVDs. "We put together Phantom Films and Reversed Flesh to offer our buyers and porn fans more. We've wanted to do ethnic titles for some time. Kangpin has been great to work with and has the commitment to quality and the hot sex we wanted to see in Phantom Films. With the addition of Reversed Flesh, it was a direction we were headed in with titles such as 'Shock Pussy' 1 and 2. Aradia has a gifted eye in art and design. She’s become an integral part of Platinum Blue Productions. We have some very twisted and deviant visions in hardcore and girl/girl scenes, and Reversed Flesh is our way of pursuing that sharp edge with high production value."

For domestic DVD sales of Platinum Blue titles, contact Keith Gordon at keith (at) sunsetdvd.com, or joe (at) sunsetdvd.com

For cable, VOD, foreign and all other sales, contact Skye Blue at skye (at) platinumblueproductions.com

To see more of what Platinum Blue Productions has to offer, check out www.PlatinumBlueProductions.com. Fans can add Platinum Blue to their friend lists at www.myspace.com/platinumblueproductions and www.xpeeps.com/platinumblue.

Something's missing...

I was reading the story in last week's L.A. Times about porn and the Valley and I noticed something very interesting was missing. There was this company that used to cover the adult industry from their founding in Philadelphia, and then they moved to Venice, but that wasn't close enough, so they moved to Van Nuys, and now they are in the belly of the beast in Chatsworth. A pretty interesting story, following the center of the porn industry across the country and through L.A. County.

Not a peep. The company wasn't even interesting enough to mention, even as a quotable authority on the industry that they have been covering for over 20 years.

Fancy that.

Emily Evermoore with her mouth open.
Brandon Iron does it again. And again. And again...

The energetic performer gets together with another 50 pornchicks and lives to tell about it and even sends an e-mail to pass the word. (You would think that 50 blowjobs would be satisfying enough right there. Nope.) Have a look:

50 TO 1 #4 is now available from Platinum X.

Cast includes: Sasha Grey, Allison Pierce, Tobi Pacific, Katerina Kat, Raquel Amante, Lindsay Kay, Aubrey Addams, Mae, Miss Meadow, Shannon Kelly, Phoebe, Jessica Sexin, Marissa Marcelle, Jasmine Tame, Misty Magenta, Geena Ginger, Lorena Sanchez, Loretta Loren, Sabara, Veronica Rayne, Katalina Linda, Katrina Isis, Sonia Lopez, Joselyn Pink, Marli Jane, Emily Evermoore, Carrie Ann, Gabriella Banks, Vixen Fyre, Princess, Lillia, Brooklyn Night, Taylor Nix, Jasse Monroe, Alena, Bianca Valentino, Alektra Blue, Rene Pornero, Vanessa Videl, Tabitha Tucker, Autumn, Jenna Presley, Jessica (the former Britney Rears!), Codi Star, Piper Parker, Evangeline, Jamie Elle, Kandi Hart, Ryaan Reynolds, and Bailey Brooks.

Brooklyn Night, the only girl NOT to swallow in the series, comes back to redeem herself. Thanks, Brooklyn!

Alektra Blue's scene is taken from the DVD bonus scene from Baker's Dozen #5. She cut down on her boy-girl work so I thought it was good to bring her back for a second look. Enjoy! You still get 50 original scenes as Lindsay Kay returns before the closing credits to eat another load.

Find out which girl has 3 children, one of whom -- a son -- wants to get in the business. Which girl speaks Armenian? Which girl is studying Mechanical Engineering at a large university back east? Which girls did their very first scene on camera in this volume? Which girl wears her "Class of 2005" sweatshirt? How did Tobi Pacific come up with her porn name? Which girl used to be a Las Vegas hooker? Which girl can touch her nose with her tongue? These and many more life-altering questions will be answered.

DVD extras include:
- Behind the Scenes
- Aural Fixations (dirty talk from Emily Evermoore about cum eating)
- website previews for www.spermcocktail.com and www.covermyface.com
- website info
- photo gallery
- trailers
- Director's biography
- information on how to help the family of Jon Dough

There's also preview of other girls to be added to www.loadmymouth.com very soon.

If you haven't seen any of the previous volumes, you get to meet 50 girls in the industry. They reveal something about themselves in an interview before they get naked, get to work, and swallow a load. Some make it look easy, some have to chew their food before it goes down, and others wretch, cough, and sputter. They all leave with a smile on their face, though, and join the elite women who have graced us with their performances in this series.

Some girls are brand new, some are just entering porn, and a few have bigger names. It's the most diverse, eclectic mix of women in one release!


Corporations win on milk regs, rest of us get fucked

A farmer who had the nerve to try and sell his milk without the price being fixed upwards has been stopped decisively by federal action. Whose side is the government on, anyway?

Gimme five

The latest DVD release from Kirdy Stevens' classic-movie vault is Taboo 5, featuring a dynamite cast including Colleen Brennan, Amber Lynn, Porche Lynn, the unforgettable Karen Summer, Buck Adams and Joey Silvera. I gave Taboo and Taboo 2 a quick once-over yesterday and the sex scenes made me gasp: The intensity of those Golden Age players and the use of film made a much more intense viewing experience than the here-we-go-again bang-bang tempo of an all-sex digitally-shot video. These are movies with sex in them, a different breed from the all-sex video dominating teh market today. Here's the release:

XXX's Biggest Blondes Steal the Show in Standard Digital's Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series Edition of Taboo 5

TARZANA, Calif. — Starring Amber Lynn and Porsche Lynn -- two of the biggest blondes to take to the '80s carnal sinema -- and directed by X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Famer Kirdy Stevens, Standard Digital releases the latest addition to the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series, Taboo 5.

Also starring Colleen Brennan, Karen Summer, Lorrie Lovett, Buck Adams, Joey Silvera and Kevin James, the Kirdy Stevens Signature Series edition of Taboo 5 is remastered from the feature's original prints, and features never-before-seen stills from the movie on the DVD's metallic-colored slipcover, cover and gallery.

"The Taboo series has always been about strong plots with stronger sex," Standard Digital President and Kirdy Stevens' son Steve Stevens said. "The Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 5 brings all of that to the table. Amber Lynn and Porshe Lynn have never looked better or did better scenes than they did in this volume of Taboo. There's also some great performances from legendary male performers like Buck Adams and Joey Silvera, as well as Kevin James, who's a fixture in the early Taboo movies."

Sales of the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 5 have been brisk, Jon Islas, general manager of Standard Digital's exclusive distributor Addictive Entertainment, said.

"There will always be a demand for movies in the Taboo series because it's one of the true classics to have come out of the adult industry," Islas said. "It tells a story that is erotically charged and that could only be told in the XXX genre. This is what the guys at home keep coming back for and can't get enough of."

For more information about the award-winning Taboo series from Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens, distributors may contact Jon at jon (at) addictednow.com.

December 6, 2006

Déjà vu all over again

First, click here.

Then, click here.

Then, click here.

Aurora Snow must be having a feeling of déjà vu. I know I am.

TightFit open house tonight

New production studio opens its doors for a mixer-open house so people can meet each other and get a better look at the studio than the look you get in the background of a sex scene.


WHO: TightFit Studios

WHAT: Private Party for Producers, Directors and talent

PLUS Complimentary Still Photography for TALENT and Agencies in attendance (professional still photographer courtesy of tightfit studios)

WHERE: 7641 Burnet St. Van Nuys, CA 91405

WHEN: Wednesday, December 6th 7:30pm

WHY: TightFit Studios is opening its doors to the adult industry on Wednesday, December 6th @ 7:30pm to show off its facilities to those looking for in-studio location shoots.

Tightfit is making this a special event for all talent and agencies in attendance. A professional photographer will be ready to take your pretty girl or solo shots on our photo wall or in one of seven of our fully furnished sets! - free content! Agencies – please bring your talent for this fantastic opportunity!

This is a great opportunity to find a new space, located centrally to everything, and everyone, in the San Fernando Valley. Drinks will be served, Dj’s will be on hand, and you are invited to have a good time, and learn more about TightFit Studios, the newest studio to open its doors for productions, still-shoots and more.

To RSVP, Please contact Oren Cohen or Joanie Lee at 818-785-7858

AVN trumpets 300-plus exhibitors signed for Adult Expo

Not sure why they feel compelled to talk about how many people are going to appear at their shindig next month, but they are...

Three women

We lost three women of accomplishment in the last week or so.

Anita O'Day was a jazz singer who played her voice like an instrument. She also lived a wild life, which she chronicled in her 1981 memoir High Times, Hard Times with tales of drug use (O'Day claimed that Billie Holiday found a very interesting anatomical place to shoot up), backstage life with traveling big bands, and parties at Lord Buckley's pad, where the dress code was nudity.

She was 87.


Sandy Sturges was the widow of writer-director Preston Sturges, who was perhaps the most original and distinctive comedy director ever, and who definitely invented the studio writer-director role for himself when he offered Paramount his latest screenplay for $1 – if they would let him direct. Sturges had just won an Oscar® for his last screenplay, so of course they took the offer. Which did not go unnoticed by Billy Wilder, another Paramount writer who was displeased by the writers-write-directors-direct situation that existed at the time.

She met Sturges at the Sunset Strip restaurant he ran, The Players, when she walked in to tell them their neon sign was sparking. She thought Sturges was a handyman. When he introduced himself, she didn't recognize the name. They were married on the stage of The Players, and had two children before his death in 1959. She accumulated his writings into a book, Preston Sturges by Preston Sturges, which was released in 1990. She also maintained the official Preston Sturges website.

She was 79.


Betty Comden was half of the writing team of Comden and Green, and was assured immortality in 1952 with the release of Singin' In The Rain, taking stories from the M-G-M veterans who were there in the '20s when sound came in and weaving them into perhaps the best screen musical ever, which still holds up today. Comden and Green also wrote On The Town with Leonard Bernstein. They kept writing Broadway shows, adapting the film All About Eve into Applause and the mostly-forgotten John Barrymore-Carole Lombard film Twentieth Century into the stage musical On the Twentieth Century.

She was 89.


Jack Lawrence. If he didn't already have gay fans, this picture would probably get some for him.
Jack Lawrence: Gay guys' money is as good as anyone else's

I'm not sure how this qualifies as news, but Jack's a nice guy and so is Jason so what the hell. Straight male porn performer Jack Lawrence is okeydoke with having gay male fans, to the point that he is issuing press releases about it. He also is actively courting the gay-male audience, appearing at gay conventions and on gay-themed radio shows. And he also has Jason Sechrest for a publicist, which speaks for itself. Here's a press release from Jason right now, in fact:


Jack Lawrence embraces his gay fan base at JackLawrenceXXX.com.

(CHATSWORTH, CA) -- It's a whole new world these days over at JACK LAWRENCE's official web site, JackLawrenceXXX.com. The web site from the former police officer now boasts an extensive members section that includes hundreds of photos and video clips featuring the stud both in action with the ladies and solo as he shows off every inch of his body and "works it" on his own! There's also access to chat sessions with JACK, web cams including a constant "cock cam," scheduled live solo and duo sex shows and the stud's own private diary entries.

While some straight male porn performers stray away from their gay fan base, JACK LAWRENCE is the star who embraces it, having appeared on numerous gay talks shows and at gay conventions. "I wish other straight guys would open up and not be homophobic," says LAWRENCE. "It's really strange to me that guys who can get it up for a camera and a crew with a woman paid to be with them are not strong enough mentally to be okay with some gay guys worshiping them. Fans are fans, that's who pays for these movies, we owe every check to them, gay men buy a LOT of straight porn, believe me, I sell a lot of my movies directly through my website. The days of homophobia should have ended a long time ago. We all work in a Blue State, right?"

Lawrence continues, "There are literally hundreds of online groups for gay fans of straight performers yet none of the performers embrace them. I can't imagine how gay men must feel worshiping straight guys who never write back or even dislike them just because they're gay. I guess it was my many years living in the Castro, but I've always felt like I'm family despite the fact that I'm straight -- and I like that feeling!"

JackLawrenceXXX.com continues to grow with daily updates to the archives and more content for... well, everyone!

Olbermann ratings up, O'Reilly compiling enemies list

Looks like his Special Comments are bringing in the audiences. Then again, Alternet is looking for this kind of story. On the other hand – the far-right hand – Bill O'Reilly is sending out his researchers to find out the political affiliations of TV critics.

EPA libraries shutting down

I figure it's only a matter of time before the Ministry of Truth sets up shop.

Net Neutrality under fire again

The people who would two-track the Internet are at it again, this time going state-by-state to sneak legislation in. Have a look:

December 2, 2006

KSEX Radio coming soon to a TV set near you?

At last night's visit to the Internet radio station I was told that they were very close to setting up a reality-TV show on a major network or cable service (the company they're talking with runs both broadcast and cable services) so I would make sure I looked good at the KSEX Listeners' Choice Awards tonight if I were you.

See all this and more at Spearmint Rhino in Industry tonight and Columbus Ohio next week
Shy Love in Industry this weekend, Columbus next weekend

If Tarzana is way the hell out of your way and Industry is right around the corner, you're in luck. Shy Love is at the Spearmint Rhino tonight. And if you're in Ohio and getting to Tarzana tonight is physically impossible, Shy Love is coming to you next weekend, so you can make your plans now. Here's the release:

City of Industry & Columbus Get Sexified by SHY LOVE in a showcase of Striptease!

(Hollywood, CA) City of Industry and Columbus, sit up and take notice as the hardcore Latin Lovely, Shy Love, continues her successful featured dancing tour, hitting the two cities over the next two weeks!

Through December 2nd, Shy Love, Superstar of Sex, is headlining the City Of Industry's Spearmint Rhino in California, followed by a set of dates, Dec 5th-9th, at the Columbus Gold Club in Ohio! Everyone loves a brunette beauty with an incredible body, and Love is it! Fond of getting naked and displaying her perfection of 36C-24-34 in front of a live audience is what gets the hardcore fucker off!!

"It has been an amazing few years meeting and greeting all my fans," Noted Shy. "I just hope that they like to play because I am in the mood to be naughty and let loose. So come and get it!"

A busy girl, sexy Shy has recently rocked some scorching hot sex scenes, like her performance in 'Postcards From The Bed' (Visage Films), and has also released a masterstroke of hardcore with her directorial vision in 'Shy Love's Mass Destruction' from VCA.

For these appearances, Shy will have available some of her newest DVDs alongside of some of her 'must have hits' from her XXX catalog of fuck flix. Love will appear after each show to meet the fans, sign said DVDs, pose for Polaroids that every Shy fan should have!

Mark your calendar! Tonight at the Spearmint Rhino: City of Industry and Five nights at the Columbus Gold Club are not to be missed. Shy Love will strut her stuff on stage and show why she is one of the hottest stars in adult entertainment!

Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd
Shy Love @ Spearmint Rhino: City Of Industry
15411 East Valley Blvd.
City Of Industry, CA

Dec. 5th - 9th
Shy Love @ Columbus Gold Club
5411 Bethel Sawmill Center
Columbus, Ohio 43235

For more Shy Love, Please visit ShyLove.com & Myspace.com/ShyLovexxx

Do you know the way to San Jose? They do.
Wicked girls all over the map

The peripatetic contract performers of the Chatsworth-adjacent production company set their sights on San Jose, California; Houston, Texas and – wait for it – Helsinki, Finland as they crank up the publicity machine for the Adult Expo and January awards. Here's the info on the Texas and California appearances:

From San Jose To Houston, jessica, Carmen, Kaylani, And Kirsten
Kick Start A Wicked Weekend!


LOS ANGELES, CA - Canoga Park-based adult production company Wicked Pictures is kick starting December with two events designed to give San Jose, California and Houston, Texas area fans an up-close and personal taste of the kind of superstar glamour only Wicked contract personalities jessica drake, Carmen Hart, Kaylani Lei, and Kirsten Price can deliver.

Through December 2nd, Houston, Texas is hosting the Lone Star Pornutopia Weekend, sponsored in part by Wicked Pictures contract performer jessica drake, the in-demand megastar who's currently riding the crest of eight awards nominations and her successful guest appearance earlier this week on The Tyra Banks Show. Joining jessica at the show will be fellow Wicked contract sister Carmen Hart, herself a nominee for four awards, including Best Supporting Actress.

The Expo portion of the event will be held Friday from 4pm-8pm at the Holiday Inn Hobby Airport, 8611 Airport Blvd, Houston, Texas 77061. Friday evening will include special appearances by porn's elite at various Houston adult clubs, including Rick's Cabaret, Cover Girls, Splendor, and the Ritz. Saturday will feature more high octane debauchery, including a Purgatory Pajama Party and a Breast Augmentation Raffle to benefit breast cancer research, courtesy of noted doctor Gregory Albert, MD. and Club Summer Haze.

Meanwhile in San Jose, California, the massive 22,000 square foot Studio 8 megaclub at 8 S. 1st Street downtown will provide the backdrop for Porn Star from the creators of Pearl, Orange County's premier nightclub destination. This swank evening of ultra lounge revelry will feature Wicked superstars and 2007 awards nominees Kaylani Lei (Best Supporting Actress) and Kirsten Price (Best Actress, Best New Starlet), who both look forward to bringing a slice of Hollywood-style red carpet charisma to the Bay Area. The Pornstar revelry will be spread across multiple VIP areas on the main floor and mezzanine levels, where bottle service from impossibly attractive servers will be augmented by world-class DJs spinning house, hip-hop and the latest dance tracks. To make the fantasy complete, Pornstar will offer up some extracurricular San Jose eye candy in the form of go go dancers working the swanky crowds.

From Lone Star superstars to Big City rave scene stunners, jessica, Carmen, Kaylani, and Kirsten will deliver what excites you.

For more information, click here to visit Wicked Pictures' home on the web.

For more information on Studio 8, please visit www.studio8sj.com.

Stormy Daniels, working the red carpet last month at the Hollywood premiere of The Bliss. Photo courtesy Wicked Pictures.
And while her Wicked stablemates cavort in the States, performer/director Stormy Daniels gets out her passport and heads to Helsinki to press the flesh with her Finn fans.

Princess Of All Media STORMY DANIELS
Headlines "sEXHIBITION 2006" In Helsinki, Finland

2007 Awards Nominee Gets Her Wicked Game On For Her Finnish Fans!

Los Angeles, CA / Helsinki, FINLAND -- "The wicked things you do / Make me dream of you..." so starts the ominous chorus of "Wicked Game," the international hit from Finnish metal gods HIM. Until recently, Finland's exposure in American pop culture has been mostly limited to the Nordic country's renowned hard rock scene, which also boasts such internationally successful acts as Nightwish and Children of Bodom. But thanks in no small part to multiple 2007 awards nominee and Wicked Pictures contract personality Stormy Daniels, that's all about to change, as the blonde crossover celebrity is traveling to Helsinki to headline sEXHIBITION 2006, the nation's largest annual erotic fair, December 1st and 2nd.

Stormy will kick start the excitement this Friday, December 1st with several high profile radio interviews in Helsinki, including an appearance on National Finnish Radio. From there, she'll head out for two days of adults-only sEXHIBITION 2006 debauchery at the Ice Hall on Nordenskioldinkatu. The fair will feature topline talent from Finland and abroad, as well as an "anything goes" area for dancing, which has been an unqualified hit with the crowds at past sEXHIBITION events. The blonde megastar's presence at the show will include appearances at the Hustler booth each day, and both days of the show will conclude with official after-parties.

Taken as a whole, sEXHIBITION 2006 represents a great opportunity to party with one of porn's elite, and the timing couldn't be better, as the recent awards nominations have left Stormy in a particularly celebratory mood, thanks to a fistful of noms that speak to the richness and diversity of her talent, including Best Director - Video (for Gossip), Crossover Star Of The Year, Contract Star Of The Year, Best Actress - Video (for Taken), and Best Screenplay - Video (3 Wishes).

"Now I just wanna fall in lust..." so end the provocative lyrics to "Wicked Game," and its a sentiment Helsinki's male populace is certain to echo in the days and nights ahead, as the Hardest Working Princess In Show Business thaws the frozen north with her million-watt charisma.

For more information, please visit the official English language sEXHIBITION 2006 website http://www.sexhibition.fi/english.html and the show's official MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/sexhibitionfinland.

Click Here To Visit Stormy Daniels On The Web!

Historians starting to agree: Little Boots among worst presidents

Hold a good thought that the writer doesn't get arrested for thoughtcrime.

Paulina James
Hot body on display at L.A. Auto Show in Convention Center

How many times have you been to a trade show and seen the anonymous pretty model waving her arms like a model on The Price Is Right displaying a car or a computer or a piece of stereo equipment and asked yourself "Haven't I seen her someplace before...?" If you get that feeling at the Auto Show this weekend (or next weekend) you have. Have a look:

Paulina James appearing at the 2007 Los Angeles International Auto Show

Paulina James, the Adult Industry’s hottest rising star begins the end of 2006 with a bang, with an extended appearance at the 2007 Los Angeles auto show. Traditionally held in early January, the Los Angeles International Auto Show will now occur in late November. Since this year's November show is technically the second L.A. auto show of 2006, it's officially called the 2007 L.A. Auto Show.

“Growing up in Orange County, I’ve always admired the beautiful models at the Los Angeles International Auto show, having the chance to actually do it {participate in the show} is a dream come true.” Gushes Paulina,

She will be on hand December 3rd, 8th and 9th representing Super buy tires, their booth is located in Kentia Hall, for more information, please go to: http://www.laautoshow.com/show/.

The birthday girls
Kat, Avy Lee Roth set to Howl at the Moon Sunday night

The two porn performers get set to celebrate their birthdays at the CityWalk nightspot tomorrow night, and Kat is turning 21 so she has that whole first-legal-drinks thing going.

To: The Industry Media & Fans
From: Kat and Howl at the Moon

THIS SUNDAY December 3 adult star Kat will be turning 21 and she will be celebrating her 21st b-day at “Howl at the Moon” at City Walk in Universal City. Besides celebrating her 21st b-day Kat will also be celebrating her 2 AVN Nominations. But the party gets bigger! Kat’s friend Avy Lee Roth, whose birthday is 2 days prior, will also be in attendance to celebrate her birthday! And the there’s more….. Howl at the Moon is also inviting the attendees of the KSEX Awards to come party too! This is going to be 1 nigh of epic proportions! The managers of Howl at the Moon are excited about this night as every week you can always run into someone from the industry partying it up at Howl at the Moon but on December 3 there will be 4 BIG reasons why to attend! Also, Sunday nights at Howl at the Moon are 3-for-1 drinks. So if you buy 1 drink you can get 2 more FOR FREE! There will also be birthday specials on drinks going on all night long and the birthday girls would love for the media to attend and cover this event!

So once again here is the info:

Kat’s 21st birthday
Avy Lee Roth’s birthday
Open invite for KSEX Awards after party

Sunday December 3, 2006
Howl at the Moon at Universal CityWalk
Closest parking is in the Jurassic Parking structure, or Valet Parking (approach from Cahuenga) is only $3
9pm – 2am

Taboo 4 now available

The fourth in the groundbreaking series of movies – yes, movies, shot on film and meant to be seen in theatres – hits DVD with commentary tracks, stills that have been in archives for over 20 years, and if the historical interest isn't enough for you how about a look at veteran stars like Ginger Lynn, Joey Silvera and John Leslie early in their careers? To say nothing of Karen Summers, who has faded from general memory but made an indelible impression on those of us who saw her. Here's the news:

Standard Digital Releases Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series Edition of Taboo 4 to a Ready Classic Audience

TARZANA, Calif. — Bringing the fourth volume of X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Famer Kirdy Stevens' ground breaking Taboo series to new and old fans alike, Standard Digital presents the remastered film with never-before-seen extras.

Featuring notable adult performers Karen Summers, Honey Wilder, Kay Parker, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, John Leslie, Kevin James and Mike Ranger, Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 4, on store shelves now, also stars XXX superstar Ginger Lynn. The title introduces a new family – Gillis, Lynn and Summers – to the plotline, while continuing the Wilder/Ranger thread begun in Taboo 2.

Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 4 features commentary tracks from Lynn, Stevens and Taboo 4 screenwriter and producer Helene Terrie, as well as art on the cover and its metallic-covered slipcase not seen since the movie's opening in 1985. The gallery of stills from the classic film featured on the disc, culled from Standard Digital's archives, has also not been seen for over 20 years.

"Working on the Taboo series was something very special to my father and I'm proud to be able to bring the DVDs closer to the original theatrical experience that any previous edition," Standard Digital President and Kirdy Stevens' son Steve Stevens said. "While most adult movies shot today aren't meant to be seen on a big screen, the Taboo series was shot for a theater. The Kirdy Stevens Signature Series edition of Taboo 4 brings that experience to those that remember seeing it in a movie house and to those who've just discovered that plots and porn can come together."

Jon Islas, general manager of Standard Digital's exclusive distributor Addictive Entertainment, said Taboo 4 and previous volumes released under the Kirdy Stevens Signature Series edition have done amazingly well.

"In a time when DVD sales are down, Taboo's numbers are through the roof," he added. "It is a tribute to Taboo's production crew and stars that the these movies remain so amazingly popular."

For more information about the award-winning Taboo series from Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens, distributors may contact Jon at jon (at) addictednow.com.

December 1, 2006

Courtney Cummz fetes quarter-century tonite in Tinseltown

The performer sets up a soirée in oh-so-trendy LAX nightclub (some 13 miles from its airport namesake) and look around, you never know, Paris-and-Britney may show up looking for a little work (Unless they're holding out for a Vivid contract).

COURTNEY CUMMZ Celebrates 25th Birthday in Style with a Hot Hollywood Party!

(Hollywood, CA) Hardcore cutie, Courtney Cummz is ready to rock Hollywood this Friday night! A Birthday bash for the beautiful blonde will take place at trendy hotspot, LAX!

Dec 1st will be a night to remember as Zero Tolerance Contact Superstar, Courtney Cummz and friends revel in style. Dancing, Partying and blowing out the candles are in store for Courtney's 25th. The invite list includes Porn's most prolific performers including Eva Angelina, Jenna Presley, Jenaveve Jolie, Jada Fire, Katja Kassin and many more beautiful babes, most of which have starred in Courtney's Movies.

The club, LAX, has been featured in Mainstream Celebrity magazines such as US, People, In Style Magazines and is the choice place for Hollywood hipsters. Fitting that one of Porn's most popular girls kick start her 25th year there.

The busy beauty is ready to blow off some steam as she has been working non-stop lately. Courtney has been on the road signing and making appearances, promoting Zero Tolerance and shooting her third directorial movie for ZT this week.

With Courtney bringing her larger than life personality to the Hollywood Nightlife Scene, Friday at LAX is going is the place to be!

Dec. 1st
Courtney Cummz 25th Birthday Party @ LAX
1714 Las Palmas Ave Los Angeles, CA 90028

For more Courtney Cummz, Please visit www.CourtneyCummz.com & Myspace.com/CourtneyCummz4u
Zero Tolerance's website is http://ztod.com

Sunny Lane scores Genesis cover

The bright-eyed starlet is adding her charms to the cover of the January Genesis, plus the centerfold, available on newsstands next Tuesday just in time to get a copy and head over to PSK in hopes that she'll be there to sign it.

Sunny Start to 2007
Cover Girl Sunny Lane rings in the new year with Genesis Magazine

(Chatsworth, CA) Adult superstar Sunny Lane has been brightening the days of porn-loving fans throughout 2006. She shows no signs of slowing down in the New Year. She graces the cover of the January 2007 issue of Genesis magazine and is also featured as the centerfold. Coming on the heels of her 5 individual AVN awards nominations including female performer, best actress and best solo sex scene for “Cousin Stevie’s Pussy Party 15: Unwrapped,” this promises to carry over the ‘06 momentum into the New Year.

Genesis Editor-In-Chief Dan Davis is thrilled to have Sunny for the January issue. "It's great finally having Sunny on our cover. We've been waiting for just the right shot that showcases her natural beauty, so when this one presented itself, it was a no-brainer!" He is certain that having one of the hottest stars in adult is the perfect way to kick off 2007. "We've been watching Sunny's career soar since she first came into the biz, so it's great adding her name to the ever-growing list of adult superstars who have appeared on our cover."

The January issue of Genesis will be available world-wide and goes on sale this Tuesday.

You can hear Sunny every Wednesday from 7pm-9pm on KSEXradio.com

Uh, yeah...

Right-wing nutbird Dennis Prager is railing against new Congressman Keith Ellison, a Muslim, because of Ellison's statement that he intends to take the oath of office with his hand on a Koran, not a Bible.

One tiny problem: No book of any kind is used when members of Congress are sworn in, usually in a group, at the opening session of a new Congress. The oath is administered by the Speaker, who has just been selected. Members raise one hand, and are free to put their other hand on a Bible, a Koran, or a copy of Mad magazine. Here's a recent government document covering that very topic: http://www.rules.house.gov/archives/RL30725.pdf

The right-wing nutbirds were decisively defeated at the polls, so in desperation they're making shit up. Don't fall for it.

Would you buy a sex toy from this woman?
Monica Mayhem inks Pipedream dildo deal

The Sydney-born performer signs to endorse products from Pipedream, and there's a joke to be made about "down under" but it isn't coming to me right now, so whatever occurs to you go with that.


Chatsworth, CA - Pipedream Products, a leading producer and innovator of adult toys and novelties, is proud to announce the signing of Monica Mayhem (www.monicamayhem.com) to an exclusive endorsement deal. Monica Mayhem is an Australian-Welsh beauty hailing from Sydney, in the “land down under.” Her exotic good looks and intense sex scenes quickly propelled her to porn stardom as well as making her the biggest Australian porn star ever. Ms. Mayhem has appeared in over 300 adult movies and magazines, received numerous adult industry awards, and appeared in music videos and mainstream movies, and on television.

“I could not have found a better deal than with Pipedream Products,” exclaimed Ms. Mayhem. “They make me feel like I am part of the Pipedream family. As part of our deal, I’ll have creative input on all my toys. I wouldn't want to attach my name to any product that I personally haven't tried and tested. Pipedream is a great company, and I'm looking forward to working with them for a long time.”

“We are very enthusiastic to have Monica join the Pipedream family,” stated Nick Orlandino, owner of Pipedream Products. “Monica has established herself as a world renowned porn star with a vivacious personality and strong work ethic. She shares the same commitment to quality that we have. We look forward to a long relationship between Monica Mayhem and Pipedream Products.”

Named one of the “Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Los Angeles County” four years running by the LA Business Journal, Pipedream is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of adult gifts and novelties in the world. Their current lineup includes Seymore Butts, Ron Jeremy, Sean Michaels, Cindy Crawford, Hannah Harper, Monica Sweetheart, Pussyman, Playgirl, LVNI and Legend, in addition to their own extensive, time–tested lines.

If I get a 2257 on the tree I can show the rest of the pictures
Poetry in two words

A lot of press releases come to the tod-hunter.net inbox, so when one stands out, it has to be pretty good. Take a look at the end of the headline: "Sechrest's out!" On its surface, it just says that Jason Sechrest is out touring. But add to that Jason's overt bisexuality (He's been "out" for some time) and the fact that is-you-is-or-is-you-ain't-gay mainstream performer Ryan Seacrest has been using "Seacrest, out" as a signoff for some time now, you can see how impressive those two well-selected words are. Here is the entire CAPS and links-filled repease:


Booked solid for 5 1/2 weeks, Jason Sechrest is hitting the road with a slew of personal appearances and hosting gigs.

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- Talk show host and nightclub emcee JASON SECHREST is hitting the road for the holidays this year with some promotional appearances that might be in your neck of the woods.

SECHREST kicks off what he's calling his "Hoes For The Holidays Tour" this Saturday, December 2nd, performing a musical number live at The Listener's Choice Awards in Los Angeles, where he is also nominated for his weekly live web talk show, "The Young & the Curious."

The following week, from Friday, December 8th - Monday, December 11th, SECHREST will serve as one of the VIP Hosts on The RentBoy.com Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, interviewing the porn stars and escorts aboard the ship for broadcast on the straight and gay adult mega-site he hosts, JasonCurious.com.

On Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th, SECHREST will take to the stage hosting The Gay Erotic Expo in New York City.

SECHREST will return to his hometown and birth place of Columbus, Indiana for the holidays for the first time in four years from December 21st - 27th, followed by a family reunion in Phoenix, Arizona from the 28th - 1st. Interested in booking an appearance while Jason's in the area? Email jason (at) jasoncurious.com.

Finally, he'll appear live on KSEXradio.com throughout the Adult Entertainment Expo , as the one host bringing both straight and gay porn stars to the air, from Thursday, January 11th - Saturday, January 13th.

Additionally, SECHREST will continue "The X Show" at RAGE in West Hollywood throughout December, flying back to host the weekly event every Tuesday night from 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm. This month's guests include Falcon Exclusive ROMAN HEART and television and radio host SAM PHILLIPS on the 5th, followed by gay porn super studs BILLY BRANDT and STONIE alongside their uber-manager DAVID FOREST on the 12th, and finally muscle hunk CAESAR and performer/director legend CHRIS STEELE on the 19th.

For photos and video from all events, stay tuned to: www.JasonCurious.com

The Friday Digital Playground trailer is back!

The classics never get old, do they? Digital Playground's latest go-round from the fecund Robby D. is a new entry in the Control line, which he told me last Adult Expo was a line where he could do anything he wanted. It looks good (You oughta see the stills. Wow.) and is available now, unlike some times when the trailer is a teaser for a DVD to be released in a couple of weeks. Read it and click:


Digital Playground is very pleased to announce their newest contract star, Shay Jordan™ in her first feature role. Starring in director Robby D's, "Control 4," alongside Sasha Grey, Shay Jordan™ lights up the screen. A powerfully erotic tryst with Scott Nails launches Shay into a league of her own. With over 3 hours of footage and 9 scenes, "Control 4" contains slammin' anal, slippery-wet pussy fucks, juicy blow-jobs with stringers, lots of face fucking and orgasm-inducing tease is intertwined throughout. In line with previous volumes, "Control 4" offers more decadent, delicious fuck, more hot girls more slammin' sex than anything on the market. A culmination of Robby D's incomparable experience, knowledge and talent, "Control" follows no rules and no guidelines and as a result it knows no bounds.

Screener copies of the Control series have met rave reviews. DVD Talk writes, "The levels of strokability and replay, the quality of the ladies and technical values, and the sheer amount of tease and fuck for the buck was off the charts." Adult DVD Empire enjoyed Volume 3, "With brunettes and blondes, anal and non-anal scenes; hardcore action and soft-core teases; it's difficult not to find something to enjoy in Robby D's latest directorial effort. Adult DVD Now concurs stating, "I've seen thousands of adult movies in my career, and very few get my pulse going, but 'Control' is a different story. Each scene starts out as a big tease. The performers play hard to get, strutting their stuff, all the while luring you in. When they finally start interacting with each other, you are more than ready to watch, totally captivated by their erotic moves. The performers are gorgeous, as expected with any D.P. feature and the quality of the production is a perfect 10! And the sex, well, it's off the charts. This is a movie you won't want to miss."

Robby D. is proud of the series, "I have taken everything I've learned and gone back to basics. This series is about whatever is hot and horny. There's no rhyme and no reason; its only purpose is to get you off." Shay had a blast on the production. She says, "I love working for Robby D. and I have great chemistry with Scott. Our scene is amazing. This was so much fun to make and I could cum again just thinking about how hot it was. Yum!"

"Control 4" hit streets November 28th on DVD.

The video trailer for "Control 4," can be viewed and downloaded NOW

"Control" is always shot entirely on HD and offered in widescreen format with surround sound, motion chapter indexes, photo galleries, trailers and cum shot recaps. Digital Playground founder Joone is pleased. "Robby is a phenomenal director and an indispensable part of our production team. He's precise and articulate and he has spent years mastering his medium. "Control" reflects his artistry and imagery, Digital Playground's austere production values and hardcore, raincoater sex. It's hot and it's not clouded with innuendo or story."

Please direct all sales inquiries to Sue (at) DigitalPlayground.com or Peggy (at) DigitalPlayground.com

November 29, 2006

For God's sake, let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings...
Richard II, Act 3, Scene 2, Line 156-7

Has AVN jumped the shark?

I wonder. I have heard – as have we all – about production companies and talent pulling out of Adult Expo, most recently Mike South, and I personally know one performer who is leaving Las Vegas on Saturday night, after Adult Expo ends on Saturday afternoon, rather than stick around for the awards show and pay for another hotel night. I haven't attended the January awards in several years, and I like that (especially because I don't have to listen to The Garage Band From Hell) but it strikes me as colossally arrogant to hold the awards at Mandalay Bay, two-plus miles up the crowded Las Vegas Strip from the Venetian.

But let's look at something else: the latest Los Angeles magazine list of L.A.'s most influential people. There among Cardinal Mahony, Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger and Magic Johnson are Ron Braverman from Doc Johnson, L.A. Direct honcho Derek Hay, and Vivid chief Steve Hirsch. Nobody from AVN.

Maybe somebody at AVN pissed off Los Angeles magazine. AVN was also conspicuously absent from the recent article about Sasha Grey, which featured a half-page picture of Mark Spiegler and a look back at porn all the way back to the 1945 exploiter Mom and Dad, but only mentions AVN in passing near the end, in reference to the January awards, and adds this observation:

Imagine the editors of Variety choosing the Academy Award nominations – then handing out Oscars to the winners – and you have a pretty good idea of how much manipulation can go on behind the scenes during the run-up to the AVNs. Coincidentally or not, companies that advertise consistently in Adult Video News often take home awards in Las Vegas. Actresses trying to secure a nomination stop in to schmooze at the magazine's Chatsworth offices. A Spiegler client once presented dolls of herself to editors and writers. Another baked cookies.

I was there when the Best New Starlet candidate brought in the cookies. She won, too. Paul was incredulous: "She brought cookies?"

This is turning into an interesting story. In January, I'll be at Adult Expo and I'll see for myself. If it's full of people, that's news, and if it's empty, that's news too. Either way I'll cover it, and I'll try to be factual and not let my personal opinions overshadow my reportage.

A grim footnote for the movie Bobby

Alternet asks if there really wasn't a "lone gunman" at the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968.

KSEX Listeners' Choice awards kickoff tonight

The Wankus Show welcomes the performers for Saturday's show tonight at 7 pm Pacific time. Have a look:

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Star on KSEXradio Tonight
Layzie Bone Joins Wankus, Sunny Lane, comedian Adam Hunter & others to Promote this weekend’s Awards Show

WORLD WIDE WEB — With their 5th Annual Listeners’ Choice Awards [LCAs] only three days away, KSEXradio.com will meet their featured entertainer on the airwaves Wednesday night to pre-promote his upcoming performance. Wankus and Sunny Lane welcome Grammy Award winning Hip Hop star, Layzie Bone of the group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to this episode of their weekly show beginning at 7:00pm (Pacific). Bone will be joined by other special guests that include national comedian, Adam Hunter, adult stars Cassandra Cruz, Cage Fighter and Male Performer Dick Delaware as well as ‘Body Double’ hottie, Shelley Michelle, who will debut her latest musical contribution, “Jane Blonde.” Also with his porn pick of the week, well known porn review expert, Roger T. Pipe from RogReviews.com will be on the show as well.

“It’s already a hectic week as we’re getting ready for our big party at Paladino’s Club this coming Saturday night,” Wankus claimed. “But this is gonna be a full house of big name stars offering a little bit of every variety from Hip Hop to Comedy to UFC Fighting to Porn Reviews to down right sexiness!”

Pink Visual Productions
is this year’s Executive Sponsor of the LCAs which is expected to sell out with a good mix of today’s porn stars, porn fans, hip hop fans and members of the adult industry. NOTE: Only KSEX Staff Members, event sponsors and pre-approved members of the press will be “Comped” tickets as all other attendees will pay between $10 and $35 per ticket. Tickets can be purchased [recommended] on the KSEXradio.com website up until Friday night at 6:00pm. As Wankus gracefully put it, “Layzie ain’t givin’ me a discount on performing in the show folks...so stop bein’ a cheap bastid and cough up a couple of bucks for an awesome night of music with a house full of babes!”

The LCAs will be hosted by elite megastar Sunset Thomas and aside from Layzie, the night will feature musical performances by national R&B/Hip Hop recording artists Slapbak who are making their second LCA appearance. And count on well known personalities presenting awards and being a part of the show in many ways.

Other sponsors of the 2006 LCAs include Pink TV, Softcore Film Casting Agent Robert Lombard of Creative Image Management, GENESIS Magazine, AdultFYI.com and Cum Kleen Personal Wipes, with XFANZ.com representing as the OFFICIAL Media Sponsor.

Stars wishing to walk the red carpet for photos and interviews should be aware that the evening begins EARLY as the press line opens at 6:30PM with dinner served at 7:00pm and the actual show is set to start at 8:00PM. Adult performers and Hollywood’s elite scheduled to attend include Tyler Faith, Mika Tan, Taylor Wane, Nikki Benz, Lexi Lamour, Layla Jade, Mia Smiles, Rebecca Love, Dave Navarro, Monica Mayhem, Kinzie Kenner, Ashley Steele and Cleopatra of the Nile, just to name a few and ABC News/Nightline will also be in attendance, covering the party for an upcoming special featuring fast-rising star Sunny Lane.

WHERE: PALADINO’S CLUB, 6101 Reseda Blvd., Tarzana, CA 91335

WHEN: Saturday, December 2, 2006

Doors Open at 6:00PM, Red Carpet/Press at 6:30PM, Dinner is Served at 7:00PM, The LCAs begin at 8:00PM

TICKETS: $35 ea. VIP TIX (Includes reserved seats and dinner)
$10 ea. for General Admission.

DRESS: Smart and/or Sexy (Avoid jeans and sneakers—black jeans “okay”)

BUY TIXXX – http://www.ksexradio.com/buy_lca_tickets.html

AGE: All attendees must be 21 years of age or older.

OTHER: This event is being recorded for DVD release. Anyone attending the event MAY appear in the final production. By entering the premises of Paladino’s on Saturday night, all members of the audience release the rights to their likeness, image, voice, etc.


Layzie Bone tonight at 7:00 (Pacific) on The Wanker Show then again in person, LIVE on STAGE at the 2006 KSEXradio.com Listeners’ Choice Awards--THIS SATURDAY night at Paladino's Club in Tarzana.

See you there!!

Like father, like daughters

Looks like Our Esteemed President's daughters are following in daddy's little bootsteps, being asked to leave Argentina after a whirlwind tour that seems to have included alleged naked romps in hotel hallways.

Looks like Stepford daughter Barbara split from Argentina and party-hardy Jenna will stay on, continuing the alleged family tradition of alcoholic and other excesses. Without the pinch-faced frump to cramp her style, look for reports of Jenna doing a Clara Bow with a soccer team.

Supreme Court sides with Little Boots against First Amendment

An unsigned one-sentence Supreme Court ruling will let the White House look through the previously-considered-sacrosanct private records of the New York Times.

And it looks like Newt Gingrich doesn't like it much either

The former Speaker of the House takes issue with free speech, pulling out the terrorism boogeyman and saying that because terrorists may take advantage of free speech, that means that it has to be curtailed for everybody.

Here's Hoffmania's take on it: http://www.hoffmania.com/blog/2006/11/next.html and note Harry Shearer's postscript.

Jason Sechrest, sitting still for a change
Jason Sechrest ready to take on new clients

The indefatigable PR rep/writer/actor/KSEX porn-jock/chimneysweep has actually carved some time out of his schedule to take on new clients, and seeing as Jason bestrides the worlds of gay porn, straight porn, and mainstream like a three-legged colossus, whatever you're doing he can probably rep you. Here's the – surprise surprise – press release:

Nominated for a 2006 West Hollywood Award in the Business category, Jason Sechrest takes on new PR clients for the first time in over two years.

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- This month, one of many branches to JASON SECHREST's company, DV8 Entertainment, the five-year old promotions division, DV8 Public Relations, was nominated for a 2006 West Hollywood Award... in the category of Best New Business. Strange for a company that has been around so long, but not surprising as SECHREST has recently begun adding new clients to his roster for the first time in over two years.

"There's a few friends who I continued promoting over the past couple of years just because I love them, but for the most part I have been too busy to take on any new clients," says SECHREST. "But there's a need for it now. I have a lot of performers, directors and companies coming to me saying they need someone who they can actually afford who has connections to both adult media like AVN, GayVN, Adult FYI, J.C. Adams, Mark Adams, etc. as well as connections to mainstream media like Details magazine or FLAUNT, Maxim, The Howard Stern Show, Tyra -- the works! So, why not? I'm back! Like Liza after a bad divorce and some knee surgery, I am back."

DV8 Public Relations repped NICK MANNING and JENNA HAZE the year they won their Best Newcomer Awards, as well as BRET WOLFE the year he won more awards than any other gay porn newcomer in history! DV8 P.R. has also handled the likes of industry legends BRITTANY ANDREWS, GINGER LYNN, and many more. He currently handles publicity for straight male porn stud JACK LAWRENCE, tranny porn performer/producer ALLANAH STARR, gay porn newcomer KYLE FOXXX, gangbang legend LISA SPARXXX and Barely Legal directrix ERICA McLEAN.

To contact JASON SECHREST for more information about his services, e-mail jason (at) jasoncurious.com.

Keith Olbermann has MSNBC right where he wants them

The veteran broadcaster, who worked at KTLA back in the '80s (I remember walking past him as he was entering the KTLA lot for the 10 o'clock news and I was leaving after a day of work at the game show – neither one of us merited a drive-on pass), has ridden his current show, Countdown, to substantial ratings increases just in time for contract renewal with MSNBC. Good for him. Especially because every success of Olbermann's pisses off Bill O'Reilly just a little bit more.

XFanz party rakes in coin for ASACP, FSC

The XFanz party at Dragonfly earlier this month raised money for the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection and the Free Speech Coalition as the new kids on the porn-reportage block make a splash. Here's the latest information from the Wilshire district:


(Los Angeles, CA) XFANZ first month kicked into high gear November 15th with XFANZ Rocks Burlesque, a star-studded launch party at the Dragonfly, where hundreds of adult industry elite and fans joined in the charitable festivities. XFANZ first event was a stunning success and raised thousands of dollars for ASACP (Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection) and FSC (Free Speech Coalition).

XFANZ sincerely thanks all of its performers, including Sunny Lane, Jenna Presley, Lisa Ann, Adonna Vichet, Dave Navarro and The Panic Channel, Kurt Lockwood and PCP, plus comedians Rick Overton, Michael Gelbart and Skippy Green, for entertaining the fans with rockin’ performances that packed the Dragonfly. Their participation helped guarantee that significant proceeds would be collected at the door.

“This could have been just another promotional event," said ASACP Executive Director Joan Irvine,” but XFANZ stepped up and made sure it would also benefit ASACP and FSC. So the industry came out to support us, the fans had a great time, and everybody benefited. We’re grateful that XFANZ thought of us – and that they really know how to throw a party!”

Michelle Freridge, Free Speech Coalition outgoing Executive Director, was thrilled, commenting, “We want to thank XFANZ for putting on a wonderful event that raised funds and awareness about the services we provide. Each company has immense ability to impact change through participation in events like this."

“On behalf of XFANZ, I want to thank all of our sponsors, Sex Search, Matt’s Model’s, Evil Angel, Adam & Eve, Hustler, Digital Playground, Fleshlight, Pink Visual, Cal Exotics and Hush Hush, for their contributions and support,” commented XFANZ Director of Public relations Dusty Marie. “Everyone I’ve spoken with had a wonderful time, plus the money raised goes to charity! I can’t imagine a better outcome to the night!”

November 22, 2006

Good times, bad singing at PSK

I saw Sunny Lane walking in as I tried to find a parking space at Sardo's last night. Steve Nelson of AINews was at his usual outside-the-front-door position, and we chatted for a moment with Shannon Kelly, who showed off her bottom-of-the-foot flames tattoo, which gave me the willies just looking at it... Inside, Ric Williams was sitting on the platform. He asked me to join him, and I took him up on it... Waitress Angie sees me, asks if I want a Diet Coke. Yes... Some guy is beating the crap out of Run To The Hills. Jeez, I miss Tim Case. He used to tear it up on that one. Burbank's loss is Ohio's gain... Guest Of Honor April Storm is sitting at the middle table, by the sign that says RESERVED FOR APRIL. There's another sign in the middle booth.... I walk over to pay my respects to April, and give her a small going-away gift. She hugs me, saying "I promised myself I wasn't going to cry," and she is not crying, but I'm not sure how long that's gonna last... Roy Karch walks up, says "Two words: Robert Altman." The veteran director's death has hit us both, even though the guy was 81. We toast to his memory... A moment later, Roy tells me of a review of his vintage production Cagney and Stacey that said Stacey Donovan played Stacey and the part of James Cagney was played by Erica Boyer. James Cagney. I almost shot Diet Coke out my nose... Lexi Lamour and Ethan Cage roll in, smiling, "We just re-enacted the Michael Richards incident with Flexxx at KSEX"... Tee Reel...
The lady of the evening. No, that doesn't sound right. The guest of honor.
Lexi Lamour, Carmen Hart. Note the Sharpie, kept handy for instant access.
Wicked Pictures contract performer Carmen Hart is on the platform with us... The sponsorship tonight is split between Black Widow, Wicked Pictures, a goodbye to April and maybe the local Jack In The Box... Dave from Rhino Records is here, which he points out to me after I say he works for Warner Bros. Records. Oops... Tee Reel... The singing is less than ideal tonight. Way less than ideal. Maybe too much booze... Tommy Gunn, all smiles as he walks by... Wayne Hentai. He wants to say hi to April, I point her out... Jen from Lighthouse Entertainment and Konnie take the mic and turn the bad-singing trend around. My ears unclench... April follows up with Gretchen Wilson's Here for the Party. She's enjoying this... Kristin hands out porn vids and posters, which Carmen autographs with a flourish with a Sharpie she keeps down the front of her shirt... When Kristin waves a DVD around, saying "People pay $20 for these," Wayne looks at me. "People pay for porn?" he asks. "They don't just call and say 'Send me one'?"... Two guys take on a Backstreet Boys song, re-inventing eccentric dancing at the same time... A moment later, Kristin belts out Orange Colored Sky, which just gets better every time. When Kristin is singing Orange Colored Sky, everything is perfect for three minutes.... Noplace to go after that. I say a sloppy-sentimental farewell to April — as if I won't be seeing her in Vegas at Adult Expo in about six weeks...

PSK carries on every Tuesday night at Sardo's in Burbank, freeway-accessible from the 134 at 259 N. Pass Avenue.

You're gonna do it anyway

A group is suggesting that people make it a point to have an orgasm for peace on December 22, at the time of the Winter Solstice. I don't know about you, but I am willing to make this sacrifice for world peace.

Adultcon adds third day for Spring 2007 show

The local adult show is expanding to a third day for the next installment, set for March of next year, and the hours are expanding as well, going to 10 pm Friday and Saturday. Have a look at the latest info:

Adultcon Celebrates 2007 by expanding to a 3-day show

Adultcon, the convention that has become a Mecca for fans of adult entertainment, will be expanding to 3 days and longer hours. The dates are Friday, March 23rd 4pm-10pm, Saturday, March 24th 1pm-10pm & Sunday, March 25th 1pm-6pm, 2007.

Talent booths are still only $150 & can be split with other talent making the booth only $25 per day per talent.

Agent Booths are only $150 & are for agencies to showcase their talent all in one place & at once. Adultcon is the place for agents to have their talent appear as “one-stop go-see”.

Company booths start at $900 and are for adult companies who want to capitalize on showcasing their brand to over 12,000 active adult consumers

Adultcon customers are demanding more unique choices of adult products and are spending more per capita with each consecutive convention.

For the fans, Adultcon continues their popular policy of admitting fans free on Saturday and Sunday if they pay on Friday. The $35 admission is an automatic 3-day admission pass & includes a free $5.00 Adultcon poker chip to spend in the show, a free collectible Adultcon calendar, a free embroidered shirt (not just T-shirts) or cap, free admission to the post-parties, a free $5 card to use toward online movies from Hot Movies & a free DVD from Pink Visuals. The free official Adultcon post-parties will be at Rio Gentlemen’s club on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights.

Adultcon is proud to have Xbiz as the official media sponsor.

Show details www.Adultcon.com

Contact is at info (at) Adultcon.com

Adultcon is produced by Live Entertainment.

The Adultcon brand is a lifestyle providing live adult events for those demanding live, in-your-face entertainment via live interaction with their favorite porn stars.

Robert Altman, 1925-2006. AP photo.
November 21, 2006

God damn it

Robert Altman died this morning.

A groundbreaking director, Altman came out of television and had his first major big-screen success with M.A.S.H. in 1970, and I remember grabbing my friends and heading out to the Bruin Theatre in Westwood and paying a premium $2.50 to sit in the front row and watch the insanity of what we all knew damn well was Vietnam even if it was set in Korea. It was a liberating, exhilarating experience to watch that movie, especially back then. (Watch it now, and you have to try to forget that homogenized Alan Alda show. We didn't have that problem in 1970.)

He discovered Shelley Duvall, he revolutionized sound recording in movies with his eight-track recording system (he was so hot that Columbia Pictures bankrolled a film, California Split, so he could try it out), he encouraged improvisation among his actors, and – perhaps most importantly – kept working steadily as a director.

A look at his IMDB list shows a remarkable list of films, including A Wedding, 3 Women, The Long Goodbye, his 1988 TV version of The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial (which he cast with young guys instead of the middle-aged actors who usually get those parts), the hallucinatory Images (which I saw eight times before I finally figured out what the hell was going on – I was young and overwhelmed by Susannah York) and Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson, which he audaciously shot in sepia-tone.

He finally got a Life Achievement Oscar® last year, a day late and a dollar short if you ask me, but Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant never won Oscars® in competition either, so he was in good company.

He was 81.


April Storm
April in November

Crack publicist April Storm is hitting the road to the east, in a city to be named, maybe never, but she is going out in style, at PSK tonight. A good time is bound to be had by all. Tip one for Robert Altman.

When: Tuesday, November 20, 2006

Where: SARDOS – 259 N. Pass Ave, Burbank, CA

Phone: 818-846-8126

Why: To have a good time and send Miss April Storm back East in grand Porn Valley style.

Hope to see you there!

About April Storm:

April Storm has been a staple in the porn world and Porn Valley for nearly a decade. While the former will remain true, her status as a West Coast girl will soon be changing. April is currently in charge of public relations for Pure Play Media and has worked closely with industry icon Seymore Butts, even gaining some notoriety for her on-screen appearances in his Showtime hit series "Family Business." She will continue to work in the business, but will do so from her new home back east.

To say thank you to all of her friends and colleagues, April is having a small going away party on Tuesday November 21 at PSK.

Come on out to Sardo's, the home of Porn Star Karaoke and the club voted ”Best of Burbank #1 Night Spot/Club.” It is always a packed house, so it is recommended that you call ahead for a table.

Little Boots goes to Vietnam, finally

You'd think that the guy could have actually done something besides hide in his hotel, especially when another President showed how to do it six years ago:

The place to be
Private signs on to XBiz Hollywood Conference

The February conference scores a major coup by getting support from the international porn company in a sponsorship position. Good for them. I personally learned a lot at the July Webmaster conference in Las Vegas, and I look forward to the February conference. Here's the latest:

Private Media to Sponsor XBIZ Industry Conference

LOS ANGELES – Private Media Group is the latest adult entertainment company to sign on as a corporate sponsor for the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, taking place Feb. 7-8 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif.

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Private Media is one of the largest adult conglomerates in the industry, comprising a DVD division, video-on-demand services, IPTV and mobile offerings and products ranging from condoms to energy drinks.

Helmed by Berth Milton Jr., Private Media joins a growing list of adult companies throwing their weight behind the upcoming XBIZ conference.

“Private Media is an undisputed leader in the adult industry and we are honored to have them as such a prominent sponsor,” XBIZ Sales Manager Kristen Kaye said. “They have a lot of exciting things in store for attendees at the conference. See you all there!”

Earlier this month, Private Media became the latest ASACP corporate sponsor, joining an ever-growing list of adult entertainment companies working to stop the spread of child pornography online.

For registration information, please visit the XBIZ Hollywood Industry Conference website.

Fox "News" pays $2 million to terrorists?

Popped out a suitcase fulla cash to ransom their kidnapped newspeople, it says here.

Can't bust 'em
Sex Z stands behind Corruption

The producers of the controversial four-hour vid offer legal protection to anybody busted or indicted for selling the video. There is a whiff of William Castle-style ballyhoo here – Castle was notorious for his stunts, like taking out a $1000 insurance policy for anyone who died of fright at his 1958 film Macabre, or installing buzzers in selected seats to enhance the special effects in his The Tingler the next year – but there is a real service hidden in there for anybody who may be iffy about carrying the vid. Good for them. Here's the release:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) In a historically significant move, Sex Z Pictures is putting their resources where their Corruption is with an unprecedented offer that will reach to all fifty states, every city, every village and ultimately every American.  

“We strongly stand behind every store, distributor or website that sells our movie Corruption and we pledge that in the unlikely event that there is ever any type of legal indictment on the local, state or the federal level brought forth against any company selling this movie, we will be there from the beginning to the end providing the legal expertise of Paul Cambria and the money required to defend any potential prosecution to those companies who exercise their right to sell Corruption," stated Sex Z Pictures’ owner Bo Kenney.

Kenney was responding to allegations that some stores or distributors are resisting larger purchases of Corruption due to the harsh political and sexual nature of the movie.

From the moment Corruption was released this past September, the movie has been a lighting rod of discussion including amazing reviews, news stories and some critical attacks.  A firestorm of media attention has blanketed the movie creating measured amounts of apprehension for those interested in selling this major adult movie of the year contender.

“The story of Corruption was ripped directly from today’s headlines and it comments on the lives of some of our political leaders.  You only need to have watched CNN or Fox News over the past few years to understand what has been going on with some of our political and religious heads has provided an amazing amount of topics and storyline ideas on which Corruption is based”, Kenney remarks.

“We didn’t purposely go out and bring this attention onto ourselves.  It came from a number of sources including reviews and comments made by those who have seen the picture and of course from the movie itself.  We wanted to make a movie that would be considered the top picture of the year and Corruption has offered all that and more.

People should be able to sell a movie like Corruption to adults to view in the privacy of their homes without any risk.  To allay anyone’s fear, we are standing behind every company selling the movie one hundred percent by offering the expert legal guidance of Paul Cambria and his team of First Amendment attorneys in the very unlikely event that a prosecution attempt is made”, Kenney pledged.

Some might suggest that the very creation of Corruption was akin to waving a flag and asking for attention but that is hardly the truth. “No one has fought more First Amendment battles than we have over the years and I stand behind everything this country stands for and the right to tell this story”, Kenney proclaimed. “I believe Corruption would pass the Miller test”.

The Miller test was developed in the 1973 case Miller v. California. It has three parts:

•Whether the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the work, taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest,
•Whether the work depicts/describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions [1] specifically defined by applicable state law,
•Whether the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

The third condition is also known as the SLAPS test. The work is considered obscene only if all three conditions are satisfied.

With so much political scandal and intrigue found on a daily basis in newspapers, cable news shows and on the Internet, it is mind blowing that a movie could create so much controversy but Corruption has done what no other adult movie has done in many years.  It is making Americans think about what our political leaders are doing with the power we give them.

Companies can feel better knowing that Sex Z Pictures is standing behind their movies and their right to sell intellectually stimulating movies with sex that adults can choose to watch in the privacy of their homes.

Sex Z Pictures is an all-American company and Corruption is one hell of a movie.  Corruption is available in a Directors Cut, XXX and R version and has received 17 Adult Video News Award Nominations and the AVN Editor’s Choice designation.

To check out Corruption visit www.corruptionmovie.com  

Devon. You don't usually get that good a look at her tattoo.
November 17, 2006

Devon's back, and she's on the radio tonight

The diminutive cutie, recently signed to Shane's World, will be talking with Christy and Ginger on their afternoon talk show on Sirius channel 198. Don't have a Sirius radio? Check Sirius.com for online listening.

Devon to Appear on Playboy’s Night Calls Today

LOS ANGELES — Shane’s World contract superstar Devon is set to appear on Playboy Radio’s Night Calls program this afternoon, Friday, Nov. 17. Hosts Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn will welcome the blonde bombshell, who is returning to the adult business following a year-long break.

“I’m really pleased at how I’ve been welcomed back into the industry,” Devon said. “This is all so exciting. I really look forward to seeing Christy and Ginger and I can only imagine where the conversation will lead us!”

Night Calls is broadcast live on SIRIUS Radio’s on Playboy Radio channel 198, between 4 pm and 7 pm (PST). Visit playboyradio.com for more information.

Listeners can call in to the show by dialing 877.205.9796.

Devon directs and performs b/g exclusively for Shane’s World Studios.

Release party/Demi Delia birthday party at Aura tonight

Randy Spears is throwing a release party for his new video/birthday party for his wife Demi Delia tonight at Aura. Have a look.


Los Angeles, CA - Wicked Pictures contract star Randy Spears is celebrating both the release of his directorial debut for the company, Naked Illusions, and the birthday of his lovely wife, popular adult star Demi Delia, with a special party this Friday, November 17th, at Aura in Studio City. These two industry insiders warmly invite their peers and fans to join them for an evening of sophisticated debauchery at one of the San Fernando Valley's hottest clubs.

An upscale nightclub located minutes from Hollywood in the heart of Studio City at 12215 Ventura Boulevard, Aura rarely fails to attract members of the Hollywood elite. Bruce Willis, Dr. Dre, Ashlee Simpson, Misca Barton, Tommy Lee, and Warren Beatty are just a few of the luminaries who've enjoyed the club's posh ambience since it opened just two years ago.

So make a date this Friday with Demi and Randy, and watch as your winter doldrums evanesce in the chic atmosphere that Aura provides.

Tyler Faith, doing her inchworm move

First Lady of KSEX at Van Nuys Rhino tonight, tomorrow

Tyler Faith will be appearing at the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys tonight and tomorrow, which means you can see her without schlepping out to the City of Industry like I had to a while ago.

XXX Superstar to appear at Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino this Weekend 

VAN NUYS, CA – After stints in Miami, New York, Rhode Island and Boston, southern California fans of XXX Superstar, Tyler Faith can finally see her live and in person tonight, tomorrow and Saturday night at the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys.

“It’s so nice to perform in my own back yard,” Faith said. “I love traveling and meeting the fans around the country but there’s something to be said about just loading the car and meeting the fans locally.”

Aside from her nationally award winning show, Faith will also be on hand for private dances, offering her latest DVDs, Polaroids and autographed posters.

The Rhino has Faith slotted for two shows tonight (10 and 12am), three shows on Friday and two shows on Saturday night. The Van Nuys Rhino is located at 15004 Oxnard Street in Van Nuys.

Upcoming appearances for Tyler Faith include December 2nd at the KSEX Listeners’ Choice Awards in Tarzana, Mid-December, at the Rhino in Downtown Los Angeles and Christmas Eve at Alex’s in Boston.

Dr. Suzy's back

After her recent bout with illness, Dr. Susan Block is having another get-together at her downtown speakeasy. I can't attend due to a previous engagement, so please give her my best regards.

It's Coming Up on Thanksgiving, So...

Time to Give Thanks for Life & Love, Science & Sex, Democracy & Debauchery!

Time to Get Back in the Sack with Dr. Suzy For a Happy Squirting Spanksgiving ! Click Here to See Some of Our Fabulous Feature Guests

This Saturday night, November 18th ~ Doors Open @ 9:30 pm ~ Show starts @ 10:30 pm ~ After-Party After Midnight @ Dr. Suzy's Speakeasy in the Soul of Downtown LA

This will be Dr. Susan Block's first live show after her recent near-death experience.

Join the Love Doctor of HBO's "Radio Sex TV" & her Bonobo Gang of Artists & Sex Stars for a Fabulous Live TV Show & After-Party

Featuring Sex Educational Entertainment, Celebrity Guests, Hot Couples, Felliniesque Characters, OPEN BAR with All Your Favorite Cocktails (including Agavero Tequila Liqueur, Absente Absinthe, Rhum Barbancourt, Magellan Gin, Nude Beer & More), Tribal Drumming, Dancing, Romancing, Orgiastic Insurgency, Free Food, Free Condomania Condoms, Free Speech, Free Love, Blue Values, Fabulous Erotic Art, Sexually Functional Furniture, Sex Toys, Chinese Aphrodisiacs, Sex-Positive Progressive Politics & the Most Deliciously Erotic Atmosphere on Earth!

Special Feature Guests Include

Annie Body, Mistress Genevieve, Kayla Raynes, Dan Lewis, The Porn Klown Posse, Hollie Wood, Tai Ellis, "Sex Secrets of an American Geisha" author Py Conant, Ms. Crystal, Black Kat DJ Foothill, Brandy Preston, Jamie Rae, Trinity Harding, April Andretti, Juliano, Rusa Valentino and More!

Sensous After-Party Spinning by DJ Thomas Lann, DJ Danielle & DJ Ali

Newsflash: Award-Winning Filmmaker Canaan Brumley (Marseilles Film Festival Premiere Prix, San Diego Filmmaker of the Year, Los Angeles Film Festival, Hamptons International Film Festival) will film this Saturday's show & after-party for his upcoming feature "Speakeasy" to be released in December, 2007.

Can't Be Here In the Flesh?

Listen Free on RadioSuzy1

Or Join Backstage and Watch the Whole Show and After-Party Online http://www.drsusanblock.com/radiosuzy1.htm

Kiara Marie, with Lexi Lamour's foot
November 15, 2006

Breakin' in new talent at KSEX

After last Thursday's Webmaster seminar, I went to dinner at Bubba Gump's at Universal CityWalk with Ric Williams, Lexi Lamour, Ethan Cage, and a couple of Ric's girls, including a buxom 19-year-old calling herself Kiara Marie. She was just getting started, and had plans to do scenes this week, then an appearance on Lexi and Ethan's KSEX show last night. We had a lot of time to talk Thursday night, because the service at Bubba Gump's was terrible. (Lexi found our waiter shopping at a nearby kiosk when she went out for a cigarette.)

Last night, I took the arduous mile-and-a-half drive to the KSEX Studios, and met up with Ric and Kiara in the Jock Lounge before we all went into the studio. Kiara said she had done the two scenes as planned, and she's doing scenes all week, with a Shane Diesel scene on Friday. She did a scene for a bubble butt series, which gave her an opening to drop trou, and then she stripped off. In conversation, Lexi found that Kiara was looking forward to doing the scene with Diesel, and she was also looking forward to doing a double-vag scene. Lexi then called her a "size queen," which Kiara agreed with — when it was explained to her what that was.

In order to prepare Kiara for her encounter with Shane Diesel, Lexi had gathered a bunch of purple vibes from California Exotic Novelties which had been in the give-away bags from Monday night's pajama party celebrating the release of Wicked Pictures' Fooling Around. Kiara took the first one easily, grabbing it with her hand and wiggling it around as Lexi offered the second one:

"Above or below?"

"I think above."

A moment later it was in, with a deep sigh indicating that Kiara was doing just fine, thank you. Lexi grabbed a third vibe, but Kiara declined, saying "I just started my period today, I better stop at two." The vibe came out glistening as Lexi showed it to the hand-held camera.

"How bad was that?" Ethan asked her.

"It wasn't bad at all," she said, a slow smile crossing her face.

I think she'll be okay for a double-vag.

Kiara Marie can be booked through Black Widow Models. http://blackwidowmodels.com

Winner and still champion
First AVN award winner

The indefatigable Adella from Digital Playground was first to get a press release out after the noms were announced, hitting the tod-hunter.net e-mail box at 3:41 pm, about six hours before the next contender, from Platinum Media at 9:40 pm.

Here it is:


Digital Playground is thrilled to have received 45 AVN nominations in 31 categories. Joone's blockbuster Pirates was named 'Best Selling' and 'Best Renting Title of the Year' and the esteemed director received an additional 14 nominations. Island Fever 4 scooped up 12, including 'Best High Def Production,' 'Best All Sex Release,' 'Best All Girl Sex Scene,' 'Best Sex Scene Coupling,' 'Best Editing' and 'Best Videography.' Contract star Jesse Jane® is in the running 'Crossover Star of the Year' and she and Teagan Presley are both contenders for 'Contract Star of the Year.' Highly acclaimed contract director Robby D. snagged 18 nominations including 'Best Gonzo Release' and 'Series,' 'Best POV Release' and 'Series,' 'Most Outrageous Sex Scene' and 'Director of the Year - Body of Work.' DP's talented director Celeste was also honored with a nomination for 'Director of the Year - Body of Work,' as well as 'Best Director - Non Feature,' 'Best Art Direction,' 'Best High Def Production,' and 'Best All Sex Release.' Digital Playground also received nominations in all of the marketing categories.

Awards will be presented at the 24th annual AVN AWARDS SHOW in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 13th, 2006.

Company President Samantha Lewis is pleased with the nominations. She says, "I'd like to thank everyone at AVN for acknowledging our efforts this year. Everyone on my staff has contributed to the realization of these nominations. Joone and I would like to thank the staff at AVN for the countless hours of labor to acknowledge Digital Playground in such a vast range of categories, as well as Robby D., Celeste, Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi, Shay Jordan and our entire staff for their efforts. Congratulations to all the nominees!"

How's that again?

If you download the complete AVN awards nominations list and do a search on the word "excellence" you will find the curious category "Most Valuable Starlet (Unrecognized Excellence)" tucked between Contract Star Of The Year and Male Performer Of The Year.

How the hell you give somebody an award for being "unrecognized" is beyond me. The XRCO does have the "Unsung Starlet" and "Unsung Swordsman" awards, but that makes sense, giving workaday performers recognition for a job well done. But this...?

Sunrise Adams
Sunrise again

Retired performer Sunrise Adams gets back in the groove after a three-year "hiatus," according to this press release. I remember her determined look when she saw her cousin Sunset Thomas put her handprints in a sidewalk tile at Hustler Hollywood, vowing "I'm gonna do that someday."

She just might.


LOS ANGELES - (November 14, 2006) - Sunrise Adams, the gorgeous blue-eyed, blonde Texas Vivid Girl with an all-American look and million-dollar smile, who took some time off from being an incredibly popular adult star, will begin making movies again after a three year hiatus.

Sunrise joined Vivid in 2002 after starting her career as a mainstream model. She was an immediate hit with her first movie, “Portrait of Sunrise,” which became a top renting and selling feature in both video and DVD formats. Some of her other popular titles included “Heart of Darkness,” “Sentenced” and “Scorpio Rising.” She left acting to become a real estate agent after acquiring a very loyal fan following.

“Some Vivid Girls immediately attract a loyal and enthusiastic following and Sunrise is definitely one of them, which is why she deserves to be regarded as a Super Star,” said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid. “Her acting is instinctive and natural and her sex scenes always sizzle. Her fans can tell she is definitely enjoying every minute of the movie,” he added.

With a wholesome look that reflects her love of the outdoors and all types of sports, Sunrise actually is a great fan of hunting and fishing when she is in her native Texas. At 5’7”, Sunrise has a slender, well-proportioned body, and she once played football on her high school team – the first girl ever to be accepted on the squad. She also enjoys track and field, rides horses and plays softball and basketball when she gets a chance.

“I miss all the friends that I made and can’t wait to get back into full swing making movies, feeling the excitement and meeting the new Vivid Girls,” says Sunrise who is 24 years old. “Believe it or not I found there was a lot of stress in the real estate business. Buying a house is usually the biggest purchase in someone’s life and as an agent, you absorb too much of the pressure. I want to go back to having fun.”

She will restart her moviemaking again for the company in December.

To see more of Sunrise, visit www.vivid.com.

Click on the image to snatch your own box
Carpet dye

Ladies, if your carpet doesn't match your drapes, there's a new hair dye just for, uh, below the equator. Comes in hair color colors and also a bright pink – there's an idea, pink – for those times when you need that something extra. Have a look: http://www.bettybeauty.com/

Fox "News" memo leaked

This is disgusting. It looks like Karl Rove's TV mouthpieces are waiting for a statement from Iraqi insurgents, "who must be thrilled at the prospect of a Dem-controlled congress."

Carmen Luvana
Carmen Luvana hits Univision mañana

The Puerto Rican hottie hits the Spanish-language network in an in-depth interview, so brush up your Spanish and tune in. Here's the info:

Adam & Eve Contract Star Carmen Luvana To Appear On Univision Network!

Adam & Eve exclusive contract star Carmen Luvana will appear on the Univision TV Network on Thursday, November 16, at 10 p.m. eastern time, in an in-depth interview that was months in the making.

A native Puerto Rican, Luvana has long been a favorite with the Spanish-speaking channel.

“I did my first interview with Univision several years ago,” says Luvana. “The response was incredible. Because of my background, I have a huge number of Spanish-speaking fans. Adam & Eve is known all over the world. And, of course, I still have family in Puerto Rico who watch Univision and look for me!”

Luvana’s segment will feature a glimpse inside her life on and off the XXX set. “For this, I let the producers inside my home, to see the real me,” she says. “I let down my guard and tried to show them that I was a real person as well as a porn star.”

Next, the producers followed her onto the set of the Adam & Eve big budget movie, “Lady Scarface.” This XXX version of the cult favorite, directed by Daniel Dakota, stars Carmen as the ruthless Cuban refugee Toni Luvana.

“It was so much fun to play this role,” says Luvana. “And the Univision team really seemed to enjoy being a part of the behind-the-scenes action. We had sex, gun play… it all fit so perfectly together!”

For more on Luvana, don’t miss your local Univision channel this Thursday.

Dave Cummings
Dave Cummings reports from the trenches

The veteran porn performer, and veteran, tells of his latest forays into the land of porn, the land of swinging, and the land that he loves (as do I). Here goes:

BY: Dave Cummings—Porn Star/Producer/Director

Did the recent election results return us to the pre-Bush adult entertainment days? I wish I could say so, but I fear that the next two years will still be like living in a hell. Certainly the Democratic majority takeover of the Legislative Branch is welcome and provides hope, especially since we no longer have to put up with the likes of certain theocrat-type legislators who were voted out by the citizens they formerly represented; but, we still have Bush and his veto power over the Legislature, and we still have his Department of Justice and others who are controlled by a President who seems religiously subjective and prone to ignore the Constitutional line between Church and State. No, I don’t think the nightmare is over—not quite yet! Now is the time to start getting ready for 2008 elections. Get registered, get informed, and VOTE!!! Before leaving this subject, I want to thank everyone who recently voted; you’re the true All-Americans, and I hope millions of others will join you in 2008.

On to sex matters! Volume 57 of “Screw My Wife, Please” was shot a few weeks ago, and the next volume of “Screw My Husband, Please” is booked for filming next month. Director Bobby Rinaldi, www.wildlifexxx.com, does an absolutely phenomenal job of helming these two spectacular series. The word on the street is that viewers absolutely love these two famous series. Yesterday, I filmed a sex scene for my “Knee Pad Nymphos” series with Isabella of www.exxxtrememodeling.com -- she had me fully erect and turned on throughout the entire filming, starting with the photo session right through the money shot. The sex was hot, and she was a sweet and personable 22-year old who seemed to genuinely enjoy her profession!

As a result of meeting a couple on a gangbang set last month, I was invited to a swingers party they hosted recently; I gotta tell you, although I thoroughly love my porn job, the sex at their swinger party was so down-to-earth realistic that I was walking around for days with a satiated smile on my face. Yup, I had a great time. As has always been my experience, swingers are so genuine and All-American; I had great sex with four women, one twice, that delightful evening.

Tonight, a couple who are fans of my work are coming into town after a 12-hour drive from their hometown. The boyfriend tells me that she gets really turned on watching my videos and visiting my www.davecummings.com, to the point that he happily gets to satisfy her sexual appetite afterwards. She’s emailed me photos and descriptions of how she’d like me to “do” her. I love my life (I told her how many of my groupie girls bring me homemade chocolate chip cookies, so hopefully she baked some for me — I am indeed a chocoholic).

A new Larry Flynt Hustler’s Club opened here in San Diego this past month. I was there for the grand opening, as was Jimmy Flynt, Larry Kaplan, Harry Mohney (who helms the international Déjà Vu clubs), and a bevy of stunningly beautiful females. My eyes were gifted by views of scantily clad and personable women all night. And, the catered food, particularly the steak and shrimp, was delicious.

Along with many porn stars, I’m heading to Houston later this month for three days of fun sponsored by Adult Quest; if you’re there, please stop by to say hello and enjoy all the sensuous events – see www.lonestarpornutopia.com. I’ll tell you all about it in next month’s column.

Time for me to head to the shower, as that groupie girl/fan is due here shortly, and I sense she wants sex as soon as she walks through the doorway into my condo!

As always, please help me spread the word and philosophy that sex between consenting adults is a God-given gift that’s natural, normal, and healthy!

Dave Cummings

November 13, 2006

Sentimental journey

Spent a nostalgic Friday night at a party graciously held by AFI Fest to honor the memory of the long-running Los Angeles International Film Exposition, Filmex, which ran from 1971 to 1985. Those last two years were without Gary Essert, the founder and guiding spirit who built Filmex into a world-class film event on a combination of gusto and hustle that his successors, lacking his con-man charm and flair for showmanship, haven't been able to match in the quarter-century since.

The first Los Angeles International Film Exposition was held at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, opening with the brand-new film by young-turk director Peter Bogdanovich The Last Picture Show. An opening film showed the Filmex logo being constructed by brand-new state-of-the-art computer graphics as the voice of veteran announcer Dick Tufeld intoned "The Los Angeles International Film Exposition -- Filmex – a tradition since 1971" followed by audience laughter a split second later as they realized Hey, wait a minute, it is 1971. That inaugural year, Filmex offered a ten-hour movie marathon of Alfred Hitchcock films, a full-screen presentation of Cecil B. deMille's 1923 The Ten Commandments with a full orchestra and an appearance by 75-year-old Leatrice Joy, who had played one of the leads and gave a gleeful introduction to the film; Preston Sturges' Unfaithfully Yours, Walt Disney's The Three Caballeros, and Jacques Demy's brand-new romantic comedy musical Peau d'Ane, starring the luminous Catherine Deneuve.

It got even better after that. Over the years, Filmex offered
Sergei Bondarchuk's eight-hour War and Peace, in a 70mm subtitled print with six-channel stereo; a 24-hour Preston Sturges marathon; a 24-hour Billy Wilder marathon (Wilder showed up for that one, bemused that anybody wanted to watch his old movies, much less watch them back-to-back for 24 hours); a two-day Science Fiction marathon; the US premiere of the Monty Python film And Now For Something Completely Different; the world premiere of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Chevy Chase met Lorne Michaels while waiting in line to get into that film); seminars and discussions and parties (The annual Polish reception was the don't-miss party of the Exposition) and movies, always the movies, hundreds of them every year, shorts, features, documentaries, old, new, controversial, dull, everything from all over the world, in their original languages, with subtitles, with the "Voice Of Filmex" introducing each film in its original language(s), then in English: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Los Angeles International Film Exposition presents a film from.... Every year, right after the festival ended, the Director and Associate Director, Gary Essert and Gary Abrahams, referred to as "The Garys" by one and all, would head off to the Cannes Film Festival to get started on next year.

I was right in the middle of it, an enthusiastic supporter from day one, a volunteer from 1976 to 1983, and a staff member in 1983, when they finally found the money to hire me. I volunteered in the Public Information booth, one of the small group on the front lines who had seen most of the movies at the press screenings and answered questions about anything the public could throw at us, including the perennial "What time is the 8:00 movie?" Some of those PI people are still friends, 30 years later. We were young and we loved the movies, and Filmex gave us a chance to see everything that was happening in the movies each year, from around the world, right here in town.

Sic transit gloria mundi. The Garys' grave at Forest Lawn.

To celebrate their own 25th anniversary, AFI Fest (presented by Audi) threw a party for the Filmex veterans. It was held on the roof of the parking structure at the Arclight on Sunset, where three large plastic tents serve as box office and party venues, surrounding shiny new Audi cars on display. In our tent, TV screens silently showed archival footage of Filmex trailers and ads, news coverage from local TV stations, and intro films that had been produced by Filmex to show before features. A large Filmex logo was projected on the floor – you could walk on it, but nobody did – there was an open bar, thanks to a vodka sponsor, and waiters circulated with hors d'oeuvres courtesy of Good Earth markets.

The stories flowed like the vodka. The time Diane Keaton's short film was not well received. The opening-night party in the unused venue at the ABC Entertainment Center that irritated one of our corporate sponsors when we spent a lot of money to paint the whole area black, the Filmex color of choice. The couple who met at the PI booth and got married brought the fist-sized baby-tee with the Filmex logo altered to read FILMIMP. (The baby graduated from Berkeley a couple of years ago.) Sam Peckinpah personally delivering his own print of The Wild Bunch so we could show it: "I figured he would have an assistant. He was carrying the cans himself." The year we were afraid the elephants at the premiere would crash through the floor in the plaza at the ABC Entertainment Center, so we moved the festivities to Avenue of the Stars instead. (We always had elephants at opening night. Gary said it wasn't Filmex without elephants.) Memories of the departed friends and colleagues, some who fell victims of AIDS in the late '80s and early '90s, some who just drifted away.

After the "Voice Of Filmex" welcomed us to the party with the same cadence that she had introduced hundreds of Filmex presentations -- Ladies and Gentlemen, AFI Fest welcomes you to this celebration of the Los Angeles International Film Exposition... -- the director of the AFI Fest said a few words, getting a tepid response when he praised AFI and getting a thunderous ovation when he paid tribute to Gary Essert. A cake was presented with the Filmex logo on it, and more than one person mentioned the scene in The Godfather Part II when the cake shaped like Cuba was presented and eaten.

Eventually – directly at the stroke of 9:00, there was another party scheduled for 10:00 – the party broke up, and we spent another hour continuing to catch up. We walked over to a barricade, festooned with DO NOT ENTER signs, and after a few minutes of peering at the view from a distance we moved a barricade and walked over to the wall overlooking Ivar Avenue and Sunset Boulevard stretching to Beverly Hills and beyond – the same Sunset Boulevard Billy Wilder named a movie after.

Rick told Ilsa "We'll always have Paris." For those of us who were there, we'll always have Filmex. 

Melissa Lauren hangs up the lube bottle

Performer packs it in on the boy/girl thing and moves to g/g, behind the camera, and the feature dance stage. Here’s the detail:

MELISSA LAUREN to Sharpen Directing and Photography Focus!

For Immediate Release: November 12th, 2006

(Hollywood, Ca) She has been one of adult entertainment's most hardcore performers, but now Melissa Lauren, will concentrate more on her skills behind the camera than in front as she retires from Boy/Girl performing.

Melissa Lauren, known for her daredevil fuck scenes that have rocked many of porn's hottest DVDs, nominated for several awards by Adult Entertainment Organizations, has made the decision to step away from performing with guys. However, Lauren will continue to perform with girls, solo scenes and photo shoots. The decision was made as her photography abilities have truly reached a level of development that Lauren felt more comfortable with letting them take precedent.

"My photography is very important to me, it lets me express my creativity." Mel noted "Directing for me lets express another side of myself, the sexual intensity, I have."

Directing is also a facet that Melissa will continue to be available for, as she currently directs her highly regarded Hellfire Sex series (now up to Vol. 7) and has recently directed "Plucked Then Fucked" and "Cumaholics" for Combat Zone.

Feature Dancing is also in the brunette beauty's future, as she plans to begin hitting Gentlemen's Clubs across the country beginning in February.

Melissa Lauren is still going to be involved with adult entertainment, Photography, Directing, Performing Hardcore with girls and with what she claims is her hottest performance EVER, "Fashionistas Berlin," available soon, there is more Melissa to come!

Aw, crap

A US soldier seems to have committed suicide after getting involved in unorthodox interrogation techniques.

Austyn Moore. I don't know if I'd use this picture for this announcement, myself...

Austyn Moore sets up shop on Wilshire

The performer inks a six-pic distrib pact with LFP for her new indie company, as Variety would put it. Here's the way she would put it:

Austyn Moore Signs Distribution Deal With LFP

(Beverly Hills, CA) LFP VIDEO GROUP has signed a distribution deal with AUSTYN MOORE’S company, Austyn Moore Entertainment.

Under the agreement, Austyn Moore Entertainment will produce 6 titles for LFP, all of them written and directed by Moore. Additionally, Moore will star in every film. The one-year DVD distribution deal gives exclusive worldwide distribution rights to LFP, including HUSTLER TV broadcast rights.  Moore, a former Adam & Eve contract performer, has appeared in HUSTLER’S Beaver Hunt Magazine, and has graced the cover of HUSTLER Magazine. “Before I got into the adult video industry, HUSTLER gave me a chance by putting me on the cover of their magazine,” says Moore.

Moore’s choice to go with LFP VIDEO was an easy one. “When I formed my own company, I went straight to HUSTLER for a distribution deal,” says Moore. “They are like family to me, and I did not want to be anywhere else. I am a true fan of HUSTLER and love their products, so this is a dream come true for me.”

Jeff Hawkins, Senior Vice-President, LFP VIDEO GROUP, is delighted about working with Moore. Says Hawkins: “We’re excited to bring Austyn Moore Entertainment into our family. Austyn represents everything we are looking for in a distribution partner. She is creative, passionate and can deliver finished product that we are proud to offer to consumers.”

Austyn Moore Entertainment’s first release with LFP will be THE SECRET SOCIETY.

Releasing in early 2007, this film is unique in that Moore will be choosing one or more of her fans, through an online contest, to star in the film with her. This is an opportunity for a fan to get their sexual fantasies met with one of the hottest girls in porn.  THE SECRET SOCIETY will also feature Moore’s first on-camera anal scene.

Austyn Moore is online at www.Austynmoore.net

For everything HUSTLER visit www.Hustlerworld.com

Veterans Day

A commentary from a guy who'd been there.

Terrorism against abortion providers: Who cares?

Nobody, apparently, according to this observation:

Hillary Scott
Hillary Scott vid winner named

The winner has been selected for the personalized video from Hillary Scott. If this is the first you've heard of it, it probably isn't you. However, Hillary is visible in both Corruption and Britney Rears 3, available from fine retailers everywhere. Here's the latest word on that:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) Online retailer Gamelink.com has announced the selection of a grand prize winner for their Britney Rears 3/Hillary Scott Giveaway Contest where a lucky fan just won a personalized masturbation video from superstar Hillary Scott.

Damon from Chicago wins the grand prize Britney Rears 3 prize pack which includes a custom made personal masturbation video from superstar Hillary Scott along with a DVD pack containing all 3 Britney Rears videos plus Hillary’s latest epic motion picture, Corruption from Sex Z Pictures.

Once the winner’s name was selected by Gamelink.com, Hillary made her way to the Hustler Video movie set of Barely Legal School Girls #3 where Will Rider directed the 15 minute personalized video that has the blond starlet naked and screaming out Damon’s name while playing with her most feminine regions.

“It’s so hot knowing that somebody from my hometown of Chicago will be jerking off to me playing with myself. I hope it’s not somebody from my neighborhood or someone I went to school with as that would be a little crazy,” joked Hillary.

Gamelink.com ran the contest in support of Hillary Scott and her starring role in the X-Play/Hustler Video movie Britney Rears 3: Britney Gets Shafted. Five lucky runners-up winners will receive Britney Rears 3 prize packages but the grand prize winner will now be able to entertain his friends during football season with a spectacular halftime show starring a very naked and wide open Hillary Scott. This display will definitely top what Janet Jackson did at the Super Bowl.

In the personal video, Hillary touches her gorgeous body and caresses her ample breasts while playing intimately with her sweet private area as she calls out to Damon asking him what he wants her to do. “I love to play with myself so this was really fun to do,” she said.

“There was not a lot of directing going on I must tell you,” said Will Rider. “I just let Hillary do her thing and shot some nice POV angles for added fun for the Gamelink winner.”

Gamelink.com will be doing more exciting promotions in the future and fans of Hillary Scott can look forward to her controversial starring role in Corruption and her wild time travel adventure in Britney Rears 3.

Check out www.gamelink.com, www.britneyrears.com, and also www.corruptionmovie.com.

Ed Bradley. AP photo.

November 9, 2006


Veteran newsman Ed Bradley died today of leukemia. He covered Vietnam, he spent years on the CBS newsmagazine show 60 Minutes, he won 19 Emmys, he was a giant.

He was 65.


Little Boots takes swift decisive action after Tuesday rout: Rumsfeld "resigns"

Our Esteemed President, reeling from the stinging repudiation of Tuesday's election results, rushes to put some lipstick on the pig by throwing Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld overboard and replacing him with an ex-CIA director who – wait for it – worked with The Big Wimp.

In a press conference yesterday, Little Boots also admitted that he lied about keeping Rumsfeld on at Defense when he talked to reporters last week and said "Look, this is a close election. If you look at race by race, it was close. The cumulative effect, however, was not too close. It was a thumping," uncharacteristically using a four-syllable word, "cumulatively."

Catalina Cruz
Speaking of boobs: New boobs at Booble

Catalina Cruz gets the prize(s) as Booble Girl of the Month in October contest. She joins the Booble Girl of the Year contest, which has a $5000 prize and substantial bragging rights. Here's the story:

Booble.com Announces Catalina Cruz as the Winner for October’s Booble Girl of the Month

Los Angeles, CA -- Booble.com - the Internet's top adult search engine and porn directory – today announced that Catalina Cruz has joined the list of Booble Cover Girl of The Month, taking the prize for October. Booble, which converted its popular Booble fan sign program, in which adult models placed their OOs in between the big "B" and little "ble", into a full fledged contest, is excited at the results.

October's Booble Cover Girl Catalina Cruz coasted to an easy victory in this month's Booble girl of the month contest. Catalina was selected by Booble users over 108 other contestants to grace the home page of Booble and win this month's five hundred dollar cash prize. Catalina joins Sammy Tyler, Naughty Allie, and Lisa Sparxxx as Booble Cover Girls, who are all eligible for Booble girl of the year, and a grand prize of $5,000.

“It takes more than bodacious boobs to be a Booble Cover Girl,” says Booble Bob. “Like the other winners, Catalina also mobilized thousands of fans on her popular web site and her blog.”

October Booble Girl winner Catalina Cruz came into the business after surfing the internet one afternoon in 1999, where she came across a modeling website. After playing around and creating a profile, commercial photographers came calling to shoot her, and the rest has become history. Catalina has been published in National and International fitness magazines such as Ironman, Amercian Curves, and Musclemag. Catalina is a very sexual woman who loves hardcore sex done beautifully. Catalina runs her own adult company, Fantasy Girl Entertainment LLC with her partner Brandon Michaels. Besides pouring her heart into www.catalinacruz.com, her company also runs and markets several other adult websites. Catalina’s parents are incredibly supportive of her decision to run an adult company, and she makes no bones about her drive to succeed in the adult business.

"A big thanks to my members and fans for loving my "booble" breasts so much! I am a breast lover myself & a big fan of racing so it was a fun contest to promote."

The Booble Girl contest is open to professional models over the age of 18 only – meaning: you must have a web site or cam show, or appear on a web site or cam site, or appear in at least one commercially released DVD. All models must use the fan sign provided by Booble. A winner will be selected by the users of booble.com every month. Winning models will receive a cash prize of $500, and entry into an annual contest, which will award $5,000 to the winning model. Monthly Winners are automatically entered in to the annual contest.

I hate when this happens

The massive Democratic victory Tuesday? I didn't do jack.

In 2004, I spent a week in Las Vegas on my own nickel walking precincts, buttonholing would-be voters, doing my damndest to get out the vote. Little Boots carried Nevada by the same margin he did in 2000.

Earlier this year, I spent an afternoon walking a precinct for Francine Busby down in the 50th District, for the primary. She got killed.

This time, I didn't do anything. I didn't walk a precinct, I didn't call anybody, I didn't drive anybody to the polls. I went to one Angelides event because I was invited, but I didn't stick around and help at Democratic headquarters afterwards.

This election, I sat on my butt.

And it was the biggest Democratic victory in years.

I'm gonna re-think this participation business...

X markx the spot
XFanz hits quarter-million in one month, sets kickoff party

XFanz, the new kid on the block of adult websites, announces a major milestone in unique visits. Good for them. (I grew up in Old Hollywood, where they used to think that a successful movie was good for everybody. I still think that. More people going to adult sites is good for all of us.) They have also announced their kickoff party for next Wednesday. If you get there early enough, I'll take your picture.

XFANZ Attracts Quarter Million Consumers in First Month!

LOS ANGELES — XFANZ.com, adult entertainment's ultimate fan site, has received a quarter of a million unique consumer visits within its first month of launch. This comes after a successful string of milestones for the burgeoning adult fan portal, such as publishing of hundreds of breaking news stories, launching an event site XFANZlive.com, and hosting its upcoming official launch party, XFANZ Rocks Burlesque featuring Dave Nararro.

XFANZ Managing Director Alan Hawkins commented on the success, saying, “It's hard to believe that the site is only one month old. It feels like we have been here for a year now. The response from the fans and the industry has been truly amazing. XFANZ has certainly marked its spot!”

"XFANZ has experienced tremendous growth. We are getting rave reviews from fans and industry pros alike, Director of Public Relations Dusty Marie said. “XFANZ is taking adult entertainment by storm, look for more to come.”

XFANZ.com’s official launch party, XFANZ Rocks Burlesque, takes place at The Dragonfly in Hollywood, Calif. Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. Adult stars Sunny Lane, Jenna Presley and Lisa Ann will perform sultry burlesque dances, and comedians Rick Overton, Skippy Greene and Bert Kreisher will keep the audience laughing. Kurt Lockwood and his band PCP (Porn City Punks) will open for the showcase act, rock icon Dave Navarro and The Panic Channel.

House-brand acetaminophen recall

A manufacturer of house-brand acetaminophen (when it's name-brand, it's called "Tylenol") has recalled 11 million bottles of the stuff because they found metal shavings during a quality control check. I don't know about you, but I keep 99-cent bottles of Walgreen's aspirin all over the place: in my car, in my office, in my briefcase. If your headache-reliever of choice is house-brand acetaminophen, see if these guys made it.

Paradise Visuals looking for a few good films

The company has started an acquisitions division to distribute completed adult films and videos. So if Harvey Weinstein hasn't gotten back to you, there may be a space for you at Paradise. Have a look:

Paradise Visuals announces Acquisitions division

Beginning November 6th, Paradise Visuals will be open to submissions for completed adult products. The company is looking to branch out and add variety to the Paradise label.

Interested parties should contact paradisevisuals (at) hotmail.com.

Paradise Visuals currently owns the rights to 65 classic adult titles including Christy Canyon's first feature and John Holmes' last film. In addition they will begin distributing brand new movies in 2007.

Next week Paradise will announce the acquisition for one of the biggest selling adult films of all time.

For more check out www.paradisevisuals.com

The backside moves to the front in new Lethal interracial title

Director Chucky Sleaze (this may be a pseudonym) starts a new line of interracial anal, with six scenes and a three-hour running time. Here's the detail.

Lethal Hardcore Launches New Plus-Sized Posterior Interracial Series, Bubble Butts Drive Brothas Nuts

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Lethal Hardcore puts the booty front and center with the first volume of its all-new interracial series, Bubble Butts Drive Brothas Nuts, on store shelves this week.

Featuring the bountiful backside assets of Jocelyn Jayden, Georgia Peach, Charlotte Stokely, Caroline Pierce and Anell, and directed by Lethal Hardcore's Chucky Sleaze, Bubble Butts Drive Brothas Nuts 1 features over three hours and six scenes of XXX all-sex black-on-white action.

"The white girls in this title sport some amazing ass and it's enough to turn any guy into a bubble butt lover," Sleaze said. "More importantly, these girls know how to shake that booty to get attention and love to get down and dirty. Georgia Peach's anal scene will easily be one of the favorites of this volume, but the other girls don't disappoint either."

The next production from Lethal Hardcore, the big boob-themed 100% Natural Wonders 5, streets next week and features the more-than-amply-cleavaged Carmen Kinsley, Rucca Page, Emilianna, Brook Scott and Emily George.

Stoney Curtis, owner of Lethal Hardcore, said, "Our next title, 100% Natural Wonders 5, stars some of the most beautiful and busty ladies working in the X-rated industry right now. But these girls don't just get by on their good looks and cup sizes -- they really like to get hardcore on camera."

For more information visit stoneycurtisxxx.com. Distributors may email Mike Ott at celestialproductions (at) socal.rr.com.

November 8, 2006

It's morning in America

The Democrats have taken the House. Nancy Pelosi is set to become Speaker of the House. There were some dark spots, like Corker's win in Tennessee after a particularly nasty race-baiting campaign, and the as-yet-"undecided" Virginia and Montana Senate races, but on the whole a rewarding day for people who have been angry at the rubber-stamp free ride Little Boots has gotten the last six years.

Even better, Kenneth Blackwell, who allegedly engineered Little Boots' "win" in Ohio in 2004 and Katherine Harris, whose alleged engineering of the 2000 Florida vote count made an opening for Supreme Court "Justice" Antonin "Tony the Fixer" Scalia to push a Supreme Court ruling that put Little Boots in the Oval Office, both went down to humiliating defeat in their attempts to cash in their notoriety for higher office.

Did you vote?

Scott McGowan wants to know, and so do I. Tell him here and tell me at tod (at) tod-hunter.net.

Speaking of politics...

The new Sex Z Pictures release Corruption will be featured on Playboy Radio tomorrow evening, with director Eli Cross and a contingent of performers discussing the vid with Night Calls hosts Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn (who I have billed alphabetically because I love both of them) at 5:45 PST (give or take, it's live and anything can happen) on Sirius Radio channel 198. Here's the story:


(HOLLYWOOD, CA) The clean and modern studios of Playboy Radio will become quite a bit dirtier this Thursday beginning at 5:45PM west coast time when the stars and director of the controversial hit movie Corruption invade the Sirius Satellite airwaves.

Sex Z Pictures’ best movie of the year contender Corruption is earning rave reviews and more controversy than any adult movie in recent years while it climbs the sales charts on its way to a potential best adult movie award.

Corruption tells the gripping tale of a corrupt United States Senator whose thirst for power, revenge and ultimately the White House is packed with lustful sexual acts so provocative that one adult movie reviewer could not finish watching the movie.

“I knew Corruption was a really amazing movie while we were shooting it, but I had no idea that it would cause so much controversy once it came out,” stated the movie’s rising star Hillary Scott who along with Kylie Ireland, Alana Evans and the movie’s director Eli Cross will talk about the picture from the Playboy Radio studios.

“You know that a movie is special when it causes this type of reaction but I want to say that Corruption is earning high praise just as much as it receives word that some have shut their TVs off while watching it because it brings up so much stored emotion,” stated the movie’s executive producer Bo Kenney of Sex Z Pictures.

Night Calls on Playboy Radio is hosted by Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn and is no stranger to hot sexual topics but when Corruption takes over, look for a heated discussion of sex, lies and politics.

Tune in to Sirius Satellite channel 198 starting at 5:45PM west coast time to listen to this wild evening as Corruption from Sex Z Pictures invades Playboy Radio.

To check out Corruption visit www.corruptionmovie.com

Savanna Samson. Pic gleeped from comedynights.net.
Savanna Samson hosts Vivid Comedy Party tonight

The good news: She'll be doing a signing, so bring your DVDs and stills. The bad news: It’s in Irvine, which is 15 miles past 1313 Harbor Boulevard, which is about as far into Orange County as I go, usually. It starts at 8:30, so if you leave the Valley by 6 you oughta be able to make it. Here's the official word:


WHO: Adult Super Star and Vivid Girl Savanna Samson will host the 5th Vivid Comedy Party starring comedians Rev. Bob Levy (Howard Stern Show), Bert Kreischer (Spike TV, named by Rolling Stone the #1 Partier in the Nation), Nick Thune (Comedy Central, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) and KT Tatara (Comedy Central) with music by DJ Aquatic.

WHAT: Vivid Comedy Night is a sex, jokes, rock ‘n roll, open-to-the-public event for all those over 18- years- of- age and over who enjoy laughing out loud. Tickets are $15 each and can be purchased online at www.irvineimprov.com.

Special feature of the evening is an “Inside the Porn Actor’s Studio” segment in which comedian Nick Thune will interview Savanna who will also do a signing after the show.

WHERE: The Irvine Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive., #841, Irvine, CA 92618.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 8th starting at 8:30 PM. Check out www.comedynights.net for more information.

Gas in Iraq: $8 a gallon from Halliburton

The Republicans are doing to the US treasury what they did to savings and loans in the '80s. Halliburton subsidiary KBR was sending gas to Iraq and charging the government $8 a gallon for it, according to the New York Times. Have a look:

Ohio's Blackwell up to his old tricks, but they don't work this time

Uh-huh. Routing Ohio election results through Tennessee. And guess who else uses those routers...

He lost anyway.

Speaking of Ken Blackwell...

MoveOn.org is offering a $250,000 reward for information about vote fraud that will lead to a felony conviction. Have a look:


Vanessa Blue sez "Just Fuck Me"

And when you hear that from Vanessa Blue, it's a strong man who can resist. Here's the bare-bones press release from our friends at DVSX:

Just Fuck Me

When that certain craving comes along, and only the cure is to work a rock hard cock in that tight pussy... then we have five scenes for you that prove that not all girls need their cuddle time, in fact these girls want anything but some deep dick action. "Talk is cheap... Shut and and Just fuck me."

Havana Ginger, Keeani Lei, Mia Smiles, Mika Tan, Vanessa Blue, Vida Valentine

Vanessa Blue

Anal • 3-Way

Coming soon
Seminars set for Feb XBiz confab

The XBiz Hollywood Conference, set for February in the heart of Hollywood, has set its conference schedule. It looks good, and I look forward to attending. Here is the latest info:

XBIZ Announces Seminar Lineup for Hollywood Conference

LOS ANGELES – With the countdown underway for the XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference, XBIZ Publisher Tom Hymes released the seminar and workshop schedule for the show, including information on master classes and daily keynote addresses.

Aiming to deliver an industry event that is far more exclusive and intensive than any other to date, The XBIZ Hollywood Conference has put together a mixture of topics and issues that directly impact adult webmasters and offline professionals alike.

The lineup, which is broken down into Track 1 and 2, begins at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, February 7 and ends at 3 p.m. the following day. Topics include Adapt or Die: Exploiting the New Distribution Models; Viral Marketing: The Mother’s Milk of Success; a Master Class: Professional Video and Photography Production; Effective Affiliate Management and Recruitment; Surviving the Slowdown; and a Master Class: Building a Successful Affiliate Program.

The full seminar schedule can be viewed here.

There will also be a Keynote Address each afternoon at 4 p.m. to round out the day before the evening gets underway with networking events and parties.

The XBIZ Hollywood ’07 Industry Conference takes place Feb. 7-8 at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, Calif. Registration is currently open and includes one complimentary admission, per registrant, to the 2007 XBIZ Awards.

The XBIZ Hollywood conference is sponsored by Pussycash, VS Media, DHD Media, HotMovies, Cybersocket, Silvercash, Naughty America, Pridebucks and Private Media.

Premium sponsorship packages are still available. Direct all inquiries to Kristen Kaye at Kristen (at) xbiz.com.

XBIZ™ is the industry source for breaking news and business information and the number one destination for adult business operators and webmasters. XBIZ offers extensive online services, including breaking industry news, trade articles, up-to-the-minute press releases, event listings, free business services and a comprehensive business directory.

Nautica but nice
Nautica Thorn starts new Website

The new enternautica.com site offers VOD, video for sale, and an autographed pic for the first 100 new members. Have a look:

Nautica Thorn Debuts New Web Site
EnterNautica.com Now On-Line And Available To Fans

(Hollywood, CA) The lovely and exotic Nautica Thorn is proud to announce the launch of her official web site enternautica.com.

Membership has its privileges, by joining enternautica.com now you can chat with Nautica live, watch her monthly web cam shows featuring the erotic Hawaiian/Japanese/Puerto Rican princess and friends, read her personal diary entries, check out her appearance schedules, purchase her latest hardcore DVDs and Video On Demand and view tons of hardcore solo, girl/girl and boy/girl content.

Nautica, who is thrilled to finally offer fans an official place to see and contact her at said, “I’m just so excited to have my website up. A lot of my fans have been waiting awhile for this and I am happy to deliver this to them.”

“I also can’t wait to chat with my fans in my chat room and while they are looking at me on my webcam. You will be seeing a lot of pictures of me and you might even see some anal video of me. I want to thank my webmaster Bill Fox at Assassin Pictures for building such a great site!” Thorn continued.

The first 100 fans who join enternautica.com now will receive an autographed 8X10.

Upgrade your web site membership and join the Nautica Thorn Fan Club. Members of the premiere package will receive a personalized letter from Nautica, two autographed 8X10s, a provocative Polaroid signed to you, two Nautica Thorn stickers, and monthly newsletters.

Fans may send their requests or fan mail to Nautica Thorn Productions P.O. Box 5870 Melrose Avenue Box 205 Los Angeles, CA 90038. You can also visit Nautica at her My Space page www.myspace.com/nauticathornxxx

Clapboard for cosmetic purposes only.
The fans have spoken for the 12th time

And you can tell, because the cover features a female performer instead of series stalwart Nick Manning. We need the guys, but it's the girls who sell the vids. Here's the story, direct from the smoking keyboard of Jay Moyes:

Fans Speak for Brooke Haven and Dillan Lauren in 'Fans Have Spoken 12'

Chatsworth, CA -- The Fans Have Spoken, and Nick Manning is proud to oblige. He's brought a bounty of beauties for 'The Fans Have Spoken 12', coming to stores this week.

The fans include porn star Brooke Haven, who was really looking forward to this. "I don't know how long it's been, but I've wanted to fuck Nick for a long time. See, I work at the same agency that represents Nick, and I've had to sit on a lot of movie sets while my pussy just got wetter and wetter."

This month, the fans have requested Dillan Lauren, lip biting cover girl Jeanie Marie, Olivia O'Lovely, Simone, Brook Haven, and Cindy Crawford. The behind the scenes include the special "Things You May Hear When Nick Manning Is 'Dropping Loads", and "You Better Be Ready When You're Going To Fuck Nick".

Nick Manning is one of the industry's best talent as seen from features to gonzo, and Platinum Blue is proud to have him on the team as one of their best directors. "Fans 12 is our most compelling work to date." Manning said enthusiastically "Each version keeps on getting better and better, and I look forward to the emails I'll get applauding the performances of the hottest chicks in Adult today. Fans 13 is already in the works!!"

To order 'The Fans Have Spoken 12,' contact Skye Blue at skye (at) platinumblueproductions.com. To see more of what Platinum Blue Productions has to offer, check out www.PlatinumBlueProductions.com.

Little Boots makes an intense connection with two kids in Iowa. Jason Reed / Reuters

November 6, 2006
Vote tomorrow. Your future depends on it.

Iraq Reconstruction Inspector General sent packing

In the classic shoot-the-messenger manner of Little Boots's White House, the Inspector General who spotted millions of dollars in fraud and waste in the Iraq reconstruction has been fired by a small provision in another law.

Good point

So, like, why is Little Boots accumulating all this power? To give it away? This guy doesn't think so. The name of the Website may give you a hint of the writer's stand on this kind of thing...

Be careful

If you have a problem voting tomorrow, go here:

Latest Republican dirty trick exposed

Seems they're using robo-callers to make attack calls, and the robo-callers re-call in case of a hang-up, which is usually in violation of law. As if the FCC is gonna crack down on this, ha ha.

Wednesday panel and party at Universal

Terri Redor of The Floating World is moderating a panel on website promotion this Wednesday at the Sheraton Universal. Have a look.

'Promoting Porn Stars' Panel and Party At Webmaster Access West In Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES -- Webmaster Access and The Floating World are providing free passes to the three-day conference (Nov. 8 to 11) for all interested adult industry talent.

Adult industry news and events website The Floating World (www.thefloatingworld.com) will host the "Promoting Official Porn Star Websites" panel on Thursday, Nov. 9 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Webmaster Access West conference in Los Angeles. The panel will cover the building of porn star websites, up-to-date information on almost every official porn star affiliate program, tips for successful porn star promotion and practical legal advice for the porn star webmaster. The intended audience for the panel is both affiliate webmasters and porn stars themselves – for whom Webmaster Access West (www.webmasteraccess.com) will provide special free passes to the entire conference, which runs from Nov. 8 to 11 at the Sheraton Hotel in Universal City.

The "Promoting Official Porn Star Websites" panel will be followed immediately by an adult industry networking party at the Terrace Bar from 5:15 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., sponsored by Black Widow Talent (www.blackwidowmodels.com), the licensed and bonded agency for both adult and mainstream representation; Atlas Multimedia (www.pornstardollars.com), home to official websites for over 25 top industry stars; and Fantasy Girl Revenue (www.fantasygirlrevenue.com), the innovative affiliate program owned by porn star Catalina Cruz, star of the new "Licensed To Blow" website (www.licensedtoblow.com). All conferees and the show's porn star guests are invited to drink, hang out by the pool and make new acquaintances. Webmasters will meet the stars they're promoting and performers will have a chance to promote one-on-one. Already confirmed for the party are porn stars Alexis Amore, Lexi Lamour and the girls of the panel.

Adult industry performers who wish to attend the panel and networking party are invited to write to Terri Redor for inclusion on the list for free passes to Webmaster Access West. Adult industry media who would like to attend should write to the same address. Registration to the Webmaster Access West show is available at www.webmasteraccess.com.

The Panel:

* Terri Redor, (www.thefloatingworld.com and the upcoming www.promotepornstars.com), will provide attendees with a complete guidebook to and master list of porn star affiliate programs and promotion resources.

* Kayla Quinn (www.kaylaquinn.com and www.kaylakash.com), porn star and longtime web programmer of Kayla Cam fame, will talk about what's really involved in building and promoting your own performer site.

* Porn superstar Vanessa Blue (www.vanessablue.com) has both built her own websites and licensed content to others - hear her latest take on the affiliate industry.

* Porn legend and director Lynn LeMay (www.lemayzing.com and www.lynnlemay.com) will intimately discuss 'webmaster relations'.

* Publicist, MySpace guru and industry blogger Monstar (www.contactpornstars.com) will talk about the why's and how-to's of porn star publicity.

* Lawyer and industry webradio host Michael Fattorosi (www.adultbizlaw.com) will suggest how affiliates and performers can protect themselves and still thrive in the new legal environment for adult. Expect some special guests to contribute to the panel.

For more information, contact Terri at terri (at) thefloatingworld.com.

Andrew Blake titles on VOD from Adult DVD Empire

The master of the oh-so-cool laid-back stylish video has made his stuff available on VOD from Adult DVD Empire, who know a good think when they digitize it. Here's the official word:

Adult DVD Empire Welcomes Andrew Blake To VOD

Warrendale, PA - Adult DVD Empire, three-time winner of an award for Best Retail Website is excited to announce the addition of adult studio Andrew Blake to their extensive Video On Demand catalog. Adult DVD Empire is very pleased to be able to offer Andrew Blake’s content, which is widely recognized for erotic themes including fetish, bondage and lesbian imagery. Award winning filmmaker Andrew Blake is regarded as one of the few remaining visionaries in the Adult industry, and is a member of the Hall of Fame.

“Quantity, quality and variety are three very important attributes of a successful Video On Demand catalog,” comments Adult DVD Empire VOD Department Manager Grant Settlemire. “The addition of Andrew Blake to ours really hits on all three of those points. We are happy to be working with Andrew Blake, and to offer such high quality erotic vignettes to our customers.“

Adult DVD Empire’s Video On Demand program boasts many options for users to choose from including DVD Quality Downloads, Pay Per Minute, Streaming and more. Empire Community members can also create their own video highlights with the patented MyClips and MyFlix technology. New adult titles are added to Adult DVD Empire’s VOD catalog daily.

Log on to www.adultdvdempire.com/AndrewBlakeVOD and start watching now.

Available as of Saturday at Tower Records in Buena Park
Non-adult DVD talk

The liquidation of Tower Records is turning up some interesting finds. Among the shortcomings of the Tower Records system was a general inability to keep up on inventory, and some DVDs that had gone out of print were not returned to the manufacturer for credit.

One hard-to-find rarity is the two-disc Criterion release of Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs,
which has been officially out of print since the end of 2003. I have seen copies at the Pasadena store (not recently) and Buena Park (Saturday night).

Discounts are currently at 30 percent, so if your taste in DVDs turns to the esoteric, now is your chance to pick up some goodies at a low price.

Sometimes a hose is just a hose
Hannah Harper's Sin City swan song

The recently-at-liberty Harper stars in this new title for former employer Sin City, where Axel Braun works his magic and gets her squirting on-camera. I think that Axel could make a Barbie doll squirt. Here's the press release:

Hannah Harper Unleashes Her Inner Passion in Gush

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Hannah Harper is known for her unbridled passion and smokin’ hot sex scenes. But fans of the blonde bombshell have yet to see her explode in a gush of girl juice until now, in Sin City’s GUSH, available now. “I didn’t really know I could squirt until it happened recently, so I was ecstatic when they asked me to do it on camera,” said the British-born beauty. “I really didn’t know how it would turn out, but it came out great. I loved doing this movie.”

Joined by a cast of squirting performers like Angela Stone, Lexi Love and the squirting queen herself, Cytherea, Harper was in her element as she played a sexually frustrated woman trying to improve her sex life through a sex therapist, played by busty brunette Lisa Ann.

It’s not long before the demure Harper begins doing some field experiments herself with the therapist in a hot girl-on-girl scene that has them both cumming hard. The blond vixen isn’t done yet as she takes her experimentation a step further in a cum-drenched three-way that has her sucking down on one hard cock while another pounds her pussy hard. It’s not long before she cums in a shower of girl juice all over Anthony Hardwood and Jay Lassiter. “I love the fact Hannah squirts” said director Axel Braun. “There’s nothing hotter than watching a beautiful girl like Hannah cumming right in front of you.”

Sexually frustrated housewife Angela Stone also gets into the act as she undergoes some sex therapy herself when a big cock pounds her pussy and ass hard until she squirts. Stone needs no special effects to drench the room and Harley with a torrent of her cum juices.

Missy Monroe doesn’t miss a beat when she shows German stud Chris Charming that there’s more to her than just a pretty face. The buxom blonde promptly introduces him to her pussy and her G-spot with decidedly cum-soaked results.

“We got some really hot performances from these girls and watching them cum makes it all that much better,” Braun said.

Sin City is on the Web at www.sincity.com.

Kurt Lockwood
Baldwin's latest bout: Kurt Lockwood

The latest contender for Stephen Baldwin's VH-1 reality show was Kurt Lockwood, who cited libertine behavior in the Bible and suggested that Baldwin's newfound piety could be better used building houses and hospitals in Africa rather than hauling around a camera crew and accosting porn performers in West Hollywood.

Here's the press release, which also unsurprisingly mentions Lockwood's other, non-debate activities.

KURT LOCKWOOD Locks Up Against VH1's Stephen Baldwin!

(Hollywood, Ca) Stephen Baldwin and his new VH1 reality show 'Brother Baldwin' catches up with Adult Entertainment Performer/Director Kurt Lockwood for a verbal ousting of ideals!

VH1's new reality show 'Brother Baldwin' starring of The Usual Suspects fame, Stephen Baldwin as a man of heavy religious convictions. Pornstars are at times made to feel humiliated for their career choice, by those of said convictions, not this time! Award Winning XXX Star Kurt Lockwood steps up and out maneuvers Baldwin in a discussion of Lockwood's profession, Pornography.

Baldwin encountered Lockwood at the Infamous Rainbow on Sunset, where Kurt was enjoying his rock n roll lifestyle, partying with a couple of hot XXX porn babes. A debate ensued and became heated as Kurt didn't succumb to the customized religious views of Brother Baldwin.

"If you are so interested in spreading the 'word of God' why aren't you in the Sudan building houses or Kenya building hospitals?" Lockwood said calling Baldwin out on his Bible thumping "Why are you here instead on the Sunset Strip talking to porn stars? Because it's more glamorous?"

Making point after counterpoint to Baldwin's arguments led to Stephen getting frustrated and huffing and puffing every time Kurt gave his argument leading Lockwood to say "Fuck you" to Baldwin and his childish eye-rolling and constant sighing. Kurt killed the conversation when the holder of a Liberal Arts Degree landed this de-mobilizing quote, "Being a false prophet like yourself is way worse in the Bible than ANY screwing around I'm doing. In the Bible, Abraham had over a thousand wives and fucked his wives' handmaidens, too!"

As Lockwood got up from the table to leave, Baldwin told him that he would pray for his soul and Lockwood responded, "I'll pray that you receive more tolerance of other people's faiths and spirituality."

So impressed was the Brother Baldwin crew at Kurt's sharpness and ability to justify his Hardcore ways, he was asked to shoot for a second day with the show the very next day in Venice Beach, CA whereas Stephen Baldwin apologized to Lockwood for "using the Lord's message as a weapon" as Baldwin explained. Lockwood shook his hand and accepted Baldwin's apology. Baldwin then asked if he and Lockwood could become friends. Lockwood agreed! The VH1 show is set to air in March of 2007, an episode not to be missed as the rocker stands up for the XXX.

Next up for Kurt is his gig @ the Dragonfly in celebrity central, Hollywood! On November 15th, Lockwood's Punk Rock band will open up for Dave Navarro at the Xfanz.com Burlesque party.

For more Kurt Lockwood please visit KurtLockwood.com, Myspace.com/KurtLockwood & Youtube.com/user/KurtLockwood.

The gang's all here
November 3, 2006

Exotic Erotic report

Constant Reader Devinn Lane sent this report from her trip to the Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo in San Francisco last weekend. There are some mentions of her MILF Makeover contest and her corporate sponsors in the report. That's okay, it saved me a trip to San Francisco.

MILF Makeover Contest.com and The Screaming O leave Exotic Erotic Ball and Expo Screaming For More

San Francisco, CA- The expo has only been going on for about five years now but this year even the promoters were commenting on how busy it was. Aiming to keep them happy and bringing the right girls is absolutely key.

Located front and center of the expo at the Club Fast Lane booth were Devinn Lane, Sydnee Steele, Sunny Lane, Monica Mayhem, Olivia O’Lovely, Cytherea, Sinnamon Love, Kayla Paige, and internet model Christina Noir. All of the ladies graciously signed autographs, sold merchandise, and posed for pictures with the many fans that came to see them.

Devinn’s main focus was signing up the MILFs for the contest and working with her primary sponsor for the expo, The Screaming O. The contest was a hit with 20 MILFs signed up to compete for a trip to Hedonism III and The Screaming O product sold so well they could hardly pass them out fast enough. Devinn Lane said, “I personally tested The Big O and highly recommend buying one." Guess you’d better put that on the must buy list.

Two days of Expo and one night of glorious debauchery was in store for all the ladies. Naturally dressed to the hilt, they made their VIP room appearance but stopped to play cock ring toss, dildo javelin, and take a few corny photos before scooting off to round up the MILFs.

The MILFs were beautiful, nervous, excited, and ready to get up on stage for a crowd of 12,000 people. Before bringing the ladies up for the final lineup Sunny Lane, Olivia O’Lovely and Kayla Paige tossed out Screaming O tank tops and Wet International Condom Kits out to the crowd. The winner of the contest was 42 year old “Renee." She’s a mother of two and her husband convinced her to compete. Renee is dead sexy and can’t wait to get to Jamaica and compete in the contest finals May 7-8, 2007!

The conclusion of the contest signaled that work was done and that it had been a successful trip for all involved. “A few logistical snags mentioned, but all in all the people at the ball were very accommodating and genuinely happy that we were all there” mentions Lane. “I already have an invite for next year and I already have MILFs emailing to compete next year. After all, it’s for women like us.”

For more information on the MILF Makeover Contest please visit www.milfmakeovercontest.com or www.clubfastlane.com

Current sponsors include Hedonism III, Connection Online, Wet International, Coquette Lingerie, and The Screaming O.

Another one bites the dust

The Colorado church leader who was accused of using the services of a male prostitute has gone on "administrative leave."

Fire-hydrant sized butt plug sold separately

Corruption controversy

No, not political for a change. The new Sex Z Pictures release Corruption seems to be ruffling a few feathers, and not just because of the fire-hydrant sized butt plug in the press kit. I'm wiling to bet that the outraged reviewer quoted in this press release did not work for that Major Adult Publication where they wear their contempt for religion on their sleeves. In fact I'll bet that "controversial" scene pretty much makes her a lock for Starlet of the Year, at least if Sex Z buys enough ads.

‘Corruption’ Controversy Erupts into Fiery Mess

(Hollywood, CA) The fiery flames of red-hot controversy continue to burn out of control for the politically charged XXX thriller Corruption as it finds its way into the hands of reviewers and consumers across the country igniting more fires than producers can put out.

As one of the clear-cut favorites for best movie of the year and already one of the most controversially loved and hated movies, Corruption from Sex Z Pictures is now finding resistance from some of the very movie reviewers who have lined up requesting DVD screening copies.

“In my 16 years as a movie reviewer, I have never seen anything like Corruption," stated a reviewer who recently received the bountiful Corruption media package.

In an email letter to Sex Z Pictures’ west coast representative Jeff Mullen of All Media Play, another prominent reviewer who spoke on the condition of remaining anonymous set off a huge wave of controversy that tackles the very subject of Christianity.

“I'm previewing Corruption now. I don't know that I am willing to write about this movie. The Hillary/Herschel scene is very offensive to me," began the popular reviewer who was referring to an incendiary and toxic scene that involved female performer of the year candidate Hillary Scott and Herschel Savage making strong references to the Catholic Church.

The scene so incensed the reviewer that he vowed to remove Hillary Scott from any possibility of receiving major movie award votes from him this year.

“The more I think about it, the more disappointed I am in Hillary. It sounds like she probably was raised a Catholic -- she has the Sacrament of Reconciliation lingo down pat -- and it disheartens me that even though she might not be a current believer that she dishonors those who raised and taught her,” states the reviewer.

He continues, “I'm going to have to rethink voting for her for Female Performer of the Year as well as for Britney 3. Also, I may not choose to review any of her movies again."

“Wow that is some serious shit”, reacted Bo Kenney owner of Sex Z Pictures when informed that Corruption has hit another nerve with viewers making it one of the most controversial adult movies ever.

In fact, as Corruption offends some it also continues to dazzle others with breathtaking storytelling and big budget production. Brilliantly directed by Eli Cross, the story tells the tale of a sexually depraved United States Senator whose thirst for power consumes him and all those around him as he prepares for a shot at the Oval Office.

Director Cross responds to the critic and writes, “Regarding the Herschel/Hillary scene, you have to understand that the point is not to offend, but to expose the deep immorality of these people. Yes, the movie is social commentary layered on top of a porn movie, and yes, it reflects my personal belief that no one in power from any political party can be trusted. Still, I think there’s room for an adult movie with a point”.

Cross continues, “Our goal with Corruption was to marry a real movie with explicit sex. Obviously, for you, this marriage doesn’t work. For most of the people who’ve viewed it, it does.

"However, if you can accept intellectually that our plot was important to us (even if you dislike the elements of that plot), you can understand that Herschel’s scene with Hillary had to be something truly shameful to enable Senator Helms to blackmail Herschel’s character with the footage. That’s the point. That is Natasha’s (Hillary’s) job in that scene; to get Paul Gennero (Herschel) to do something despicable for the hidden cameras. This is about one lying snake getting the better of another lying snake."

The coming days and weeks are destined to reveal more controversial fires for the director, Sex Z Pictures and for the movie but for those who have already witnessed Corruption this movie has hit a nerve unlike anything seen for many years in the adult movie business.

“I didn’t know it would fuck so many people up”, stated Hillary Scott.

There are plenty of movies this year heavy on fluff and filler, but if you’re looking forward to watching one of the greatest movies in the history of the adult movie business, take a look at Corruption from Sex Z Pictures. You will be affected one way or the other.

Corruption is in stores now from Sex Z Pictures and stars Hillary Scott, Kylie Ireland, Alana Evans, Sandra Romain, Annie Cruz, Lexi Bardot, Kelly Wells, Trixie, Amber Rayne, Arianna Jollee, Stacey Thorn, Jordan Styles, Sophia and Bryn Pryor as Senator Helms.

Go to www.corruptionmovie.com for more information

A trap for the unwary

Hoffmania turned up a deceptive mailer "Voter Guide for Democrats" that has a big picture of Dianne Feinstein – but recommends different stands from the Democratic Party, including opposite votes on Propositions 86 and 87.

HBO weighs in on electronic ballots

There's a new documentary about vote fraud called Hacking Democracy on HBO. Here's a story about it:

And here's the HBO schedule:

California law allows you to ask for a paper ballot, and I recommend doing that if you're faced with a Diebold Republican Vote Fraud Machine™. I'm marking my absentee ballot over the weekend and driving it to Norwalk on Monday.

By the way

If you think it's hard to hack into a Diebold Republican Vote Fraud Machine™, click here and think again.


Adding a new twist to the MILF story
Third time's the charm

Classic Golden Age film Taboo 3 has been released, allowing a whole new generation of porn fans to get acquainted with two unfamiliar ideas: (1) Porn movies that have stories as a primary focus and sex as only one part of the story, and (2) pubic hair, which has been in short supply in porn in the last few years. Have a look:

Standard Digital's Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series Edition of Golden Age XXX Classic Taboo 3 Hits Store Shelves

TARZANA, Calif. — Featuring a who's who of the biggest stars of adult's Golden Age, and directed by X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Famer Kirdy Stevens in one of the most celebrated classic series in XXX, Standard Digital's remastered re-release of Taboo 3 hits store shelves this week.

Featuring the some of the Golden Age's best, including Kay Parker, Kristara Barrington, Colleen Brennan, Honey Wilder, Pamela Mann, Eric Edwards, Blake Palmer, Jerry Butler, Mike Ranger, Kevin James and Ron Jeremy, the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 3 was treated to the same state-of-the-art restoration process of its audio and video as the previous two editions of the Taboo series. Taboo 3 also features a brushed metal-colored slipcover and artwork on the slipcover, case and in the disc gallery's not seen since the original debut of the movie.

"What's notable about this volume of Taboo is that it wraps up the Kay Parker trilogy of the series," Standard Digital President and Kirdy Stevens' son Steve Stevens said. "Helene Terrie's compelling scripts makes the first three volumes of Taboo true classics. Like the last two volumes, the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series edition of Taboo 3 features the best presentation of sight and sound of the movie since it was shown in theaters in 1984, as well as featuring a gallery of stills that haven't been seen since its opening. But we're not done yet -- the next volume of Taboo stars Ginger Lynn and it's as compelling and scorching as the first three volumes of Taboo."

Jon Islas, general manager of Standard Digital's exclusive distributor Addictive Entertainment, said sales of the Kirdy Stevens' Signature Series editions of Taboo are exceeding all expectations.

"For a title that's older than a lot of girls working in the business right now, Taboo has amazing legs and it shows that a well-produced product can continue to make money, well beyond it being what anyone would call a new release," Islas said. "We ship them as soon as we get them, and that saves a lot on shelf space."

For more information about the award-winning Taboo series from Standard Digital and Kirdy Stevens, distributors may contact Jon at jon (at) addictednow.com.

Carmen Hart

You gotta have Hart

Wicked Pictures contract performer Carmen Hart is featuring at the City of Industry Spearmint Rhino this weekend. Here's the detail.

California Love:
Reigning Exotic Performer Of The Year CARMEN HART
Brings Her Acclaimed Moves To The Wild, Wild, West!

LOS ANGELES CA - Carmen Hart is on a mission. From the Carolinas to New Zealand, from the dance stages of Philadelphia to the red carpets of Hollywood, this exotic Wicked Pictures contract sensation has been making new fans with each passing day.

The secret to her success?

Try a globetrotting public appearance schedule that has seen her steadily become one of the adult industry's most decorated feature entertainers. And now, the reigning Miss Nude 2006, Miss Exotic International 2007, and 2007 Exotic Performer Of The Year is bringing those untouchable moves to the Wild, Wild, West for three intoxicating days of feature dancing at the City Of Industry, CA's Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club through Saturday, November 2nd - 4th.

For her first "left coast" dance soiree since winning her latest round of titles, Carmen will be entertaining her fans daily at 15411 East Valley Boulevard, City of Industry, 91746. For additional club information and a map, please click here.

Never one to let an opportunity to meet her fans slip through her bejeweled fingers, this award winner can't wait to share some California Love with the West. The girl's got rhythm, and as competing crews she's collided with on the pageant circuit have had to learn, she's so untouchable no one else even comes close.

That's all, Folks!
Up and Cummers packs it in

Randy West's Up And Cummers series had its high points and its low points, but when it was good, it was extraordinary, like the early appearances of Jenna Jameson and other performers who went on to major careers. Then there were the reluctant, the ill-at-ease, the ones who just wanted to get their check and get out. I never saw much of them, because I fast-forwarded through their scenes and they never shot any more. Here's the word on number 129 in the long-running series:


CEDAR RIDGE, N.J.—The last ALL NEW entry culled from the archives of the multi-AWARD WINNING, best-selling pro-am series, UP N’ CUMMERS 129: THE LOST TAPES 5 is now available from NEW MACHINE PUBLISHING.

It’s the end of an era for HALL OF FAME performer/director RANDY WEST and the legions of fans who have snapped up this series in droves will wan t retailers to be ready to stock this title deep for them.

UP N’CUMMERS has given fans the debuts of many true porn superstars —CARMEN LUVANA, BRIDGETTE KERKOVE, AURORA SNOW, SUNRISE ADAMS and two of porn’s biggest names, TERA PATRICK and JENNA JAMESON both appeared for adult audiences for the very first time with RANDY WEST.

UP N’ CUMMERS 129 features ALL-ORIGINAL, NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage of then-newbies Lauren McCall, Leanni Lei, Sabrina, Tanya, Frida Gonzales and now-retired ebony sex star Nikki Fairchild in an OVER THREE HOUR LONG all-sex extravaganza.

“It’s the last Up N’ Cummers for now. There are three first timers in this — one hot blonde who I never thought would do a scene on camera--and a scene I forgot I had of Nikki Fairchild and that was a cream pie!” West said of the movie.

To celebrate the series, NEW MACHINE PUBLISHING now has available RANDY WEST fifty-packs so that retailers can stock up on UP N’ CUMMERS along with West’s other series such as REAL FEMALE MASTURBATION, RAW SEX, I LOVE LESBIANS, FOOT LOVERS ONLY, CRAZY ABOUT BLACK GIRLS, CRAZY ABOUT LATINAS and CRAZY ABOUT ASIANS.

“Randy has been an intricate part of New Machine's family.” NEW MACHINE PUBLISHING VICE-PRESIDENT DAVID GROSS said. “We have had a great history together. He is a great legend and a true gentleman. The Randy West library is full of today's stars and there’s no other library like it.”

The fifty packs include porn history-making scenes with WEST and JENNA JAMESON and WEST and TERA PATRICK.

Reflecting on his time with those two living legends, WEST said, “I knew Jenna was going to be a star but I didn’t know she was going to be as big as she got. I am still amazed to this day that I was able to fuck Jenna for forty minutes without cumming! Tera was so beautiful and had such a nice personality. I fucked her for forty minutes too and ended up cumming twice. I had a real crush on her.”

Pick up porn history for your stores and stock up on all of RANDY WEST’s great NEW MACHINE series!

 For sales, contact David Gross via email at dgross (at) newmachine.com

Hello, I must be going...

October 31, 2006

Bob Barker is packing it in

I'll be damned if Gene is gonna beat me on this. Veteran game show host Bob Barker announced today that he is retiring, effective the end of the current season of The Price is Right, which marks his 35th year on the CBS game and his 50th year in television. He said that he will turn 83 on December 12, and "I wanted to [retire] while I was still young."

Here's the story from the news angle: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/tv/1401AP_TV_Bob_Barker_Retires.html

And here's coverage form the game-show-news angle: http://tvgameshows.net/welcome.htm

See you at Sardo's tonight.

There's a reason she chose the name "Sunny"
October 30, 2006

PSK redux: This joint is jumpin'

When I walk up to Sardo's, the smoking lounge is in full force, and I catch up with Steve Nelson and Jay Moyes... Sunny Lane walks up, poses for a picture in the classic flashing pose, which still looks good even though she is dressed under the open jacket... Lynn LeMay walks by, as does Devyn Devine... Inside I see Don Hollywood and Pam Anderson... Lisa Sparxxx... Ric Williams at the center booth, some mainstream tourists at the other U-shaped booth, the J-shaped booth is reserved for Mofo. Seymore Butts and Lighthouse Talent have the platform... Konnie has some vacant seats at her table, and Steve and I can sit there until her friends come. Good enough... He orders a cup of coffee, I order a Diet Coke. We're working... Amber Peach... Somebody finishes The Way We Were. Kristin says "If you want to commit slow suicide, watch that movie."... Sunny and Steve talk about the Tampa show. Looks like they had fun. "She was in the pool, naked, and said 'C'mon in.' Next thing I knew, my clothes were in a pile and I was in the pool." I can see that... Sinnamon Love walks by, sees Steve, starts to talk with him, then recognizes me with a start of surprise... Our drinks come. The coffee is okay, but there's booze mixed with the Diet Coke. Which I wouldn't mind most of the time, but I gotta take notes and keep my wits about me. I flag the waitress down and say "There seems to be booze in this" and she is apologetic: "I thought you said Jack and Coke." She replaces it immediately, and apologizes some more. I try to reassure her that I do drink, but I have to work tonight, but she is distraught, having visions of a recovering alcoholic falling off the wagon. I'm not sure she ever accepted my assurances that it was really okay...

Roy Karch, wanting to write something down, asks to borrow my pen. We both laugh, because he's always borrowing my pen. I even gave him his own Parker T-ball Jotter so he could write something down when he couldn't find me. He doesn't have it.... He did, however, bring his harmonica, and adds complementary back-up to a blues song... April joins us. She was at the Tampa show too. She's very excited because "I got my Adella award" for Best Publicist... Konnie croons her way through a song as Sunny Lane and Tia Sweets dance behind her... Sonny Malone joins us. "That slowdown in production? They forgot to tell me. I have five freelance projects going right now. I've been here five minutes and another guy asked me to edit something."... A guy in a smashed-down hat looks like Scatman Crothers, but he probably isn't...The lines of demarcation continue, with the amateurs at the bar behind the brass rails... Kristin leads a sing-along on the refrain line "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier"...

April and I start talking about Nashville. I've never been there, but I saw the movie. She recently watched a Grand Ole Opry show from the wings of the stage. I ask her if she saw the six-foot center of the stage that was taken from the stage of the old Ryman Auditorium, home of the Opry for some 40 years before they moved to the new house. She didn't see it... Bet she looks for it next time... Lexi Lamour is here. Haven't seen her in a while. Her shirt is open and she is wearing a bra decorated with embroidery. I keep looking at it, and I realize it's gotta be the bra, I've seen her naked before... Tee Reel... I join Lynn and Devyn on the platform, chat with them for a few minutes... Devyn writes down her web addresses for me. I tell her I'll check 'em out... The occasional limbo contest starts. April hugs Hal Sparks. Haven't seen him in a while... Lisa has liberated an 18-inch stand-up of Seymore Butts from the platform. She licks its ear as her friend takes a picture... Hal Sparks takes the mic for Def Leppard's Rock of Ages. A contingent of pornchicks dance as he sings, closing the night as the lights come up and the cheery song "Get the fuck out" plays...

PSK is every Tuesday at Sardo's in Burbank, 259 North Pass in Burbank, just off the 134. There's a Halloween party tomorrow.

Devon's back, and Shane's World's got her
Devon lands on her feet at Shane's World

The on-again-off-again contract performer joins the pioneering gonzo company as a director/performer. Here's the info, with a brand-spankin'-new picture and good thing, the other pictures I have of her are from other companies and that isn't right to use a picture from one company to promote another company.

Devon to Direct, Perform B/G Exclusively for Shane’s World

CHATSWORTH — Shane’s World Studios is proud to announce that it has signed superstar Devon to an exclusive contract. Devon will be directing exclusively for Shane’s World Studios and will only perform in boy/girl scenes only for the company.

“I feel like it’s a great opportunity for me show my fans the real Devon,” she said. “I’m really proud of what I’ve done up to this point, but I believe directing will allow me to show off a whole other side to my personality: I take my fun as seriously as I take my work.”

The titles that Devon will be directing will have spring break and sports themes.

“Devon is a perfect fit for us,” Shane’s World owner Jennie Grant said. “She has some great ideas for directing and to have her performing all her boy/girl scenes for Shane’s World is fantastic. She’s an awesome performer.”

Devon joins a roster that also includes exclusive director Penny Flame and Casey Parker, the company’s first contract performer.

Jada Fire

Squirtwoman series continues with a new star

Performer Jada Fire has taken the baton, or dildo, from Cytherea in Elegant Angel's Squirtwoman series. The fourth edition of the series offers an impressive roster of talent, as you can see here.


Jada Fire is the new Squirtwoman! The beautiful, black goddess is the newly anointed, squirt gushing queen and will star in the fourth edition of the record breaking series from Elegant Angel. The movie is directed by award winning director William H.

The all star cast includes the incomparable Jada Fire, alongside Aubrey Adams, Sierra Sinn, Georgia Peach, and Annie Cruz, as well as an unforgettable one on one with male performer of the year Manuel Ferrara.

“I can’t wait for it to come out,” said Jada. “It was really good for my first time. I just started doing squirting and working with Manuel, Mark Ashley, Lee Stone, and Anthony Rosano... It was really great. I’m very happy with the movie and I hope people like it. I can’t wait to see it.”

“I shot Jada for Flower’s Squirt Shower 4, and it just amazed me how much she could squirt,” said director, William H. “She completely blew me away.”

“We’d been looking for someone to fill the Squirtwoman part for awhile, and I think Jada did a great job… every scene was good. Jada has a great personality, and she brought a lot of energy to the set.”

The original role was filled by Cytherea, when the series originally launched in June of 2004 to showcase the art of female ejaculation. Cytherea starred in the first three installments of the series, which were directed by Elegant Angel owner, Patrick Collins.

A Trailer of Jada’s orgasmic explosions, a Video Podcast Interview, and Preview Stills from the movie can be viewed at http://www.elegantangeblog.com.

For sales please contact Deanna at sales (at) elegantangel.com.

Wisdom of the ages

Back when I was writing on the game show, the head writer had an axiom, which he would use whenever we came up with something that was too clever for its own good: "Too smart is dumb."

I was reminded of this the other night when I was watching 1 vs. 100. A contestant was facing the question "Which one of these people did not have a salad named after him?" with the possible answers Bob Cobb, Caesar Cardini, and François Niçoise. Okay, for me, this is easy: After all those years on the game shows I knew about Caesar Cardini and his Tijuana restaurant where he invented the Caesar salad, and my mother was a close friend of Peggy Cobb, the daughter of Bob Cobb, the founder of the Brown Derby restaurants, who first improvised the Cobb salad on a late-night raid on his own restaurant's kitchen.

The contestant, who had not worked on game shows or been acquainted with my mother, turned for help to John Carpenter, legendary in game show circles as the first person to win the million on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Carpenter pointed out that "Bob Cobb" was the name of a Seinfeld character who was also called "The Maestro," and that had to be the phony name.

The contestant figured Carpenter must be right, and picked "Bob Cobb" as her answer.


Carpenter didn't know about the real Bob Cobb, but he was very conversant with obscure character names on Seinfeld.

Too smart is dumb.

Adam & Eve gets good response on Sirius Radio ads

A 50%-off offer gets big results on several channels on Sirius Radio, with big responses from the Blue Collar Comedy Radio and Playboy Radio channels. Oddly, a sex talk channel wasn't as productive. Here's the detail:

Adam & Eve Does Serious Business on Sirius Radio!

Adam & Eve, the nation’s number one source for all things erotic, has just completed an ad campaign on Sirius Radio with tremendous results.

Offering 50% off any one item at the Adam & Eve website (www.adameve.com <http://www.adameve.com> ), the ads did phenomenally well on “The Blue Collar Comedy Station,” very well on “Raw Dog” and “Playboy,” and marginally well on “Maxim” and “Cosmo.” Interestingly, the advertisements did most poorly on “Talk Sex With Sue.”

“These Sirius stations all have very unique audiences,” explains Libby Lynn, Marketing Promotions Manager for Adam & Eve. “Even though Adam & Eve is very women- and couples-friendly, our typical customer is middle class male. It’s not a huge surprise that listeners for 'The Blue Collar Comedy Station’ would respond well to us!”

Adam & Eve, long an entrepreneur in the adult entertainment field, is continually trying new means to attract and maintain customers.

“Because Adam & Eve has been in business for over 35 years, and people sometimes assume we are old school,” continues Lynn. “But we are also innovative leaders in direct mail, web sales, production and marketing.”

Look for more ad campaigns (including an upcoming viral marketing campaign with industry legend Ron Jeremy) in the future from Adam & Eve.

For more information, please contact Adam & Eve Director of Public Relations Katy Zvolerin at katy (at) adameve.com.

Island Fever 4 contest will send winner to Hawaii

Digital Playground and Genesis magazine are announcing a contest with a top prize of a trip for two to Hawaii, a complete Island Fever DVD collection, and a lifetime subscription to Genesis magazine. All you have to do is design a better MySpace page than the other contestants, and Digital Playground provides the pictures — within the MySpace-acceptable limits
for you to build with. Have a look:


Digital Playground and GENESIS magazine have launched a promotional contest for Joone's acclaimed Island Fever 4. Entrants are competing to win an all expenses paid trip to the Hawaiian Islands, Digital Playground's entire Island Fever collection, signed movie memorabilia and a lifetime subscription to GENESIS magazine. Contestants must build an Island Fever promotional profile on MySpace.com. The entry with the most friends will take the grand prize. "We are thrilled to work with Digital Playground in promoting a movie as incredible as this," said Dan Davis, Editor-in-Chief of GENESIS. "The contest for Joone's Pirates we did last year was our most successful ever, and this one tops that. It's great to have a star as beautiful as Teagan on our cover and I can't even tell you how excited we were that she shared her shooting diary with us. It's almost as hot as the movie!"

Featuring contract superstar, Teagan Presley on the cover, a steamy pictorial, a VERY revealing on-the-set report from Teagan herself and the rewarding contest, Genesis magazine's Holiday issue promises to have the highest circulation of any issue this year. Complete contest details are available at www.genesismagazine.com/island_fever

Images are available on the contest website and on http://digitalplayground.com/if4/

Contestants are reminded that MySpace.com prohibits the use and exhibition of nude and hardcore graphics. Failure to adhere to all MySpace.com rules can result in immediate disqualification. Digital Playground CEO, Samantha Lewis is pleased. "Last year the Pirates contest we ran with GENESIS received tens of thousands of entries and provided excellent visibility for the movie and our company. They support us year after year and we're honored to do this with them."