Powder is one of the good guys, an adult industry veteran who has had a front-row seat for quite a while. Here are his common-sense tips for people who are attending a porn convention for their first -- or fiftieth -- time.

Tips for Fans

NOTE: I post these same suggestions for every major convention. If you are a fan planning to attend a adult convention, then this is the blog entry for you.


a. Shower: Take one. Soap, water and shampoo are your friends.

b. Wear Deodorant: The number-one complaint I heard from women in porn is the body odor that some fans have when they come to meet their favorite porn stars.

c. Shave your face: None of the girls enjoy having your sandpaper five o'clock shadow grinding against their face when you get a picture taken with them.

d: Cologne: The ladies enjoy a nice fragrance but donít dump a bucket of it over yourself. A little goes a long way.

e: Brush your teeth: No one wants to smell your bad breath. Especially if you are a "close" talker.


a. Patience: Wait your turn in line. No need to push, shove and to try to jam your camera in a porn starís face, down their shirt or up their skirt. The ladies are there to meet and greet every one of the fans, not just you.

b. Don't get grabby: When taking a picture with a porn star, keep your arms and hands around her waist. If she wants you to grab her breast or ass for a picture, let her put your hand there. Once the picture is taken, remove your hands.

c. No Loitering: The porn stars are there to meet their fans and may not have time to sit and chat with you. Walk up, say hello, get your picture, and move on.

d. Eye Contact: Women in porn do not have eyes on their chest or ass. Look them in the eyes when you talk to them. They will appreciate it.

e: No declarations of love: Don't walk up to a porn star and ask them out on a date, tell them that you are madly in love with them or ask them to marry you. Security will be called and mace may even be involved.

f. Don't pretend you donít understand English: When a porn star tells you not to touch or doesn't want you to stick your cell phone camera up the back of her dress, don't suddenly look at her blankly like you donít understand her. It just makes you look like an idiot.


a. If you sweat a lot, drink a lot of water to keep yourself cool and keep a small stick of deodorant with you. You can pick up mini sized deodorant from a local Rite-Aid, Walmart or Target for $2. Keep it in your pocket or bag.

b. Check your breath throughout the day. Bring gum or mints with you. Again, no one wants to smell what you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The last thing you want to do is make your favorite porn personality faint due to your onion and liver flavored breath.

This is a chance to meet your fantasy girl. Enjoy the opportunity and the convention. Hope these tips help.

To see what else Powder has to say, check out his blog at PowderXXX.com. This list is copyrighted by Powder and used with permission.