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You got here because you're interested in PR services. Cool, let's talk.

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I can write a press release for you and distribute it. It will go to my personal press list, which includes the major outlets for adult-industry news. For local-interest releases like a feature dancing gig, I can add adult-interest news sources in the target area. If you have anybody you'd like to add -- a friendly DJ at a local radio station, for example -- I can add them as well.

And if the press release merits mainstream attention, I can send it to mainstream outlets as well. You never know when "Entertainment Tonight" is gonna run three minutes short...

What I need from you:

  • As much information as you can give me: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How are the classic journalistic points to cover.
  • At least one picture to illustrate the press release. Non-nude portrait is the usual fallback, although nudes are acceptable in some venues. If it's a business, a logo will do fine.
  • The fee, which is probably less than a performer gets for doing one scene.

What you get from me:

  • A professionally-written press release, approved by you.
  • I will distribute and post the press release to adult-industry venues -- and appropriate mainstream venues when a release merits mainstream attention. I have an extensive mainstream list and have NO problem tapping into it when the occasion warrants.
  • The press release will cite you as the follow-up contact, as seen here. This will save time as press sources will be able to get back directly to you for follow-up questions rather than going to me, having me go to you, and then having me get back to the press source, which eats up time and -- let's be honest -- everybody in the adult business has a short attention span and that includes reporters.

A one-shot press release would be good for you if you want people to know:

  • You're signing at a show
  • You got nominated for an award
  • You want to get nominated for an award
  • You won an award
  • You lost an award and you're really pissed off about it and want to tell the people who voted just how mad you are (I will try really hard to talk you out of this and make it a congratulations-to-the-winner release instead) 
  • You are featured on a box cover
  • You landed a feature gig in Middle-of-Nowhere, Kansas
  • You moved to Las Vegas
  • You changed your representation (Get your new agent to pay for this one) 
  • You just scored a mainstream gig as "Topless Girl At Pool Party" in a Skinemax movie
  • You are the seller of a product or service you want the Porno-American Community to know about
  • You're a male fan and you want to declare your undying love for a female porn star in the hope that she'll fuck you (highly unlikely, but I'll give it a shot if you're paying)
  • You're a female fan and want to declare your undying love for a male porn star in the hope that he'll fuck you (much less unlikely and I won't feel bad about taking my fee)
If you like the release and would like to do another one later, cool, but I must emphasize that I am not a publicist, I'm a writer. If you want long-term guidance for your career, I don't do that. I'm like the guy from the Auto Club: I won't build you a car, but if you're sitting on the side of the road I have a fully-stocked tow truck and I can give you the help you need.

If you do need a full-time publicist on retainer, I can help you select one. I know them all and I know their strengths and weaknesses. I won't take a fee for this advice from you or them, because that would compromise my objectivity -- I could steer you to somebody in exchange for a kickback but (a) nobody's offered* and (b) it's dishonest.

*Edited to add: Since I originally posted that, one publicist has offered a "finder's fee." I have decided that I won't accept a "finder's fee" from anybody. I'm offering advice, not auctioning people off to the highest bidder. This also means that if the publicist who offered the finder's fee is the right publicist for you, I'll recommend you go there anyway. And I won't take the money. 

Speaking of honesty: Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that your press release will be picked up or used by anybody. I get many releases picked up by the major adult news sources but sometimes my releases have been eclipsed by bigger news. If you have the colossal bad luck to send out your press release the same day that Lindsay Lohan decides to quit mainstream and signs with LA Direct, your news will not have the same impact as it would if if had been released on a slow news day.

As my dad used to put it, "You run the best race you can -- but whether you win or lose depends on what happens in the other lanes."

If you're wondering "Who is this guy?" that's a fair question. I've worked in the adult industry since 1997, when I started writing freelance reviews for AVN magazine. I was an Associate Editor at AVN for six years, and also served as managing editor of Adam Presents Amateur Porn and Adam Black Video Illustrated magazines. I've been a reporter and reviewer for XBiz and a member of the X-Rated Critics Organization for more than 10 years. Before joining the adult industry, I worked with the Los Angeles International Film Exposition in the Public Information Department and the Catalog Staff (where I wrote my first movie review, for "Koyaanisqatsi"), and I spent 10 years working in mainstream television production, receiving two Emmy nominations for my writing.

Okay, that's enough about me. Let's see what other people say about me:

Tod Hunter has been a trusted reporter in the adult industry for more than 10 years. I'm proud to say that when he moved over from mainstream he spent his first few years in adult at AVN. His way with words has been a bright spot at AVN and other venues, including his own website, and I recommend his services to anyone who wants to pass along information about their activities, especially with the upcoming awards season in the adult industry.

-- Paul Fishbein

Tod is a distinguished voice in the adult industry, a true pro in every sense. He not only has a wealth of knowledge about adult entertainment past and present, he is also always in touch with pop culture, politics and current events. His experience and his relationships make him one of adult's most trusted go-to guys for news and information.

-- Dan Miller
Managing Editor
XBIZ Premiere
(Dan has moved on to AVN but I think he'll still vouch for me)

Tod helped me get out the word about my exclusive contract with Brazzers, and also let it be known that after the contract lapsed I was available throughout the industry in the same release. He is quick, professional and effective. I can’t wait until I have another announcement so I can use his services again!

— Karma Rx

Tod Hunter is not just a good writer, but a writer that understands the adult industry from every angle. He has connections and experience that are hard to come by these days, and he understands what the studios and consumers want. He knows the business side and is a professional in every sense. Trustworthy, dependable and always does a great job, no matter what the work calls for -- that has been my experience in working with Tod.

-- Joanne Cachapero
Free Speech Coalition

Tod rocks! We have been fans of his work as a commentator and critic for years, and he has helped us with our writing needs at Girlfriends Films so we're not just fans -- we've been a customer as well.

We recommend Tod for your press release needs.

Girlfriends Films, Inc.

I commissioned Tod to write a last-minute and time-sensitive press release. He not only crafted a well-written and concise article, but finished it at light speed. He went so far out of his way as to take time from his holiday to ensure it was completed and circulated by the following workday. All of the major outlets picked it up, almost immediately. I'm extremely pleased with his services and highly recommend him to any and all looking for same.

-- Brooklyn Lee

Tod Hunter has been a respected journalist for several decades. Be it pop culture, mainstream or adult entertainment, contemporary issues or branding your business, Tod has the contacts, the know-how and a way with words that will bring your press release to life. I have known and worked with Mr. Hunter for many years. His devotion to the craft rises above the rest. Quite simply put, Tod gets it! 

Usually, I do not get involved in touting anyone or any service, however, I go on record here when I say: to get the job done right, Tod is the man. I highly recommend Tod Hunter for all your PR needs.

-- Roy Karch
Roy Karch Productions

I recently noticed you are venturing into the PR field. I actually find this announcement positive news let alone refreshing. I find your writing skills solid and personally think you can bring a new and different perspective to that side of the business. Without any self-serving agenda.

Best of luck with this new venture.

--Robert Lombard
Casting Director

As talent/producer/director for the last 16 years, Tod is surely THE "A-List" to support your Adult Industry needs; besides being a very gifted writer, he knows the Industry and the players inside-out; and, he's well respected!

-- Dave Cummings

The Wizard Of Words, Tod's press releases are just magical.
Every time he does a PR for me, my web site traffic triples and my popularity soars.
Thank you Tod, you're the best.

-- Magdalene St. Michaels


Besides being a friend, Tod Hunter has been a trusted adviser and contact wrangler for me for several years. Tod's guidance and support brought attention to my work, which has led to two AVN awards for editing and my induction into the AVN Hall of Fame in January 2011.

My work speaks for itself -- but Tod helped it speak for me.

-- Sonny Malone
Video Editor

Here are some examples of my press releases

Amateur Allure Receives 10 Combined Nominations for AVN, XBIZ Awards

Freedom Acres Resort Hosts First Adult Video Shoot

Director Luc Wylder Wraps 'Amateur Angels #28'

Porn legend John C. Holmes tells his own story in new book, 'PORN KING'

Raylene makes an appearance at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Brooklyn Lee caps her first full year performing with 10 AVN nominations

Three talent agencies split from LATATA


OK, you're interested. What do you do now?

Click on the typewriter. You can also send your contact information to todhunterpressreleases@gmail.com or ask around -- a lot of people have my cell number. You could also have looked for me at Porn Star Karaoke at Sardo's Grill and Lounge on Tuesday nights, I was usually there, but that's over. Oh well. Use the email.  

I look forward to working with you.